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10 Places To Visit In UK

The most intense feeling of taking a UK vacation or picking a place to visit in the UK. The UK is a fascinating and diverse country that is easy to explore. The country is no that big, it can easily fit into Texas which is one of the states in the US.

Considering the size of the UK, the country has a lot of room to spare. You can reside in one of the cities such as Liverpool or London and still easily take a bus or train to explore your destinations.

How long is Salisbury from London by train?

The UK’s national capital takes the average time of 1h 30m From London to Salisbury by a train ride to visit the mind aesthetically Salisbury, over a  calculated distance of  126km (79 miles).

If you are interested in visiting one of the country’s most attractive and recognizable Stonehenge. If you are a tourist that likes to use the opportunity to visit as many cities as possible. A train ride of 60m will take you between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Best Places to Visit in the UK

If you are planning to go on an adventure in the UK. These are the best places to visit.

1. Bath

Without a doubt, Bath is one of the beautiful places in the UK. If you want to experience the true beauty of the city, you visit the city in winter because you will like to visit their Christmas market and is Extraordinarily and fascinating. But the good thing about Bath is, without doubt, the thermal baths.

bath 5083699 1280 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK


2. South Downs

The South Down have endless green lands, beautiful views make it wonderfully with good looking rolling hill. Visiting the wonderful place filled with natural beauty and other exciting activities make your visiting days more memorable.

There so many things that will amuse you in visiting South Downs, from foraging to kayaking, hiking and walking llamas. Most tourists have made South Downs their favourite place to visit in the UK.

The South Downs is a beautiful place to visit in the UK with outstanding beauty.

south downs 1547566 1920 300x152 10 Places To Visit In UK

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3. Brighton

The UK is filled with exciting places to visit. Brighton is one of the fun places to visit in the UK, with its memorable nightlife and alternative lifestyle! Be sure to go shopping in the rural or having fish and take chips on the pier when you visit Brighton.

melbourne 4286271 1920 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK


4. Lake district

When a tourist is going on holiday vacation. This is the first most popular most people think of visiting in the UK. The green, stunning view and rolling hill. This comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most important places to visit in the UK.

If you are Elaborating on taking a challenge, you can participate in via Ferrata climb Scafell pike, You can also climb the highest mountain in England.

lake district 5246025 1920 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK


5. Cambridge

Cambridge is a good place to visit in the UK for a vacation trip. Cambridge is also the home of the internationally known university, From looking at the beautiful and well design architecture to punting along the river, you definitely have a lot o do in this great cultural UK city.

kings college 3889124 1920 300x169 10 Places To Visit In UK

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6. Swansea

When you visit wales, keep in mind that Swansea is one of the coolest places for you to visit. From the mumbles to Swansea Bay and the hole of Gower peninsula. Hopefully, if you love the seaside, you will definitely love it.

pier 1334683 1920 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK


7. London

London is one of the most beautiful places in the UK and most tourist attractions in London are very high, there are lots of exciting things that will make your visit more memorable. When it comes to the UK, visiting other parts of the United nation is exciting but when it comes to London it’s mind-blowing especially at weekend.

thames 541456 1920 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK


8. Winchester

Winchester is one of the most lovely places to visit in the UK and the journey from London to Winchester which take up to 1h:23m to get to the destination. The city is full of UK culture and beautiful historical UK architecture.

winchester 723474 1920 300x201 10 Places To Visit In UK

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9. Orkney Island

Orkney Island is filled with lots of wildlife, this is a place that you must visit if you are a nature lover. The most beautiful and fun part is that you can find whales, Puffins, seals, etc. you will have a lot of fun while you visit this great city and if you are lucky you can catch a sight of the Northern Lights.

orkney island 996269 1920 300x225 10 Places To Visit In UK


10. Bristol

If you are a tourist who wants to visit the UK for vacation. I believe you are going to love visiting the city, especially during the international balloon fiesta.  If you are a tourist who likes shopping while on vacation this is the city for you. It’s a city that is filled with creativity, Bristol is a perfect city for you if you are a modern art lover.bristol 425352 1920 300x200 10 Places To Visit In UK

Does the UK have good weather that will make tourist stay longer?

When a tourist want to visit any country or city one of the first thing they consider is the weather and the most potential vulnerability of most city or country is due to variable or extreme weather. All cities of the UK  expect climate change to increase tourism, with a longer visitors time of staying in the country and also higher visitor numbers.

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Top-rated tourist attractions in London

Tower of London

When you visited Uk and you love to see the iconic places in London. One of Britain’s most iconic building is the Tower of London. This iconic structure and spectacular world heritage building give hours of excitement for the visitor who really wants to know the great country’s history.


Buckingham palace guard changing

Buckingham palace is one of the most popular places in London with display pomp and circumstance. Most tourist love coming to the palace to see the guard changing duties, when the colourful and free display at 11:30 am regardless of the season drawing crowds due to their display of marching and music also takes place at St. James palace.


British Museum

The British Museum display as one of the world finest antiquities, more than 13 million artefacts are found in the British Museum. It’s difficult to know what to begin within the museum. Most of the tourist that wants to visit the museum, like to see the most famous exhibits: Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon and collection are from a century ago.

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Shard is one of the most topmost-recognisable and most-visited places in London and it was open in 2012. The Shard is 1,o16 feet and 95 stories tall. The shard is a remarkable structure that was named for its resemblance to a shard of glass. If you are a tourist you will like to visit the Shard thanks to its pleasing design.


London Eye

The London Eye is the largest European’s observation wheel, it was built in the year 2000 known as the Coca-Cola London Eye. The fun part of this London Eye is if you are a tourist! the London Eye offers an exciting view of the city as you travel on a circular tour rising to 443 feet above the Thames.


Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is situated in southwest London on the west bank of the Thames. It was first called the Royal Botanic Gardens and for most tourist, this is a wonderful place to visit, you will enjoy the view of numerous plant grown amid its 300 acres.



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