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Questions You Should Be Asking At Careers Fair

Accounts Nextgen is a leading company that organizes internships like Xero internships and careers fair opportunities to its potential employees. Online Xero internship is conducted so you can learn skills in the comfort of your home.

A Careers Fair is a great opportunity in which job seekers participate in this event and get to know about the company in detail by having a conversation with company representatives, employers, or recruiters. In this recruiting event, the job seekers convert into potential employees by involving in this activity.

You must know how to interact and what questions to ask so that you can make a good first impression that will be fruitful when you sit for the interview session.
First of all, if you are a fresh college graduate you should search for better internship opportunities that can enhance your technical skills as well as people skills.
When you join a Xero internship program, you spend your entire summer learning how to utilize your technical skills for your skill development and people skills to manage the team and learn office culture.

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Businesspersons know the importance of networking and focus on better network building. Here you can learn how markets work. During the online Xero internship, your doubts will be clear and you will be able to visualize yourself in a particular job role for the next few years. You need to apply with a copy of your CV, links to your online projects, and your academic report. You will be considered for the next round of interview sessions when you will submit your details correctly. The company will provide you with updates. For applying for an internship, it is better to always look for a company online presence. Follow their Facebook pages or Instagram pages. Create your LinkedIn profile and get connected to the company. Now, the company organizes career fairs in between the recruitment process for interactive sessions.

● You can create a good first impression in front of employees and recruiters here.

● You should ask questions that include explanations and are not available on the company website.

● You should be aware of the company’s basic details and agenda. This will make you look diligent and knowledgeable.

● Don’t repeat questions or the questions that were already answered. You can extend that question further. Repetitive questions can irritate them and spoil your first impression.

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● You can ask- what career options are available in the company?
You can further extend it by asking what is the hiring process and the importance of each recruitment process. Every recruitment process is meant to test candidate skills but every company has its own way of testing it and their priorities are also different. So you should be aware of what they are searching for so you can fill the gap and represent yourself in a better way.

● Ask if any training or mentorship is provided to help you know the company before you start working for them.

● Always ask about the office culture as recruiters want positive people in their office. When you ask about office culture, it shows you are a friendly and people person that can work in teams or can also become a leader.

● Usually, companies transfer the employees to their different branches during his/her initial days. It is done so that he or she may know the work better and get experienced.

● The first week of joining is always memorable for a fresh college graduate. So always ask them what interactive things they will experience during this period. Do they need to do Over timing?

● You can directly ask what qualities they are looking for in the candidate and how you can increase your chances of getting selected.

● Ask about their experience in the company. What hurdles or challenges they faced in their career and how they overcame that with time? This type of question will show your optimistic approach towards challenges. Recruiters also take interest in answering these questions.

● Ask them how their company will evolve in the upcoming years through their product or service. You can know their working pattern here. The company’s efforts and plans will be discussed and you will eventually know how it can make use of its workforce. You can visualize how much workload you will be provided in that company.

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● You can ask for examples of some successful employees of the company. You can also get the chance to interact with them.

● Ask for the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile so you can get connected with them. You should stay connected with them through any means whether by email, business card, or social media sites.

● You must introduce yourself well at the beginning. Always wear formal clothes, smile, and make proper eye contact during conversation. A good posture and body language are necessary as they will define your personality.

● Always choose employees that are popular, reputed, and friendly. You can further connect with them through social media sites. Time is precious, so utilize your time in bringing the best of that time and discussing some topics necessary for your survival and upliftment at the office.


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