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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book

Spiritual meaning of dreams book Open An Ocean of Abundance, Heavenly Wealth and Divine Wisdom. And All You Need Is This 4 Sentence Prayer.

Your Mind Can Be Your Worst Enemy And here’s the main issue. All those other practices? The binaural beats. The affirmations. The guided meditations.

While it gets you in That state, although it temporarily, Once you’re done, you’re going to snap back to your original state. As a result, you’re going to get a roller coaster of results. Good when your mind is in Theta state.shutterstock 1036798264 min5711328286963435284 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book


1. Prayer Can Bend Reality.

You read that right, it’s like a Jedi Mind Trick. In a 2008 study published by EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, Dr Dean Radin a neuro-theology researcher took 5 “experienced praying people” and 5 normal control subjects.

Asked them to mentally interfere with a laser beam pointed at a light-reading CCD sensor inside a sealed box. Guess what? The praying people “blocked” the laser light compared to non-meditators and control runs.


In other words, your mind can indeed overcome matter. With the focused intention of prayer, you can change previously hopeless circumstances. It’s just one step away from your problems and pain. Not only that.shutterstock 523120192 min6085380099963600510 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book

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2. It Can Transform your DNA

The Institute of HeartMath, an internationally recognized non-profit research organization conducted a study called “Local and Nonlocal Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA.

This study showed that thinking and feeling anger, fear, and frustration caused DNA to change shape according to thoughts and feelings.


This means when we choose to engage toxic thoughts (for example, unforgiveness, bitterness, irritation, or feelings of not coping) we change the DNA and subsequent genetic expressions.

Which then changes the shape of our brain wiring in a negative direction. No wonder we develop quicksand brains! However, the flip side holds the real key.

When you adopt a positive attitude, the good choice, rewired everything back to the original healthy positive state. These scientists proved prayer which is reinforced positive thinking open up our DNA codes. And remove stress once and for all. But here’s the most potent reason.

shutterstock 542581576 min175902078724832306 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book

3. It Can Rewire Your Brain for the Miraculous.

On a bright spring day in 1998, at Andrew Newberg’s laboratory, the neuroscientist settles Revered Scott McDermott in a darkened examination room and asks the pastor to pray for someone else.

A few minutes later, at the moment Newberg believes McDermott has reached the peak of his prayer, the researcher injects the minister with a dye that shows the blood flow in his brain.

Now it’s time for Newberg to take a peek at McDermott’s neural connections, sliding him into a SPECT scanner. Which will create an image of which parts of McDermott’s brain lit up and which went dark while he prayed.

A few minutes later, Newberg has preliminary results on his computer screen. He notes some areas of increased activity in the frontal lobes, which handle focused attention.

shutterstock 6469313447616471335019520867 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book

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There was simply no room for negativity. In other words, prayer changes the wiring of the brain for oneness with the universe. So there’s no going back. Are you starting to be convinced yet? As a friendly warning. Most Other Manifestation Strategies are Like a Chicken Trying to Defy Gravity.

chickenrun2588750322073520621 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams BookIn the movie Chicken Run, the hero needed to cross a fence. As he couldn’t fly, he built a bike that took him across the barrier.

While that was the heart warming reality, the main issue was no matter what he did. He will still plummet to earth. After all, a chicken can only do so much, because their very nature is still chicken. They will not defy gravity.


This is like your brain with the “negativity bias”. However, what if I told you it’s far easier to “be” rather than “do. “What if instead of being a chicken.

    • You’re An Eagle Instead?
    • Won’t it be easier to fly?
    • Won’t it be simpler to soar above the stratosphere?shutterstock 277354919 min5496337228213179548 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book


So instead of trying and toiling, you can just spread your wings and just get to that next level? That’s what prayer can do. It can change your chicken brain, to an eagle brain. Like I said earlier, it can even change your DNA! When your state is transformed.



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Here’s another way to look at it. You’re like a caterpillar who became a butterfly. The butterfly cannot go back to becoming a caterpillar, no matter how hard it tries.

In the same way, once you go through prayer — you’ll transform like a butterfly, with “vibration wings” to help you fly to a stratospheric future.

The change is IRREVERSIBLE. You’re never going back. Never going back to the pain. Never going back to the sickness. Isn’t that brilliant news? However, here’s the issue. Prayer is Powerful, But What You Pray for Matters Equally As Well.

