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Best Reasons Why QuickBooks Is The Best Bookkeeper App

I’ve been working as an accountant for four decades, and I’ve even worked with QuickBooks for 14 years. I have also worked with a number of the most expensive and advanced accounting systems that have ever been created, but I have found none as simple and detailed as QuickBooks.

What is it that makes QuickBooks so good? The responses are very plain. It’s perhaps one of the most robust systems on the market and has been praised as small businesses favourite accounting software. The most important aspects of accounting are found in QuickBooks, including ledger, payroll, assets, accounts payable, fixed assets and more.

Whether a graduate accountant or a bookkeeper, anyone involved in the financial aspects of an organization can quickly learn to run QuickBooks. Furthermore, QuickBooks has many versions of its software targeted for particular industries. For freelancers, consultants and part-time staff, Independent Contractors are intended. New Business is designed to provide tools for being a well-run organization.

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For Architects, Landscapers and Wedding Planners, Technical & Field Services are intended. Bike stores, food trucks and occasional shops are intended for retail business. For Easy stores, eBay vendors, and online retailers, e-commerce business is intended. The Non-Profit Agency is intended for charities, charitable institutions and private foundations.

Besides, QuickBooks is useful for working with Safety Net for stable online backups. The Receipt Bank enables users to extract data from invoices and receipts. Users can import transactions from PayPal into QuickBooks. You’ll import orders from that platform into QuickBooks if you hire Shopify private app development. There are 16 applications that will be used in combination with QuickBooks in total.

QuickBooks makes it easy for users to export reports to Excel, which is useful for file tweaking and for better readability. Should the need arise, reports may also be emailed. In QuickBooks, bank reconciliations are a snap that can streamline your workload.

There are also numerous online tutorials for QuickBooks to help users figure out how to use the app. There are also several online courses to find out how to use QuickBooks for different types of companies. There are also QuickBooks Pro Advisors who, if necessary, can provide on-site training.

QuickBooks has consistently shown that it is the premier accounting program for small companies. No matter the experience, QuickBooks can be used by anyone. If you don’t use QuickBooks, why not change it now to see how convenient it is to fulfil all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements often?

Shopify has climbed steadily over the years and it is impressive to purchase capital or, better still, other small business brands to further develop the company. “Whether you sell, on social media, future or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered “Whether you are selling, on social media, in the future or out of your car trunk, Shopify has you covered. “Shopify, the simplest place to sell online, in person, and anywhere in-between”

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Neither does Shopify leave you hanging. The website hosts a podcast and, under the type of blog posts, uses many tools for business owners. You’re potentially going to be an associate, an investor, or someone who just follows the platform and won’t let you down.

Are you a new company and, thus, a general platform? To help you get your first offer, you get posts.

Hey, are you an affiliate? You get the tools that you want to help you understand the site better and encourage it.

Are you a highly educated entrepreneur with a lot of experience? Believe it, you’ve got Shopify secured.

But a platform like this has its drawbacks, particularly after the obvious rise of drop shipping in 2015 where it became flooded with people thinking that AliExpress outsourcing goods was an honest idea (although drop shipping has been here since people thought of selling stuff to other people) and everyone who failed called it a “Get rich quick” scheme, although Shopify has never p.


My personal journey was really interesting with Shopify. I had some abandoned carts in my first week of opening my first two stores. Why the endless abandoned carts? You’re wondering! Since I could not get a payment processor while living in a Third World country, Nigeria. All excellent options needed that a company be registered (Until recently but just for new accounts). It’s unfortunate. So if you fail, it’s much easier to blame it on your nation rather than the platform. It’s like back lashing at Google because for a strange name/word you were trying out, they did not have results.

My first store sold geek products, so the second store I’m still working on is selling Long Boards. Then I still can’t get a payment processor and have a large number of abandoned carts as I try to make it look attractive and trustworthy at the same time. I’ve never given up before!

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So, I saved for the last the easiest. Shopify offers a free 14-day trial, after which you would need to shop for an idea to stay on the site unless you have a development store. And once a store is 14 days old, there is still no loophole, no matter if it was developed as a production store, you would still need to buy an idea. The only other choice is to introduce you as an employee and you will need to shop for an idea when the shop makes 50 orders, and then the shop will be handed to you. In addition, you will have the ability to use Shopify Experts to help you endorse what you decided on along with your store.

There’s no better platform to sell on than Shopify if you have a product, whether you have made it or had it made for you and would really like or are ready to launch.


By Rehan Ahmed


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