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Importance of Google Maps for Travelling

Maps are the necessary apparatus to start a journey. They give you the right directions and guide you on the right path. In the early days, there were map books that people bought before starting travelling. Now the medium has transformed and digital maps are available everywhere. These maps are important especially when you are going to explore a new place where you don’t know the routes. Almost every travelling app has its own map for your guidance but Google maps are the most authentic of all. You can use this online and can save their locations offline as well.
Google Maps help you to have a fine and safe journey. There are many other reasons for which pursuing Google maps is essential. Some of its best features are given below.

Understandable Navigations

Google maps give an enhanced picture of routes and comprehensive directions. You cannot lose your way when following its navigations. You will find no confusion in understanding the ways that it shows. It clearly marks the turns and guides invoice with the help of Google assistant. It navigates all underpasses, flyovers, and U-turns for your comfort.

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Accurate Guide

Google map is as accurate as Google search. It never misguides or distracts you. It shows you the best route for the location you have entered to find. It tells you the distance in k/ph and the total time to reach a particular location. There is no doubt in the accuracy of guidance and information that Google maps provide. If you are trying to create your own travelling app or want to render a plan on how to build an app like Uber, you can add Google Maps features in your configuration sketch.

In-depth View and Shortcuts

Google map not only shows you the main roads but also suggests the ways from small streets. It proposes all the routes and shortcuts on your way towards your destiny so you can select the path which seems most suitable to you. In case of heavy traffic on main routes, you may find your way from the streets.

Offline Maps

Google maps enable you to access online maps that you have searched before. You may not find the internet during travel so you can use offline Google maps to get the right directions and avoid risks of being lost on your way. This feature also helps you to locate your current position during a trip from one country to another or state to state.

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Share Location

It is one of the most important features of Google maps. If you have shifted to a new home, you can share your location to send your address to your friends and relatives. Moreover, if your car suddenly faces a tire puncture or any other mechanical issue and you are stuck on a dark and lonely road, so you can share your location with your contacts to get help.

Check Travel History

Google maps allow you to check your travel history. You may have visited a specific place and have forgotten the name, so the history feature will help you to find the name and address of that place along with date and time records. Furthermore, it also allows you to check how many kilometres you have travelled, so if you are travelling in a taxi, you can analyze whether your driver is charging you a reasonable fare or trying to fraud.

Traffic Awareness

Imagine how annoying it would be if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere and unfortunately hit a traffic jam. Google map prevents you from this situation and gives you information about road blockage in the city. It shows red marks on the roads having bad traffic conditions and green marks on the roads that are safe and peaceful to travel.

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Find Nearby Hotels

If you are new at a place and you want to find a hotel for a week’s stay, Google maps suggest the best hotels in your surroundings so that you can make your decision with ease.

Wrap-Up Note:

Google map is an all in all guide for any of your travelling concerns. You can enjoy a carefree journey by using Google maps for finding locations.


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