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Offbeat Hill Stations in India You Never Knew About

India is a country that is unique and diversified. India is home to people from various cultural backgrounds who take pride in their culture and celebrate it with enthusiasm. When we talk about travel, we mean visiting places bound to create confidence and a curiosity to know more.

If you want to travel to a site that caters to your country’s climate but provides a change in your taste of travel, look no forward to traveling to the hill stations of India.

We are here to guide you through the tedious process of deciding which hill stations you should travel to while focusing on booking plane tickets to India.


Raithal – For enjoying a peaceful vacation

If you are a person that values peace and hates the sound of hustle-bustle, this offbeat hill station is the perfect destination for you. Raithal, situated in the Himalayas, is abundant with lush mountains, squeaky clean forests, and tiny houses.

That house people who value and respect their unique culture. This place offers the feature of homestay where you can study and learn about the rich culture this site has to offer.

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Kasol – Home for trekkers

This hill station is suitable for people who love a pinch of adventure and are avid risk-takers. Kasol is a hill station that connects many pilgrimage spots. Himachal Pradesh boasts about including this beautiful place.

You can enjoy the river- rafting, trekking, and sight-seeing while barking on the blessings of mother nature. It has its uniqueness because it is one of the few places in India that urbanization has not touched, so it makes your experience fun without any pollution or grimes to disturb.


Pelling – The cool hill station with a cool climate

Darjeeling is the scenery and an epitome of mother nature’s pomps. It holds this hill station, and it is one of the many beauties that Darjeeling has.

Here you can get to see the mighty Kanchenjunga, Pemayangtse Monastery, and Khecheopalri lake. It creates a feeling of nostalgia and a sense of solidarity after you travel here.


Matheran – The beautiful vacation to travelers

What makes this hill station offbeat is that you cannot visit this hill station by driving. It has the rule to keep it free from automobiles. This hill station situated in Mumbai is abundant with immense greenery and rich flora and fauna.

It is a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy a vacation without noise and environmental stressors. Summer is ideal for visiting this hill station as it strengthens the experience rigorously.

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Chamba – The site with the monuments

Chamba is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh that is filled with greenery and exquisiteness. Chamba is home to many old monuments and palaces which attract tourists. Its calm and serene nature is guaranteed to make your experience worthwhile.

If you are an old-school lover, you can hold picnic spots near the lakes with your loved one to enjoy a feeling of serenity and mist touching your face.


Shoja – The replica of Shimla and Manali

We have another entry from Himachal Pradesh that vaunts about its rich heritage and attractiveness. When we think of hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, we seem to think about Shimla and Manali.

Shoja proves our limited knowledge about Himachal Pradesh wrong by proving to be a fierce competitor of Shimla and Manali and provides the same amount of beauty and experience while being budget-friendly.

Despite it being so small, it gives a beautiful atmosphere and familiarity to nature lovers and enthusiasts.


Ziro – Home to rice fields

What makes this hill station offbeat is that you can enjoy and appreciate its beauty by looking at the rich rice fields valley and luscious green bushes. Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh does not host many people, making your experience better without any disruption.

While booking your plane tickets to India, keep in mind that his charismatic town is heaven for photographers and nature lovers alike. It makes for a breathtaking summer vacation for every globetrotter.


Idukki – The happy tears of mother nature

Idukki, situated in Kerala, swarms verdant green landscapes, abundant dewdrops that look like tears on the trees, and clouds are touching the mountains.

This hill station is the best place to escape stress and tensions in life. It makes for a good photo destination coupled with a jaw-dropping opportunity to appreciate nature at its finest.

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Kotagiri – The site of old bungalows

You may wonder about the uniqueness of this place and what it has to offer. Let me tell you that the distinctiveness of these places lies in their quiet nature and free from the noise found in cities.

It is the best hill station to escape city life and go on a soul-searching experience. It also does not crunch your pockets as it is comparatively cheaper to travel here than any other place in Ooty. Furthermore, it hosts several old bungalows that capture attention.


Madekiri – Coffee lovers paradise

Madekiri in Coorg gets its exceptionalism because it hosts many coffee plantations. This place is a paradise for all coffee lovers who want to enjoy an exquisite cup that is cheap and best.

The orange orchards provide scenic beauty and charisma to these hill stations and are a perfect spot for honeymoon couples.


Yelagiri – The heat fighter

Bangalore houses Yelagiri, also known as the IT hub of India. It traps the Bangalore heat by its pleasant-looking trees and forests.

It is the perfect destination to visit when you want to escape the scorching heat in the city. It also offers outdoor activities such as paragliding, trekking, orchard sightseeing, and more.

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Araku Valley – The variations of red

Araku in Tamil means variations of red. Situated in the borders of Odisha, it hosts several green coffee plantations that capture attention. Gape at its natural beauty and serenity as you enjoy a peaceful vacation after booking cheap plane tickets to India from USA.

These were our recommendations for making your traveling experience an awesome one. We hope you consider booking cheap plane tickets to India from USA using the MyTicketsToIndia website. They offer a plethora of dealings and discounts and cater to your needs and demands.

MyTicketsToIndia makes sure that your experience with them sticks in your mind and their hospitality attracts you to travel with them again. Visit their website to gain information about their lucrative deals and flight timings.



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