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Guide To Scholarships For Indian Students

You will come across numerous scholarships for Indian students today. Scholarships to study abroad are increasing prospects for Indian students today. Many students are getting benefitted due to this. Earlier, the scenario was quite different. Studying abroad is an expensive proposition for many students. However, if you can complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from abroad, it opens up a whole lot of opportunities. You can take advantage of these scholarships today. However, in order to do so, you need to get in touch with the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi.

Various Types Of Scholarships

You should know about the various types of scholarships before applying for one. There are ones for every kind of student today. However, you need to do in-depth research before finalising which one is right for you. Thus, getting an abroad study scholarship easy now. You can ask for more information and guidance from the Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK.

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The various kinds of scholarships are:

• Merit-based – scholarships are dependent on your marks and extra-curricular activities. It looks into the all-round development of the student. So, study well, as each mark counts.
• Destination-based – scholarships aim at giving grants and discounts to students from a particular country. Students are chosen from a country, to make way for several diplomatic missions. For e.g., take the example of New Zealand and the UK. Both are offering scholarships from either side to lure students. Thus, paving the way for diplomacy.
• Student-based – scholarships are given to students, who meet certain criteria on the basis of age, creed, race, and medical history.
• Subject-based – scholarships are also quite predominant today. Certain universities offer scholarships for certain subjects only.

Today, you will come across several scholarships. The best UK education consultants in Delhi can give you a reason to smile. Choosing a country or a program is not easy. There are so many of them. However, if you manage to get in touch with the right Study Abroad Consultant, things can be different.

Best International Scholarships

You can get a whole lot of information from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. Moreover, you do not need to be from a specific location to reap the benefits. Contact Admissify for the same. They have their offices in Delhi and Guwahati. You can be from any part of the country and still get the best advice. Today, study abroad consultants Guwahati are making life easy for students seeking admissions to foreign universities.

Scholarships In The UK

One of the first scholarships that come to mind is The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship. Students who pursue courses at Master’s and PhD level get these scholarships. Students have to be from India and must be English-speaking. The scholarship covers return airfare, accommodation, and tuition fee. Chevening scholarship is another one, worth mention here. Most students want to work abroad after completion of the program. Eligibility criteria are either post-graduate or graduate. Moreover, 2 years of work experience is preferred.

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US Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

It is a much-coveted scholarship, that lures Indian students who want to pursue Master’s or do research in the US. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi can take care of all your needs. Moreover, you will get to about the conditions, living expenses, and work opportunities. The best career opportunity awaits you if you get admission through this scholarship. The US universities take into account several factors, like communication skills. The scholarship covers living expenses, air ticket, tuition fees, and books, as well. So, you have the best of things in store for you.

Tata Scholarship is for students who want to pursue courses at Cornell University. There are so many of them, today. Most countries are offering scholarships to improve bilateral relations. So, take advantage.

There are numerous such scholarships, each one offering different benefits to students. The criteria for selection also vary from university to university. You can get in touch with Admissify. They can guide you through the whole process of getting alumni details, expenses, and other facets of admission. Therefore, they are in-demand today by the student fraternity in India. You can connect with Admissify over mail, on the phone or through their WhatsApp number. Visit


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