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So many people always hear the word “maintenance”, or have you been using the word “maintenance”? and which comes down to this question. what is maintenance?


Explanation and definition of maintenance?

Maintenance is a process of taking care of something or somebody. What ever the situation may be. Whether it’s just help, need and even repair. Maintenance can also be defined as a process of keep or making sure the something or somebody is in his original state.


Why do we have to do maintenance?

The ability to do maintenance or taking care of thing has been part of us or we humans from day one. What ever reason we do it for, been just to repair, maintain, beautify, preserve or healthy. What we humans are doing is maintenance knowingly and unknowingly. And we do it everyday.

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For example, Whether it is brushing your teeth or helping Someone who is in need of support financially and you get to assist them with some money. Or come up with a solution of resolving their problems. Whether you know it or not. Is helping their maintain their situation, lifestyle or what ever it maybe.

Another example, A machine or device that is not working or functioning properly and in need of fixing. Or part replacement to carry out maintenance procedure, is by taking care of the machine or device. Resolving problem that may occur or has already by try to fix, replace or maintain the part that is forty.

Don’t forget, that even the world needs maintenance in different forms to keep going and functioning.


What are the Types of maintenance and importance?

Predetermined maintenance

The predetermined maintenance is better explain as the original maintenance instruction that is created by the manufacturer. This type of maintenance are suggestions based on the experiment carried out by the manufacturer. And also the data gathered in the experiment.

This means that the manufacturer provide a perfect statistical analysis and guidelines. Basically when a machine or device is first purchased and it will come with average Data showing the lifespan of the device or equipment.

The manufacturer also indicate in the data provided how often the machine or device. That will be inspected for servicing or replacement of parts.

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Corrective maintenance

The process is initiated to discover a problem while in the process of work or working on another work order. When corrective maintenance is initiated, issues are discover and solve just in time.

For exampleWhen a maintenance is scheduled to check or in process of fixing another issue. The maintenance expert will notice that a pipe in a HVAC system is not functioning as it should. This means corrective maintenance is scheduled for a future data to indicate where problem is repaired or replaced.

Preventive maintenance

This type of maintenance is aim at detecting and fixing a problem before it happens. Preventive maintenance is regular inspections of machines and it occurring multiple times a year.

When you inspect a machine or piece of technological devices, carefully check for any sign of wear or imminent breakdown. Immediately replace  the damage part of the machine or device.

Predictive maintenance

Maintenance like this refer to a specific type of condition-base maintenance. This means that the equipment is constantly observed on via sensor device.

These device are connected to the component of the system and feed instant, real time data to software. This software analyse the data and warns maintenance technicians of approaching danger.

Condition-Based Maintenance

This type of maintenance is sometimes consider as an advanced alternative to preventive maintenance. instead of being inspected by the scheduled time.

Machine and electronic device are carefully observe for any changes that could course upcoming failure. By using the conditional-based maintenance.

Technicians monitor the system running  and indicating vulnerabilities. That could affect functioning such as temperature, power, vibration speed, the absence and presence of moisture, and many more.

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What are the different states of maintenance?

During the process of maintenance. Depending on what is be maintained, can put it in the following state at the moment. This could result to the following:

  1. Services not be available at that moment.
  2. Unable to use the product or service.
  3. Still able to make of the product or services.
  4. Slow down of the systems or service.
  5. Completely off-line, etc.


What are the notifications of maintenance?

You will usually get a message or notification that may look like the examples give below:

  1. Low maintenance.
  2. Maintenance free.
  3. Maintenance in progress.
  4. Scheduled maintenance.
  5. Maintenance man.
  6. Under maintenance.
  7. diagnosis maintenance.




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