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How To Get Paid On YouTube | Exclusive Tutorial

Do you publish videos on YouTube and how to get paid by YouTube for your videos? Find out how to monetize your videos and get paid with AdSense. You will not have thousands of euros like the big YouTubers, but some advertising revenue.

If you have a YouTube channel with a few videos and you would like to know how to be paid, how YouTube pays Youtubers and artists.

Beyond that, from how many videos, views or subscribers is it profitable. You can estimate how much money I can make with my YouTube videos.

I heard about the Youtubers phenomenon, how you can make money on YouTube And how much does YouTube pay.

So I created this file to answer these questions. Do not hesitate to participate in the comments!

I organized this “tutorial” in 2 parts


How to monetize YouTube videos

How to make more money with YouTube

The last thing before you start: if you want to make a splash on YouTube, including making money with your videos, but not only, absolutely read the brand new book “YouTuber”. Written by Jean-Baptiste Viet, it is full of very good advice, clear explanations, interviews, links to resources, etc.

There are paper and eBook versions. You will not regret your purchase, I am sure! To buy here on Amazon (affiliate link) or to find out in detail later in this article.

How to monetize YouTube videos

Conditions required to be paid by YouTube

Before you start earning money with YouTube, make sure you meet the requirements ( source ):

You must have a YouTube channel (if you don’t have one yet, consult the help to learn how to create one).

For you must have an AdSense account (read below how to create one).

You must have at least 1000 subscribers.

This comprehend that you must have accumulated at least 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months.

You should only publish videos for which you have 100% copyright, including the soundtrack and monetization, has never been disabled in the past for your account.

See also: YouTube key figures.

How to create a YouTube channel?

If you don’t have one yet, start by creating your channel.

Consider if you need to create a personal or company channel. In the latter case, you can use a branded account to create a chain with a different name, but which you manage from your Google account.


To create your YT channel, channel_switcher and click on “Create a channel”.

If necessary, follow YouTube online help.

How to activate the monetization of your YouTube channel?

Follow these steps:

Go to YouTube and log in with your account.

Go to the top right to verify that you are well connected with the account of the concerned YouTube channel.

Click on “Creator Studio” then in the left menu on “Channel” (or more simply go to features ).

Locate “Monetization” in the features table and click on the “Activate” button next to “Become a partner through monetization by showing ads in your videos”.

You will arrive at a page that says “Your account is not activated for monetization. If you activate it, you can monetize your videos. If one of your videos is approved for monetization, you become a YouTube partner. You have the opportunity to improve your skills and broaden your audience. ” Click on the button “Activate my account”.

Accept the monetization agreement on YouTube (this is the YouTube partner program).

Can you make money with YouTube by being a minor?

If you are under 18 and want to monetize your account, you must confirm that one of your parents or your legal guardian has read the contract and has permitted you to participate in this program.

Should YouTube income be declared to the tax authorities?

The declaration of income, you must be attached to the declaration of your parents or legal guardians. There seems to be a possibility of being a minor, because according to taxes “unmarried children, minors on January 1 of the tax year, can be taxed in their name, if they have personal income. In this case, parents must attach a request to their tax return”.

I return to this tax aspect later in the file.

How to monetize your chain?

Once you have activated monetization, the “Channel” menu will contain a new “Monetization” entry which points to  account_monetization  and which allows you to check whether monetization is active. In this case, you should see “Your account is activated.

YouTube monetization enabled.

The green circle confirms that monetization is activated on this YouTube channel.

Here’s what the YouTube monetization settings screen looks like:

YouTube monetization settings

Adjust monetization settings for a YouTube channel – Tutorial Monetize a YouTube video.

If monetization cannot be activated, you have this type of display ( source ).

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YouTube monetization not enabled

This channel does not yet qualify for the YouTube Partner Program.

How do I know the number of hours of viewing in the past 12 months?

Go to Creator Studio.

Click on Analytics then on Duration of viewing.

Top right, in the period selection button, choose last 365 days.

the number of viewing hours is indicated in minutes.

You must reach 4,000 hours or 240,000 minutes.

Not easy! Here’s some help.

