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What Is Google Drive? – Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

If you are asking what is Google Drive? is a cloud base storage that provides a solution by allowing you to save files online and gives you the privilege of accessing the files from anywhere in the world and from any smartphone, tablet even computer.

Google drive? Is file storage that was developed and launched on April 24, 2012, by Google. What is the function of Google one Drive? It allows the end-user to store files from their servers and access them across all devices and share files.

Example of cloud drive 

  1. Onedrive
  2. Icloud drive
  3. Amazon drive
  4. My google drive
  5. My cloud
  6. Mega

What makes up Google drive?

Google drive consist of;

  • Google docs
  • Google slides
  • Google sheets

Google docs

What is Google Docs? is a powerful multiple user document authoring and editing tool. Google document is a web browser google word press base, of which you can create, make some changes to your document by editing and you can share your document online.

Google slides

What is Google slides? is an online tool that is used for presentation and these tools allow you to work with other people and these tools also give you good presentation format.

Google sheets

What is Google sheets? is an online spreadsheet tools which allows users to work simultaneously with other people allowing them to create and and have good format spreadsheet.

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Storage plans?

In this section I am not going to elaborate much about the storage plan. If the free 15 GB falls short, you can hire more through the Google One service .

There are three main storage plans available in Google Drive:

100 GB for € 1.99 / month or € 19.99 / year.

200 GB for € 2.99 / month or € 29.99 / year.

2 TB for € 9.99 / month or € 99.99 / year.


And for the most demanding, there are three additional plans of greater capacity that are only available in the form of a monthly subscription:


10 TB for € 99.99 / month.

20 TB for € 199.99 / month.

30 TB for € 299.99 / month.

Get free space on Google Drive


Google Drive offers 15 GB free in its basic plan and through promotions you can get extra space. This is something quite common in all services.

For example, I remember that about two years ago Apple offered a limited promotion for 2 months of 200 GB free on iCloud. In the case of Google Drive, if you have a Chrome OS device, you can apply this promotion by accessing it and get 100 GB for free.

However, in general, most promotions tend to be of limited duration and when the validity date ends you have to start paying a monthly fee.


Advantages of using Google Drive versus local storage

One of the main advantages that we find when we decide to use a service like Google Drive in front of a local storage IT infrastructure is clear: scalability .

While Google Drive and any other cloud such as Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud allows us to expand the storage capacity with just one click, otherwise we have to buy a new disk of greater capacity, install it and migrate all the information, for not talk about maintenance and other additional costs if we get into business terrain.

Another key advantage of using the Google Drive cloud is  availability , since we can access our information from anywhere and at any time , even without having an Internet connection (with exceptions).

With a physical device, such as a mechanical hard drive , availability is limited to our home or workplace. While it is true that we could take the disk with us, that would put the integrity of our data at risk, since it could be lost, it could be stolen or we could even spoil it due to a fall. In the case of businesses, a worse catastrophe could occur.

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How to download Google Drive for PC?

Although I personally believe that it is far from the best cloud storage service , it is always well born to be grateful, and I am grateful that you have your own desktop client.

Download Google Drive for PC?

To download Google Drive on your PC, the first thing you have to do is enter its page and access the service with your gmail account by pressing the Go to Google Drive button . Once inside, you just have to click on the gear that appears in the upper right corner and select Install Drive for computers .

Download Google Drive?

Alternatively, you can save the previous steps if you enter the download section directly from this link . Then, in the Personal section,  click  Download .

Backup and sync?

Running the installer will automatically install the Backup & Sync application and a new window will open. The first thing to do is press the Start button to proceed to log in and configure the tool.

After clicking the button, the first thing you should do is connect your Google account where you want to use your cloud to store, share and synchronize all kinds of files.

Synchronize folders on your computer with Google Drive?

The next step is to choose which folders on your computer you want to sync with Google Drive . This is totally optional and, if you are not interested, you just have to deselect the three folders that are marked by default. In addition, if you have added a folder to the list, you can mark the option at the end so that the photos and videos in those folders are automatically saved in Google Photos.

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Sync everything in My Google Drive?

Finally, if you have files in Google Drive, you can choose which folders you want to be synchronized on your PC or if you want all the folders to be synchronized. Finish the wizard by pressing the Start button .

A folder will be created on your desktop that you can use to view and move your Google Drive files. If, for example, you want to synchronize a file between devices , you just have to copy it to that folder.

Edit Google Drive documents on Windows?

The bad news is that we cannot edit Google Docs documents on the computer, but they are direct accesses to the documents we have online. Therefore, when we try to open any of them for editing, it takes us directly to the web version. Some limitation had to have.

How to install Google Drive on Android or iOS?

Before downloading the Google Drive app on your mobile, check if it is already installed . It is very common for manufacturers to natively include Google apps on their devices.

How you can get unlimited free cloud drive storage?

If you are to find a way of getting free cloud storage, these are website that provides unlimited cloud storage.

  1. Sign up on to get 200GB.
  2. Sign up on to get 360GB of free storage. (you can extend yunpan up to 36TB by downloading the PC and Android/iOS clients).

What is the best free cloud drive storage?

Here is the free best free cloud storage website because of security and popularity.

  1. Onedrive to get 15GB of free storage.
  2. Google drive to get 15GB of free storage. ( For on Google storage and services like google drive, google drive gb, cloud storage, google drive g suite, visit Google.
  3. Mega to get 50GB of free storage.
  4. Mediafire to get 10GB of free storage. (40GB more available with other activities)
  5. Shared to get 100GB of free storage.
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  1.   OneDrive 5TB Storage and Office 365 Pro
  2.   Yunpan.360 to get 360GB of free storage
  3. to get 200GB of free storage.
  4.   Ozibox to get 100GB of free storage.
  5. to get 100GB of free storage.
  6.   Shared to get 100GB of free storage.
  7.   Adrive to get 50GB of free storage
  8.   Mega to get 50GB of free storage.
  9.   Hubic to get 25GB of free storage.
  10.   Firedrive to get 20GB of free storage.
  11.   Onedrive to get 15GB of free storage.
  12.   Google drive to get 15GB of free storage
  13.   Copy to get 15GB of free storage.
  14.   Mediafire to get 10GB of free storage. (40GB more available with other activities)
  15.   Pcloud to get 10GB of free storage (10GB more available with other activities)
  16.   Box to get 10GB of free storage.



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