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Little Tips On Home Economics with Children at Home

Although the arrival of our son fills us with love and joy, our checking account decreases every month. And even more if our baby has little brothers. if you are in this situation, don’t worry. Here we teach you everything you need to know about home economics, how to save substantially every month and some very useful tips.

Moms are experts in saving money, we are always looking for “good, beautiful and cheap” but it is not worth just that, the savings must be tangible, and more so now that we are one more at home.

In the age in which we live, having a small savings will make us get out of many unforeseen expenses. Although it will not be easy, with the rise in electricity, gasoline, gas. it is becoming increasingly difficult to save.

Although most Spaniards claim that they have managed to save, having a tighter budget for: vacations, nights out, meals away from home and the impulsive purchase of clothes and accessories. They are good advice, but our domestic economy must go a little further.

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Home economics manager

Currently there are applications on the web that allow us to manage our economy, they offer you the possibility of notifying when there is a movement in the bank account, and being aware of your expenses.

Another much simpler way is a well-prepared excel, in which you record all your economic movements. With this simple method you are aware of your daily expenses, monthly bills and income.

Being clear about what we have bought each day, how much we have paid each month, what fixed and variable expenses we have, what our income is, and most importantly: how much money do we have available at the end of the month? We can organize our economy in the short and long term, and know how to use money.

How can we save?

Check your contracts and their rates

You have to review your contracts with the different companies, consumptions such as electricity, water and telephone are necessary, but you can save a lot of money if there is another company that offers you the same service at a better price.

However, to reduce the cost of the electricity bill, you can hire the “hourly discrimination rate” which is cheaper depending on what hours, in addition to disconnecting from the electricity those electrical appliances that we do not use daily.

The washing machine and dishwasher are the appliances that consume the most water, therefore, every time we use them it is important that they are full to avoid making several uses, since in addition to taking longer, they increase the amount of water used.

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The shopping cart: Make a smart purchase

We all know that if we go to the supermarket hungry, we will always put more extra products in the cart. That is why it is important to go with a full gut, carry a shopping list and not get out of it. In this list we can also include some whims.

Another important thing is to plan the menus for the week, apart from saving because that way we only buy what we need, the diet can also be controlled much better by ensuring that it is varied.

To plan the weekly menus, we have to check the pantry and the refrigerator first, to control the expiration dates. Always buy seasonal products that are always considerably cheaper and it is very important to have a weekly budget for the shopping cart.

Where to buy clothes

Buying clothes is one of our most frequent expenses in our domestic economy tuition, especially if our family has children who grow up without stopping. If we have several children at home, it is very important to keep the clothes that they no longer use clean and orderly by size, inheriting clothes from one brother to another is the biggest savings you can make.

Our closet

Before going out to buy clothes it is worth spending the previous afternoon reviewing the clothes we have. There are times that from one season to another, we do not remember what we had bought the previous year and buying something similar this year can be a mistake.

We can also apply it to the home pantry, to make the shopping list and think about the weekly menu we must start with the products that we already have at home or that will expire soon.

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Discount coupons

Save all the discount coupons you have and always carry them in your bag. There are discount coupons to save a few euros in the shopping cart, in stores when you reach a minimum spent per month. to buy clothes for being a member, to go to theme parks.


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