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Tell the Crazy Travel Stories From Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake

Tell the crazy travel stories once you return from Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake. Adventure has no limits. It can be wild as you want. And honestly, there were lots of people like me and what they needed was the urge to move from the zone Comfortably It will be fully impressed with the charming aspects of this winter place describing.

However, it is best described in a series of photos. However, a photo is worth thousands of words.

So without further Ado, this is what special about Hampta Snow Trek and why it should be on the list of your travel wishes for 2020:

Traveling is as much as the experience you collect on the way and the pleasure you take when you share it when the trip ends. One such place, a favorite among the bravest travel fans, is a hampta pass trek and the half is better Chandra Tal Lake.

Read more about why do you have to travel this to make the best memories and tell the craziest story later.

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What’s unique about this

Hampta Pass is not just beautiful in charm but a rare spectacle at that time. This is a narrow track that climbs out of the valley of the cullion and faces the stretch of Lahaul Valley long, quiet and beautiful. There is a big difference in the landscape that this track package.

Crossing Alpine Forest, the formation of the large rock and exotic flora to reach the lake of a sparkling month, a mystic natural flare. This trip not only offers Lahaul’s vegetation and cold desert, providing the best view of the Dhauladhar range. What’s more, you have to observe the culture of the inhabitants of the high nature of nature. Why travel? Experience.

What is the truth

Chikka: You will start your journey from Hampta Dam. Track to Chikka, close to Manali, after spending a day of acclimatization at the base camp in Manali.

Balu Ka Ghera: This location is basically a stack of sand (“Balu Ka Ghera”) just below the Hampta Pass. This is one of the best campsites in your overall trip. The whole view is beautiful. This is a fertile and spacious simple land on the riverbank. Marvel in the range of Dhauladhar around it, the peak of the outside of the Himalayan.

Hampta Pass Trek is one with a big difference in landscapes throughout the trip

Hampta Pass Via Shia Goru: From the hammer of Ghera, you will travel further to Hampta Pass (4270 AD) through Shia Goru. Staring at the Lahaul Valley was quiet in a panoramic view. Pay attention to major changes in the landscape offered by this trip. Down back to Shia Goru for staying overnight.

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The cherry above (literally, because it sits on a hampta pass) is a high altitude glacial lake called Chandra Taal (Lake Moon). In mythology, this is where from Yudhisthra (at Mahabharata) rises to heaven. Of course, the feeling just stands by his side and holds his shadow with admiration not having a heavenly shortage in himself.

Chances are the last day of your trip before you go down, you will visit the lake. Departing on the morning and a trip to Pear Panjal ranged and to Chandratal from there. Descend returned to Chatru, the point where Spiti Valley, Rohtang Pass and Hampta Pass met – for your stay.

So what is the best time to make your way to Hampta Pass and Lake Chandratal?

The best time to vacation and spend a charming week in Hampta Pass is from June to the end of September. In this time frame, most people visit in June or the following month. It was wrapped in snow, perfect and all directions. What an amazing sight!

Hampta Pass, the starting point of your Tri with Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass at Himachal Pradesh is a favorite among trekkers who are not too advanced but have previous experiences. These trekkers like to escape to Himachal Beatic which offers views of the peak of the Himalayan which is incomparable and is home to some of the most exotic Himalayan sights and flora-fauna.

Once here, you will forever appreciate and for a long time for another visit. Most people go to the track to other places in Himachal Pradesh after they return from Hampta Pass. You tend to continue to be on a long and useful journey with nature after this.

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