See also: YouTube stats

How to activate the monetization of each video?

You can enable or disable the monetization of each video in the Video Manager (located in Creator Studio).

Monetizing a YouTube video

YouTube Video Manager Shows Which Monetizes – How To Make Money On YouTube

What if a video has been demonetized?

This part of the file was written with the help of Jean-Baptiste Viet. If you need YouTube help, check out their channel and buy their best seller ( Youtuber book ).

During March 2017, large advertisers and large advertising agencies such as Mc Donald’s, L’Oréal, Havas decided to boycott YouTube advertising spaces to no longer take the risk that their ads be associated with extremist content.

YouTube responded by restricting access to the YouTube Partner Program to the most active creators. A  machine learning algorithm was implemented in June 2017 ( source ). Applied to all creators, it blocks any dissemination of advertising on spaces not suitable for advertisers.

For example, a video containing words promoting war.

Video with ads disabled.

Example of a demonetized video message: YouTube’s algorithm considers that the video does not meet all the conditions.

As the algorithms are in the learning phase, it very often happens that there are false positives. Creators whose videos have been improperly demonetized may respond by requesting a manual review of their content.


YouTube demonetization: request for reconsideration

Reconsideration request form for disabled video ads

YouTube guarantees an analysis within 7 days following the call for a video has made at least 1000 views. The unlocking happens very frequently in less than 24 hours and even if the video has not reached its 1000 views.

How to create an AdSense account associated with YouTube, or associate an already existing AdSense account?

Be aware that having multiple AdSense accounts is prohibited, so if you already have one, you must use it to receive YouTube ad revenue.

Identify what situation you are in:

You already have an AdSense account (approved) and want to link it to YouTube.

You don’t have an AdSense account and want to create one associated with YouTube.

You’ve already linked your AdSense account to YouTube but want to make a change.

You will get access to the YouTube content management system or you use Content ID.

Then see the steps on this help page.

See also: AdSense help forum

How do I enable monetization on a video?

Please note, even if monetization is activated for your channel, you must check for each new video uploaded if monetization is activated. To do this, consult this help page.

If you have a lot of videos to monetize at once, follow these steps.

If you prefer, you can set your channel so that by default, each new video is monetized. To do this, check the “Monetize via ads” box on the default settings page for online videos.

How many views can I get paid for on YouTube?

Once you’ve uploaded and published a video approved for monetization, ads will appear within or near that video. Once you’ve linked an AdSense account to your YouTube account, you’ll be generating revenue from these ads.

That said, be careful because not all of your videos will necessarily be monetized in practice: to earn money with your videos, YouTube must find advertisers that correspond well to your theme and the profile of Internet users who watch it. I will talk about it a little further.

In theory, there is, therefore, no minimum view threshold to be paid, however, as indicated below you must have accumulated enough earnings to receive an AdSense payment.

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When are we paid on YouTube?

YouTube will pay you the income due within approximately 60 days from the end of any calendar month, as long as the income generated reaches at least $100 or € 70 or its equivalent in your local currency by the time the payment is due.

How to view your YouTube revenue?

To know your final income month by month:

Log into your AdSense account.

Click on “Payments”.

Identify “YouTube income”.

To assess revenue for each video.

Connect to your YouTube account.

Get access to YouTube Analytics.

Go to the menu on the left, search for “Revenue Reports” and click on “Estimated Revenue” or “Ad Performance”.

Is money earned on YouTube taxable?

Of course! You must report to tax all income generated on your YouTube channel.


We, therefore, go from gross income (received by Google via its subsidiary YouTube) to net income (paid to the AdSense affiliate) which is taxable.

In the end, there is not much left of gross revenue:-

I note in passing that if you make money with YouTube (or more broadly with AdSense and any other way to make money on the Internet), you must create a corporate legal structure. If it is a very limited activity, the status of auto-entrepreneur will be more than enough (in France, for other countries it is up to you to inquire).

You will not have to pay the VAT (reverse charge system), on the other hand, you will need to have an intra-Community VAT number and indicate on your invoices that of Google Ireland (IE6388047V at the moment).

