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IMSI Apps For Spy Detect Free Call | Sms | Phone Tracking And Hijack Detector

Smartphone is the device we can’t do without in our day to day activities. We are carried away that we don’t put our privacy and security into consideration. Spying is most common form use by hacker, government and IT pro to understand the route of someone.

  • We may be tracked, spied on for a reason.
  • Sometimes being in an environment where smartphone use activities are being monitored.

How do we become spy detect free?

How do we know this or get notified when we are in such an environment or when these activities take place. Three apps could take care of this problem for us, which I will be listing below.

N:B This first one is not available in the play store, so search Google. the other is available in the play store.

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Apps for spy detect free

1. Android IMSI Catcher/Spy Detector

The Android-IMSI-Catcher-Detector (short: AIMSICD) is an Android open-source based project to detect and avoid fake base stations (IMSI-Catchers) or other base-stations (mobile antennas) with poor/no encryption, born in 2012 on XDA.


IMSI CATCHER CATCHER is another nice app. The app analyses your network and also check if someone is trying to hack or track your device.

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This app will take days to complete the analyse of the network around you. In other to give you the best results

ALL APPS ARE SELF EXPLANATORY TOO. There are so many apps out there:

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