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How To Fix Duel OS Devices

How To Fix Duel OS Devices

In this tutorial, I am going to teach How To Fix Duel OS Devices like laptops, tablet and smartphones.

In this tutorial, I am going to teach How To Fix Duel OS Devices like laptops, tablet and smartphones.

Many Chinese company manufacture devices like computers, laptops, and 2in1 tablets. I have used the device so far was the taclast t-book 11 and I was quite impressive with the performance. And also the tablet comes with two operating systems which comprises of the Android and Windows.

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I’m not a really big fan of the Android version of the tablet. but what I want to specifically talk about is how to fix issues with the windows os in duel OS tablets or laptops, if it happens the windows os of the tablet or laptop is buggy or you feel like you want to like reinstall clean Windows 10.

In this tutorial, I will teach you step by step process and requirement in order for you to perform the process without any problems.

I will drop a link to a YouTube video that I made some years back.

This method will work on most Chinese duel OS devices.

But the specific device I will be working on is the teclast t-book 11.

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1. a USB adaptor with 3 ports

2. a mouse

3. a keyboard

4. a USB flash drive



1. a working computer

2. Go to the manufacturer’s website to download the system file of your device or tablet with your device ID,

( a picture of how to locate your device ID will be included of your tablet) N.B the link provided here is for the tablet manufacturer we are working on. So go to your device manufacturer to download the device files. After downloading the device file, extract it to a new folder. because normally at the device file is in RAR file format.

Download your device files of teclast from the DOWNLOAD LINK

3. A window 10 iso. Download Windows 10 64bit iso

4. Rufus-2 debugger software. Download Rufus-2

5. Download the driver of your device. (It’s really important you download the drivers of your device because after reinstalling Windows, most of the windows functionality like Wi-Fi, the touchscreen Bluetooth will not work, you will need to install the drivers individually in order to in order to restore all those functions. so that’s why it’s really important.) Download tbook11 drivers

N.B: To start this process, you need to fully charge make sure your tablet is charged 100% because the process might take some time, and you will not be able to charge the tablet, so it’s the best advice if you charge the tablet fully first before you start.

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Let start.


N.B, pictures will be included.

after making sure you download all the necessary files, device files, Windows 10 Iso, the driver’s files and the Rufus-2 software, and a flash drive ready to be used, you are all set.

firstly, create a new folder and extract device files which are in rar format to the new folder you created.

Secondly, install Rufus after installation open it and plug in your USB flash drive and Rufus automatically detects the drive, select the Windows 10 ISO file you downloaded and then extract it to the flash drive.

N.B: Before performing the extraction, ensure you back up all files in your USB flash drive. When the process starts the USB flash drive might be formatted before extracts the files in Windows 10 to the drive. Wait till it completes the process. Now create a new folder in your computer and copy or the extracted files from the flash drive to the new folder.

Open Rufus again, go to the bottom and the options answers format options, tango the arrow for more options and then go to select format you select from the list the last one which says UEFI/NTFS as shown in the picture. This will prepare the flash drive to UEFI/NTFS so that the tablet can recognize the drive.

After the process, there will be two files in the USB drive.

After the process, you have to copy the Windows 10 files that were saved in the PC back to the USB flash drive. But this time, in the process of copying the files back into the USB flash drive. Do not replace any file only if it happens to have a problem during process and a notification pops up. Select skip them because they are files which will make the device recognise that it is a bootable USB device.

Now after completed the process of copying the Windows 10 files. now go to the device files folder that we previously extracted the device file to, open the folder, locate the window folder, open it, copy all the files in the window folder. now go back to the USB flash drive and paste all the device files which you copied, please if there is any pop-up saying there are similar files inside the USB flash drive folder, just skip it. Don’t replace any file that is already inside the USB drive.

When the process is completed. our USB is set and ready to be used as a bootable USB device to restore your windows OS of the tablet or device.

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First, configure the bios set up, pls use the original, female cable that came with your tablet, now plug in the USB adaptor and plug the keyboard to read. (N.B but if your tablet come with a keyboard, this step is not required tablet) and press escape “ESC” KEY, (N.B if the escape “ESC” key did not open up the BIOS, try the F2 key and also the F10 key) and the bios will open up.

1. now use the arrows in your keyboard to navigate to the boot options select fastboot and make sure it is enabled,

2. move down to the USB options, normally it may be disabled but select the full initial option so that your device will recognize all the USB plugged in like the keyboard, mouse, flash drive.

3. go to the first boot options and change it to UEFI: Built-in-EFi.

This is how the settings will look like in the second picture.

4. Now go to save, exit and your device is going to restart. Before restarting, plug-in your USB flash drive, keyboard and mouse. Reboot/restart the device. once your device is turn on, press the ESC key to go to the bios again.

5. When the bios open up, select save and exit under boot override. Click on the flash drive from the options in the windows 10 set up screen will load up and you can now install windows.

(N.B. during installation and you get to the storage drive partition if your device is android and windows. Please select the windows partition if you want to format or modify it and start away for the android partition. But if you want to get rid of the android in order to get more or all the storage allocated to windows, format and delete and the partition and reallocate them to windows.)

continue the installation.

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step 3

Installing device drivers

  1. For completing windows installation, and the device has booted to the Start screen. get ride of the file in the flash drive or create a new folder in the flash drive if you flash drive has much storage and name it anything you can identify the folder with.
  2. Extract the device drivers file you downloaded (normally a rar file) to the folder you created in the USB flash drive.
  3. After extraction, plug-in the USB flash drive to the device you just installed windows. (N.B. keyboard and mouse required)
  4. Go to the folder where the drivers were extracted to in the USB flash drive and install all the drivers manually by open each of the folder of each component and locate the OEM in the folder. Select and right-click for more options and click the install to install the driver. If anything pops up, allow, accept, yes, to complete the installation. Some driver may require you to restart the device. Restart and continue to install all other drivers. And everything will be functional again like wifi, Bluetooth, speakers, touch screen, etc.

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