You will also have to make a regular declaration to customs ( European Declaration of Services, DES ).

How much money can you make with a video?

Revenue depends on several factors, officially the type and pricing of ads associated with your videos. I also think it depends on the target audience for the channel, the theme and probably other factors.

You have certainly already read somewhere the “rule” which indicates that one can earn 1 euro for 1000 YouTube views, or for those who see big “1 million YouTube views earn 1000 euros”. Already, it is more like dollars, but in practice, it is rather less than 1 € per 1000 views. I show below how much YouTube pays Youtubers for 1000 views, on average.

What remuneration do You Tube offer? How much for 1000 views, what price?

Based on my experience and stats (2016), the net revenue for the AdSense affiliate is between $ 0.4 and $ 1.8 per 1000 views, for an average that hovers around $ 0.8 per 1000 views.

So how much does YouTube earn? 

The price of 1000 YouTube views is around $ 0.8 (money earned by the Youtuber, net income). In reality, it can vary quite a bit depending on the themes and the particularities of your channel and your audience.

At the moment, the net income paid by YouTube is around $ 0.8 per 1000 views

In your channel statistics (YouTube Analytics), you have lots of information on your income and ad prices, I let you discover how much YouTube pays you if you started to monetize your videos.

In the left menu, click on the 2 elements in the “Income reports” section:

“Ad rates”: shows the gross revenue generated by your videos.

“Income”: indicates the net income that you receive.

You will see the following (to Tweet):

YouTube transfers 55% of the gross revenue generated by advertisements in your videos.

What gain can we expect? Become a Youtuber and earn money thanks to YouTube.

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And the YouTubers, how much are they paid? Can they make a living from the money earned on their channel?

All the big YouTubers go through Networks (or MCN: Multi-Channel Network ) which can also take between 10% and 40% of the gross advertising revenue they receive.

But the advantage of these networks is that they can negotiate on large volumes (millions of views) and therefore obtain a better CPM.

Many of these big YouTubers are making sponsored videos alongside to supplement the advertising revenue + call for donation on Tipeee.

Also, pay attention to the fact that not all views are always monetized. For example, I noticed on a chain 6,600 monetized views out of the 30,000 made in the month. YouTube calls these “monetized readings”:

A reading is monetized when a viewer sees at least one ad impression when playing your video, but also when he stops playing during the pre-roll video ad.

So how do you make a lot of money with YouTube?

It’s simple, all you have to do is generate lots of views! Or better than the views.

In any case, do not expect to have a good salary with the YouTube ad! Earning money is easy, but earning a lot is difficult.

How to earn more with YouTube videos?

This is where it gets even more interesting, isn’t it? In addition to my little experience, I asked some contacts. This is how Jean-Baptiste Viet provided me with very interesting advice.

You would be wrong not to subscribe to his YouTube channel right now.

See also: help forum on YouTube

Besides increasing views, how can I increase ad revenue?

Already, you must activate all the ads and not uncheck the deactivate video ads (80% of my income) which are often pre-roll:

Types of YouTube Ads

To maximize your advertising revenue, activate all types of ads – To Earn money with YouTube.

It is a decoy to have in mind the number of views to increase. If you’re shooting and people stop at 5% of your video, you’ve missed it.

What you need to target is more engagement metrics (likes, comments, subscriptions to your channel) compared to the time spent for each video. You will notice that in YouTube Analytics it is the duration of viewing the most highlighted indicator, not the views.

FYI, YouTube formalized in 2012 that there is based first on the viewing time ( YouTube Watch Time ). 

To be successful on YouTube, criterion # 1 is not the number of views but the duration of viewing.

These are the criteria that will boost your video in YouTube results (in addition to good metadata: title, description and keywords).

For example, I have in mind a pretty good video: if it is performing today, it is thanks to the engagement metrics that have progressed little by little. It lasts 2 min 12 and people stay at least 1 min 16 (55% retention, it’s pretty good).

To get comments, likes and subscriptions, ask for them explicitly at the end of your video! YouTube is a conversation with your viewers.

If you are looking for advice:

How to be 1st on YouTube

Is it better to increase the number of videos or the number of global views?

