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The Perfect Solution For Today’s Printing Trends

When you are looking for personalizing fabrics, there are usually two main options available to play around with your design. Embroidery and printing, but what should be an ideal choice for you?

Companies rather small or big look to customize clothing or textiles for various market reasons. You might be looking to do the same similar to the Kansas city chiefs embroidery design available in the market whether for your staff or to lure new customers or adding a logo on your wearables such as bathrobes, towels, gym bags, and more. Carrying such a logo is a sense of pride for your team members and people associated with you.

1. It Has Better Durability In Offering

When you will get your hands on the final product from both printed as well embroidered cloth, you will notice that they both look fantastic. However, over a certain period, once the usual wear and tear take place along with the usual washing, you will notice that the printed ones started wearing down with multiple cracks, peeling, and color fade. On the other hand, the embroidered garment will keep on looking good with a durable design on it.

If you plan to carry the wearables for a single event only then choosing the printing method will be a cheaper option for you. But for your staff uniform, you might want to go with embroidery for the reason of durability and better value for money.

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2. Designs Are Converted In Embroidery Style

Although the system does have pre-programmed fonts, patterns, and motifs feed files to choose from, if you are looking to get your custom designing done with embroidery, the design first has to be converted into a digitized form from an image file.

To get it done, one specialist needs to undergo the work of several hours using the software. This work is usually outsourced and does cost a bit, but the work is done only once since the same digitized pattern can be now used forever.

However, with the printing methods, there is no conversion needed and you can directly transfer the print of the chosen image on the garment.

3. Choosing The Fabric As Per The Suitability

Printed methods for designs are the best bet for smoother fabrics since the quality of the print will deteriorate on the fabrics that have courser surfaces. For embroidery, things go well on different variety of materials.

If you see a usual polo shirt, you would notice that is too loose for any printing to be done on it and expect good results but embroidery here will look good. In one case both of them don’t work and that is chunky woolen knits!

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4. Finding The Cheaper Option For Better Cost Saving

Price is a very important factor for any big decision as they want to get done most in the least. Although you might find printing methods to be cheaper than embroidery there is not much of a difference. The thing you are looking for here is the best quality such as Texas Tech Red Raiders embroidery.

The type of printing you choose can decide how much you will be spending and what quality you will get. Few common printing methods are direct to garment or transfer printing which are available at fairly cheap prices even when you are going for a small quantity.

On the other hand, the embroidery method seems to fall somewhere in the middle. It might cost you a bit higher than the usual printing methods but when we compare the quality we get here along with printing, it will blow your mind since it is more cost-effective than screen printing methods, especially for low quantity.

For both the methods here, it can be said that much of the cost of these methods are taken up by the purchase of the garment itself. If you take a cheap, poor quality cloth t-shirt, it won’t last or go well with the embroidery method but you can go on to try printing with the same. So if your choice is to go for a disposable t-shirt then printing methods will be your go-to choice.

5. The finishing matters

Deciding this is a bit difficult since we are talking about a little subjective topic here but if we look at the popularity, then embroidery wins the race here. For any custom wearable trends or methods, choosing embroidery on the uniform does add that extra element of professionalism and class. It makes your logo look stands out in the crowd as a show stopper.

While on the other hand if we look at the printing methods, we see that all those required finer details in the design can only be achieved with the help of printed designs only. During the initial days, when the printed design is new, it looks as marvelous as the embroidery ones however, it can only be kept in two dimensional due to its restrictions.

By Emily Traylor

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