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How To Watch Spectrum Live TV Without a Cable Box

A Guide to Watching Spectrum Live TV Without a Cable Box

A few years back we could not even imagine watching a cable TV channel Like (Spectrum Live TV) without connecting to a cable box. Technological advancement has brought us innovations where we don’t have to connect to a traditional cable box to get our share of entertainment.

Today, we can save money if we act smartly and not buy a cable TV box. If you are already a subscriber of Spectrum TV, you will have access to its TV application as well. Using this application, you can stream all the channels that are included in your package without having to hook up to a cable box.

You can also stream HD content on the move because it is designed for the HD streaming. The real reason of the popularity of this cable box is it is purely design for the HD streaming and does not cause any problem or issue with the TV. More, this box is extremely affordable and can easily be accessible to everyone.

If you will search on the benefits of these boxes on the internet, you will surely end-up you’re browsing the buying. So many people are aware of this thing but still there are a lot of peoples that aren’t ready to switch their old and outdated things to new and upgraded boxes.

There are many different ways subscribers can watch Spectrum TV without having to use a traditional cable box. They can use Spectrum’s TV app or Roku to stream HD content on the move. Here is how you can use any of these methods to watch your favourite content.

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Using My Spectrum App

This application is available to all Spectrum TV subscribers and can be used with multiple devices at the same time. Subscribers get to stream HD content on smartphones, TVs, tablets, computers, or laptops of their choice so, they do not need a cable box.

How to Get My Spectrum TV App?

All you need is a device with this app and a high-speed internet connection. If your device is slow or no compatible then you won’t be able to get all the features or even to use it. You can download the Spectrum TV App on your device from any of the following platforms.

  • Google’s Play Store
  • Apple’s App Store
  • Amazon’s Store

How to Get My Spectrum TV App?

With this application, users of Spectrum TV app can do a lot more than simply stream TV channels without hooking up to a cable box. They can:

  • Setup their favorite categories for channels according to their preference.
  • Fully customize parental control features of this app to set up limitations for kids’ content.
  • Use the filter feature to find their favorite shows based on networks, categories, channel numbers, and so on.

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What Does It Cost?

The best part of this application is that you do not have to spend another dime. The Spectrum TV application is completely free for all Spectrum TV subscribers.

However, keep in mind that the list and range of available channels for streaming are dependent on the TV package you have subscribed to. It varies for each TV package meaning that the list of channels will be different for TV Gold, TV Silver, and TV Select plans.

What Devices Can I Use with It?

As I have already said, this application can be used with various devices and it is fully compatible with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. The subscribers of Spectrum TV can install this app on the following list of devices in addition to the ones mentioned before.

  • Samsung’s TVs
  • Apple’s TVs
  • Fire Tablets
  • Roku
  • Xbox One

Using Roku

In case you are one of the people who prefer using Roku instead of the Spectrum TV application, then this is for you. Spectrum’s channel line-up can be used with Roku without any complications.

You can access Spectrum’s channel list through the live streaming feature. In addition to that, you will also get unrestricted access to all the premium, on-demand, and broadcast channels that you have subscribed to with Spectrum TV.

IF you want more then you can subscribe to more channels and can select from the offered channels too. It’s not as difficult as it looks like. One of the reasons behind not buying is that people does not have proper understanding

If you are a subscriber of Spectrum’s bundle offers and you have subscribed to Spectrum internet services in addition to the TV package, then the live broadcast feature should work without any glitch. All you need to do is simply install Spectrum’s TV application on Roku using its App Store.

After the app is successfully installed, just enter your credentials to sign in and enjoy all the HD content without the hassle of getting a cable box. Isn’t it easy? I think it is, but what could be the reason why most of the people are not making their way to buying it because of non-developed outdated thinking.

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