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Survey | How To Earn Extra Money With Best Paid Survey Sites

The paid surveys are one of the options to earn extra money from home or while travelling thanks to the internet. There are many online jobs that you can do to generate extra income, one of the most accessible is to fill out surveys that are paid.

encuestas pagadas ganar dinero Survey | How To Earn Extra Money With Best Paid Survey Sites


Several companies offer money in exchange for filling out surveys. Although there are some pages where you have to pay to access these services, in this list we have only added the free pages to earn money by doing surveys suitable for both Spain and Latin American countries.

If you are a student, you are unemployed, you want to earn extra money for your hobbies or you are travelling the world as a backpacker, here you have one of the dozens of ways to earn money with the internet.

Surveys are online, they are done through particular web portals, so it does not matter to have an exact physical location. You can do them from everywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

Be careful, taking surveys you are not going to become a millionaire, and surely, I will not give you a salary either, it is a complimentary job to earn extra money. Depending on the number of surveys you can take, you can get more or less money. Take it as a job to generate supplemental income.

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How paid surveys work

The paid survey business has been around for many years. It consists of giving your opinion on different products, brands, events, etc. In this way, you will accumulate exchangeable points or money.

Certain platforms may seem unreliable because they ask to make a subscription before starting this activity. We do not recommend registering on any platform that you have to pay to earn money. Now, each one is the owner of his shares.

Here we have created a list of the best-paid survey websites. All these web portals are free, you don’t have to pay anything to register.

You must first register on the platform of your choice. Once registered, you will have access to a series of surveys. Some platforms send you surveys based on your profile, on the data you have filled out in the registration.


How much do you earn with paid surveys

Surveys are paid based on the size of the surveys. Some can be done in a few minutes, others, on the other hand, will take you about 20 minutes. Logically, those of longer duration tend to have a better reward.

Regarding the remuneration for conducting surveys, it will vary depending on the time and subject matter of the survey. Payments are usually made in cash, through Paypal and they can even offer gift vouchers such as Amazon cards, etc.


List of the best websites to carry out paid surveys

If you want to get more extra money, you can register on several pages to take surveys than those shown below. In this way, you will have access to a greater number of opportunities when it comes to being selected to take paid surveys.


Captura de pantalla 2020 04 03 a las 11.04.09 Survey | How To Earn Extra Money With Best Paid Survey Sites

Swagbucks is a platform where you can earn money and cards by watching videos and filling out surveys. Just create your account for free and start earning points right away that you can redeem for cash or rewards online.

You can sign up for free at Swagbucks here.

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Captura de pantalla 2020 04 01 a las 16.21.50 Survey | How To Earn Extra Money With Best Paid Survey Sites

It is one of the best tools to earn money answering surveys.

This company has been in the paid survey sector for more than 9 years and has 5 million users. If you want to earn extra money filling out surveys, this platform should not be missing from your list.

You can register for free here.


It’s a paid survey website that you can redeem for money or Amazon ches. It is available for a large number of countries around the world, both Spanish-speaking and other languages.

You just have to click on the country and fill in the form to register, it is very simple. If you have any questions, Surveyeah has a 24-hour service to solve any incident.

You can sign up for Survey Yeah here.


It is another of the oldest paid survey platforms on the market, with more than ten years behind it. In addition, it is also one of the ones that send the most surveys to its users.

This portal offers the possibility of exchanging points for money or Amazon, Ikea cards and even gift cards from Corte Inglés. Also, send the money earned with My Survey to an NGO.

The downside of this platform is that it is only available to residents of Spain and the United States.

You can sign up for lifepoints here.


Another option that is presented at the national level is i-Say. In it, you can find surveys to give your opinion on international brands, leisure and other activities.

At the end of the surveys you will get points, the more surveys you complete, the more points you will get. Then, those points, you can exchange them for prizes.

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EncuestaTick provides everything you need to carry out any type of survey, collect and process data online. Fast and easy.

You can register in PortaldeEncuestas here.

Opinion Center

Opinion Center is another resource to take into account when managing paid surveys.

Every time you survey with this company, you will receive a series of points that you can exchange for money (paid through Paypal) as well as Amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, and they even offer raffles where you can win up to 1,250 euros each trimester.

Spain and some Latin American countries are available.


ACOP (American Consumer Opinion) is a paid survey platform directed at the public in the United States, South America and other destinations around the world. The page is in English.

Checks are cashed starting at $ 10. Most surveys last about ten minutes and the questions are usually easy to answer.

You can sign up for ACOP here.


Greenpanthera is a platform for taking online paid surveys. It is one of the portals that send the most surveys to your email. This platform is available to citizens of Spain, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Give your opinion and win

Opine y Gane is one of the most famous and long-standing portals. Years ago I was registered in this portal and they paid between 1 to 1.5 euros per survey. It works the same as the rest of the platforms. You must register, fill in your information and you will receive a series of paid surveys that will provide a benefit at the end of the month.

Of course, Opine y Gane does not offer cash, you have to exchange it for coupons or gift cards from Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Zalando or other companies.

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Tips to earn more money filling out online surveys

In order to receive the highest number of surveys, and therefore earn more money, you have to follow a series of tips that I have tried over the years.

It is essential to complete your profile to the fullest. The more data you offer, the more you will have access to surveys. Keep in mind that the company selects each profile that is going to fill out the survey as long as it is not filled out meaninglessly.

When filling in the themes, hobbies and others, you must complete all the boxes you can. You use a car, you have glasses, you wear contact lenses, you buy cleaning products, pet products, you travel often as in the previous case, more and better. Profiles with little data will receive fewer paid surveys.

Be careful not to say that you work in marketing, advertising or some related area. Neither does any member of your family. This question is very frequent when you start filling out your profile on the different survey platforms.

If your income is low and you reflect it on the platform, no surveys will come to you. They are looking for buyers, people who comment on products, who spend money to buy items, events and others, therefore, you should put that you have a medium/high income.

Another tip is to create a new email account and use it only for surveys.

I hope that these web pages to earn money supplying out surveys and these tips will help you to generate an extra income whatever your situation: student, unemployed or travelling the world.




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