Think of prayer as a tool like a hammer. However, you need nails for a hammer to work. The content of those prayers are those nails.

Nails that will help you get the breakthroughs you want! So coupled with the DNA-altering, Theta state-inducing and mind-rewiring power of prayer, I looked into the book of Daniel as “nails” and started using the “prayer hammer” to hit away



FROM PRISONER TO THE PALACE: The Amazing Life of the Prophet Daniel His life story was interesting.

He started as a slave in 620 BC, Jewish captivity of Babylon. However, in a mere few years, he ended up a higher rank in the courts and even ended up the right hand of King Nebuchadnezzar – the most powerful man of his day.

shutterstock 261955667 min6857297308188733281 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book


Now imagine that. How many prisoners do you know end up a prince? Usually, if someone is a POW, they will end up in chains until rescued. Or tortured. Or killed. They will not usually end up in the good graces of the ruler and end up co-ruling the country.

It just doesn’t happen. So why did these astonishing things happen to Daniel? It’s because of his prayer. After all, even a prestigious institution like Harvard University has concluded that by just a few words of prayer, you can affect change.

In the research of scientist Herbert Benson, MD, who has spent decades studying the effects of prayer on people with medical conditions. Because of Merely Repeating a Few Sentences… Daniel Went From Slave to Superior.

Are you starting to see the power yet? Now, how about you? Daniel was a Babylonian slave that broke free. What things are holding back that the Prayers of Daniel can solve? Don’t you want to go from Refugee to Royalty? Don’t you want to go. Thanks to his prayers, Daniel too ended up living a high-vibration life of miracles. For instance. He survived the lion’s dens.

shutterstock 452827429 min 18664348449395319551. Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book


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That there are enemies like your creditors, toxic relatives and mounting bills attacking you? The Prayers of Daniel can help you not just survive but end up in a better position than you ever did before.

Does your crises seem never-ending and relentless?

The Prayers of Daniel can help you quench the fiercest of circumstances, bringing love, peace and joy when there was none. He interpreted the dreams of the ruler.

  • How many of you want the power to reap the full wisdom of your dreams?
  • Do you have life decisions that puzzle you?
  • And you need some help from the angels?

The Prayers of Daniel can shine a light on those enigmatic dreams and give you the laser-accurate answers you so crave. He transformed the destiny of the nation, national affairs may not be your cup of tea. However, this proves how invincible the Prayers of Daniel are.

How much more life-changing can utter a few words be? How awesome would it be if you could eliminate your generational trauma! Or trample the most challenging of obstacles? How much of a relief will it be if you don’t need to pay for the sins of the fathers anymore? As I continued the Prayer of Daniel, abundant blessings HUNTED me down like a pack of happy puppies.

Then One Day, Something Marvellous Happened. I walked the street where that laundromat was. I just felt led there. To my utter surprise, the 2nd-hand bookstore was there again. That cheesy run-down sign was still there.

“Heaven on Earth” Seeing it as a divine opportunity, I’d immediately dashed in. Again, I saw the man in the cobalt blue top. This time around, his face was glowing, radiant even. It was as if since I’d discovered his identity, he didn’t conceal his true angelic form.

With a kind, firm voice, he asked me how I was Again, I volunteered all kinds of information, like the times before. The difference, of course, is everything now was awesome. I spilt out on how loving my marriage was, how much more healthy I was, how wealthy we got to be?

We’d even bought a new house with nearly purely cash, how we didn’t have debt. Again, Michael nodded, this time with a Cheshire-like grin on his face. He then said…“It’s Time for You to Share the Prayers of Daniel With the World.”

My initial reaction was “huh? Who me?”After all, I was only a mere homemaker, albeit one with an unbelievable life of abundance. And then, I was struck by how selfish I was. How could I hoard such truth in a world of utter depression? Again, I left the bookstore.

This time around, I stood for what I swear was hours, since heaven knows if I would ever see that blessed place again. I walked away. I glanced one more time. Predictably, the bookshop was gone. The bustling laundromat was back in place. And now my mission expanded to share this divine message with the world.

images5701876834763333846 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book





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And They Received the Most Mind-Blowing of M
Like Andrew…
Testi1 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book
Testi2 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book
Testi4 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book
Or even Kendra who won the lottery…
testi3 Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Book
In other words, your mind can indeed overcome matter. With the focused intention of prayer, you can change previously hopeless circumstances. It’s just one step away from your problems and pain. Not only that.

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