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Traffic Formula (For Organic Traffic And Website Traffic)

Traffic formula that many people don’t know about or practice, and as a result ending up not the the right organic traffic to your website. That is why traffic formula is the basic fundamental of a content.

Traffic formula which consists of many factors. This factors will not only helps you content get organic traffic to your website, but also increase your ads revenue, build backlinks and help your content rank in Google first page.

Traffic formula basic includes the following practice

1.   Targeting keywords.
2.   Keywords research.
3.   Add all relevant topics.
4.   Content write up.
5.   Plagiarism check.
6.   Content images.
7.   SEO optimisation for your content.

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Targeting keywords

Targeting keywords also know as Content title or topic is what you are writing about. It may be either short or long keyword. Which ever it maybe, do not stop your content from ranking on page one on Google.

Targeted keyword can not just make your content gain organic traffic, but also make your website more popular, while increasing your website traffic.

Keywords research

Keywords research is what tell Google and other search engines, how informative people find your content. Keyword research is the traffic formula for target keywords. Knowing your target keyword is a starting point, but you the best way to write your targeted keywords is something different.

This is what will help you know how people are searching for that keywords, monthly volume, how competitive, it’s search difficulties and so on. This will help you content grow and stay on google first page, giving you more organic traffic. You can use google free keywordtool for keywords ideas and analysis.

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Add all relevant topics

Include all relevant topics and sub topics to your content, make it more valuable to search engines. Relevant topics is another traffic formula to get high quality traffic to your content, while also improving your website traffic.

Relevant topics share more light on your targeted topic or keyword. Relevant titles and sub titles should always be “Heading” format.


Content write up

Content write up structuring is a very important part in content writing. It a magic traffic formula which make your content valuable to search engines.

Search engines bots are able to go through your content. When a search engine bot go through well optimised content without any issues or difficulties, it helps the bot understand what your content is all about.

This also means that your content is user friendly and readable. This will make your content standout from content published by other websites. Giving it more value as it boost you organic traffic and website traffic.

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Plagiarism check

Plagiarism check is a very important traffic formula when it comes to content write up. It very important you check your content for plagiarism.

When your content is similar to other website content, it is bad for your your content and your website. It will affect your content and website traffic. This is because it like spamming that particular content.

So it important to have a unique content which search engines pull out what when your focus keywords is search. It will help you build a website without plagiarism and it increases your organic traffic, website traffic and website Ranking.

Content images

Content images is traffic formula to get traffic to your content and website. A picture speaks a thousand words. It tells what your content is all about for a human person. For search engines bots, the image meta description tell them what them the image is all about.

Include meta description to your image is very important. This is how Google and other search engines pull out relevant image related to user search query.

Image can being a lot of organic traffic to your website. That is the biggest traffic formula because you can share the images to other websites like Pinterest, Wikipedia etc and social media.

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SEO optimisation

SEO optimisation for your content provide you with the option to optimise your content on how they are fine and show up on search engines.

Practising SEO traffic formula is important because when keyword is search, the first impressions is how informative your content seems. The meta description of your content should give a search engine and a user a over view of what is the content all about at a glance.

Always add a meta description, focus keyword, feature keywords, and tags to your content. As to will help you attract more organic traffic for your website.

Bonus Traffic Formula Tips

Index your site map: By send your site map to Google and other other search engine for more websites visibility. List of all search engine to easily navigate to your site.

Broken link checker: Is another tool that can help you check if some of your link are broken. Broken link chairman convert organic traffic to your website.

Update old content: always update your old content as the world evolving with new ideas and strategies. Keeping your content to ensure Google always continue seeing your content to be valuable and suitable for User.


This are traffic formula used by popular websites that are still on top of Google ranking today. Your content can also be at the top of your search results when your keyword is been searching Google.



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Organic Traffic And Website Traffic

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