You must create an appointment with your audience. One thing that works well is to upload a great video every week (or every 2 weeks) on a fixed day. All this takes time: we can estimate around 1 hour for writing the script, 1 hour for the shooting and up to 5 hours for good editing.

So I advise you to focus on quality and make fewer videos. It’s like SEO: bet on quality.

The idea is that every time you post a video, you are super proud of your job and the feedback is good. With YouTube, you are judged every time.

The appointment I mentioned above allows you to recruit subscribers, with a slogan such as “if you want to see the next video, subscribe”.

Look at the big YouTubers (like Norman or Cyprien): they have probably published less than 100 videos in 8 years. But they are super worked.

Want to improve your YouTube videos?

10+ free tools for your YouTube channel.

Can we anticipate ad revenues when we create the video?

When you have a large subscriber base (> 300,000), you can estimate your revenues in advance because your audience is subscribed to a program.

If you make 1 video per week, you can estimate that it will generate between 100,000 views and 400,000 views over its lifetime.

With a net video view eCPM (net income per 1000 video views) of € 0.5, you can estimate between € 50 and € 200 in income per week. Be careful, this is an approximation because you will not do all the views immediately.

If you make 1 M views per month, you can expect between 500 € and 1000 € per month of advertising revenue, it is ultimately quite meagre despite the good performance.

This is why YouTubers will seek other sources of funding such as sponsorship videos, type of derivative products.

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How much do the biggest YouTubers earn?

There are only those who have more than a million subscribers who can make a good income with advertising.

To get an idea of ​​the income generated by a YouTube channel, use YouTube money calculator by specifying a channel name as well as the income interval for 1000 views (put for example between $ 0.5 and $ 1 CPM).

This tool provides rankings, views, even networks, trends. You can, for example, understand how a YouTuber managed to fill up with subscribers on a video (in general this involves a lot of collaborations: I quote you in my video and you send my audience back to your channel).

What is the salary of a large YouTubers?

The world # 1 YouTuber is a young Swedish man whose nickname is  PewDiePie. Watch his stats on pewdiepie knowing that in May 2016 he had more than 40M subscribers and 12Md of view. He would have earned € 6.8M in 2014 ( source ).

Also, try on Squeezie (our national PewDiePie…) which totalled in May 2016 all the same ~ 6M subscribers and 2Md of views.

In France, Norman, Cyprien, and Squeezie received several million euros when they sold their Mixicom network to Webedia ( source ).

Video training: generate income on YouTube

Finally, I suggest you follow this mini-course on video

How to be more successful on YouTube?

I end this article by recommending the excellent YouTuber book:

YouTuber way of Creating videos and millions of views on YouTube

It is intended for all kinds of audiences: the traditional blogger of course, but also any website editor, entrepreneur, marketing manager, business manager and of course all those who produce videos.

Where to buy it? You can find it here in paper and ebook formats.

Published by Eyrolles, this book released on 10/20/2016 is available in paper (307 pages) and electronic (Kindle at Amazon, Kobo at FNAC, etc.). Its references are ISBN-10: 2212565607 and ISBN-13: 978-2212565607.

At Amazon, the Kindle version does not require having a Kindle device, a free app can read it on any smartphone or tablet:-

You will learn:

how to create good videos (script, software and hardware required)

To publicize your videos (viral videos, referencing videos, optimizing your community on YouTube) and measure their success.

before earning money with your videos (via advertising, networks, product placements, affiliation or even derivatives and events), without forgetting the advice staying within a legal framework.

How to communicate about your business through video.

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What I particularly appreciated:

first, as for his blockbuster book of advice to bloggers, Jean-Baptiste says everything, but then everything, with great transparency.

He says what worked for him, but also his mistakes. It is hyper pragmatic, we feel the concrete in all the chapters.

then, it’s very complete and up to date (rare to have it in French also)

it is effective, thanks to a large number of feedback from interviews he has carried out, and to the numerous resources (URLs) provided at the end of the chapters.

I particularly appreciated that each chapter systematically ends with “The 5 key actions to apply”. In my opinion, if you follow them all, success is guaranteed.


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