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How To Decrypt Bitlocker Windows 10 Using Command Prompt – Bitlocker

An educational tutorial on how to resolve the issue of bitlocker which may pervert the formatting of a windows os. When windows is unable to boot to start as a result of corrupted files or system malfunction, or what ever.


What is bitlocker?

Bitlocker is a security feature which comes with the windows. The is part of Microsoft security features to prevent unauthorised person from access your pc or laptops hard disk. As long as your pc is lock or turned off.

Bitlocker encrypt  your hard disk when your computer or pc is off or lock, and decrypt it after the user account or admin account is signed in.


What is BitLocker used for?

The primary functionality is to encrypt your hard disk. In order for anyone not to get access to the data in the hard disk.

Example, if you pc or laptop is stolen or unauthorised someone is trying to copy the data in your hard disk. The bitlocker security protect and encrypt the hard disk or pc, to prevent access to it data from any of the listed above.


How to know if you have bitlocker feature in your computer?

To know if bitlocker feature is in your pc or computer, open the windows file explorer, click My PC and see if your disk has the key icon on it. If the does it means you bitlocker is active  on your pc.

You can also check for it availability in your pc by opening up the control panel, and look for bitlocker drive encryption in the menu.


Why is BitLocker on my computer?

Bitlocker is an enhanced security options to protect intruder for gaining access to the data in the hard disk. This is a choice available to you, which you can choose to use and not, by turning it off and on.


Is BitLocker free with Windows 10?

Bitlocker features is only accessible to windows user with the pro version and enterprise. This apply to windows 10, 8 and 7.  Bitlocker security features is not available to windows Home users. But windows home user can still access the feature by upgrading the windows pro version.


How to encrypt your disk with bitlocker

To encrypt your disk, open windows search and type in bitlocker and open it up. You will fine the option to turn it on, if it is not yet turned on. You can also open the control panel toom and locate bitlocker drive encryption in the menu, to turn it on.

How to resolve or turn off bitlocker windows 10, 8 and 7

Normal on a working computer, it can be turned off with easily in the control pane. But if the hard disk is remove for the pc or laptop. It is going to require a decryption key. This key is usually backup in your OneDrive storage. Link will be below to the backup location.
bitlocker 2 300x98 How To Decrypt Bitlocker Windows 10 Using Command Prompt   Bitlocker

Note: The decryption time will depend on the amount of data in the hard disk and also the capacity of the hard disk. This process might take a day in order to finish the decryption process.

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How to disable bitlocker

This might be an issue when try for format or reinstall windows in a pc or laptop the is bitlocker encrypted. This will prevent the hard disk for be formatted or modify during the process of try to install Windows.
So first step is try to access the command prompt, this can be done by shutting down the pc when it is turn on immediately. This have to be done three times. which will boot up the advance option. Select the command prompt as an administrator in order to be able to decrypt the hard disk.
To start the process, you need to turn on and turn off the pc/laptop as soon as it is on immediately. Repeat this process three times.
And the forth time, let the pc/ laptop to boot up.
This should boot the system into the diagnoses screen. which will pop up the recovery  options.  Click more option and then select the advance options.
Click the command prompt. select the admin account associated with the pc/laptop, which is going the require you to enter the Microsoft account password. In order to have full command access.
After that and the administrator command prompt open up.

Note: It doesn’t matter if the pc/laptop is able to boot into windows or not. it is going to grant you admin privilege if you password is correct, because you account data is stored in the pc/laptop.

Step to disable bitlocker



Now you are going to be typing the following commands.

C: \windows\system>manage-bde -unlock H: -RecoveryPassword (your recovery key 🗝 that was backup in OneDrive)
Note: that volume represent the disk and H is the letter of the specific disk. So click what letter represent your disk which windows is installed. normally, it is the C: disk.
This is an example of how it is going to look like.
C: \windows\system>manage-bde -unlock H: -RecoveryPassword 111111-222222-333333-444444-555555-666666-777777-888888
And press the enter key.
Now you will see a massage like this:
The password successfully unlocked the volume H:
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Type this command

C: \windows\system>manage-bde -off H:
You will see a message like this.
Decryption is now in progress.
Bitlocker 300x110 How To Decrypt Bitlocker Windows 10 Using Command Prompt   Bitlocker

Note:  The time to complete the decryption depend on the data in your disk. So it might take a day or less.  To see the status of the progress. Retype the last command   C: \windows\system>manage-bde -off H:

Now you see the progress in percentage. It will display progress in a descending order. That is from 100 down to 0. Decrypt take place automatically  in the background of your pc/laptop.

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We hope this was useful. Feel free to leave we a feedback down below.

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