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Well-paid Jobs, Trades And Digital Profession

Would you be interested in having a well-paid jobs, trades or digital profession? I wanted to approach this subject thinking of people who are looking for a job, because it is the first.

They have one and they want to change their profession, or simply because they do not have one. More and that they are obliged to find one quickly.

As long as you work, you might as well make a living, right? I cut this subject into three main categories to help you in your orientation. The manual trades, the more intellectual trades and the digital trades which alone deserve a chapter.


This three categories are important for people looking for work:

The graduates of the highest level:

I will not speak here of cardiac surgeons or aeronautical engineers. I want to talk about trades accessible and quickly. The officials who are in a class, both for recruitment and for the compensation and retirement.

The artists who can be in the most absolute misery or multimillionaires, (and often alternate according to the fashions) because it is not really a profession that one decides to exercise. One needs fibre and a passion which does not depend on no career plan.


A job that pays well but under what conditions?

In the short preamble, I want to clarify that before choosing a job. If the remuneration is important, it should never go against your aspirations in life.

All parameters must be taken into account. You have to be sure that they suit your interest in the job, involvement required, induced stress, necessary training or diplomas, compulsory working time, required mobility, possible autonomy, essential physical resistance.

It’s up to you to weigh the arguments for and against. Note that none of the trades listed below allows you to earn money without serious and regular work.

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Traditional Manual Trades


Let us make a brief historical interlude in 1989, Lionel Jospin, then Minister of National Education passed a law of orientation on education. Which will completely upset the French education system. Its objective to bring 80% of schoolchildren until obtaining the Baccalaureate.

The result today is more than 90% success in Bac. And a whole age group which has not learned any trade and which finds itself at 18 years old, without any qualification. And for some, without any desire to pursue studies for which they are not made.

In contrast, there are the clever little ones who quickly turned to concrete manual trades. They have busy order books that many envies.

Politicians have done everything to devalue manual labour. And unfortunately, they continue. They are very wrong because these are exciting and very profitable professions.

As a bonus, they have undeniable supremacy over many other jobs. These are professions of the future that are essential and not relocatable.

High School Diploma

The bin for almost everyone has perverse effects. The current context, It is often in the catering and construction trades that we find the busiest and best-paid craftsmen. Whatever happens, regardless of technological advances, we will always need a plumber or a baker.

You can easily automate an assembly line for an automobile, or computerize a lot of administrative procedures. But unblock a pipe or bake a good loaf, no machine can replace this know-how.

You can join these trades after rapid training – six or seven months in AFPA-type training institutes at any age. But be careful to think about the future. These are physical occupations and therefore sometimes painful. And especially at the start of your career, you will have to accept all missions.

I am thinking for example, of chimney sweeps. This is a very old profession, but also a profession of the future which pays well because we are coming back more and more to the use of wood or pellet stoves. Which must be swept once or twice a year. But you have to climb on the roof, summer and winter.

If you want to orient yourself towards this type of profession, you must be manual and courageous. After your training, you will be operational immediately.

But you’re going to have to build your experience as an employee. If you are competent and hardworking, you will be very successful with employers who have difficulty recruiting.

After a while, you can set up your own business and lead your career as you see fit. The talented artisans are all overwhelmed. And they can make a very good living if they manage their business well.

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The top 15 manual trades

Here is the list of the 15 well-paid trades in crafts, according to Capital Avec Management in an article published in March 2018. (The figure in € is the monthly salary and not the income of a self-employed craftsperson which will be much higher if he is competent and hardworking.)

  • Baker and pastry chef: € 2,108
  • Garage owner: € 2,175
  • Plasterer, carpenter, house painter: € 2,267
  • Cabinetmaker and basket maker: € 2,342
  • Homebuilder: € 2,358
  • Earthworks, soil drilling: € 2,375
  • Electrician and plumber: € 2,383
  • Bricklayer, roofer, chimney sweep: € 2,396
  • Butcher, pork butcher, fishmonger: € 2,533
  • Manufacturer of building materials, glass and ceramics: € 2,558
  • Repairer and installer of industrial machinery and equipment: € 2,708
  • Specialist in recovery, dismantling, metal treatment: € 2,758
  • Manufacturer of various articles (dental technician, jeweller, etc.): € 2,908
  • Cutler, metal parts manufacturer: € 3,275
  • Public works contractor: € 3,733

These are in the catering and construction trades as a whole. But there are some exceptions that you don’t necessarily think about and which are nevertheless easily accessible.

The dental technician for example, no need for medical studies. It is more the artistic fibre that this flourishing profession requires thanks to the ageing of the population.

How to do?

A short training course accessible to all is sufficient. Besides on this subject, I know that you don’t necessarily have time to go to train. Fortunately there are schools with distance learning, such as the School of Pros or the School at home.

The School of Pros allows you to train yourself remotely on all “craft” trades: baker, pastry chef, pork butcher – caterer, garage owner, mechanic, florist.  You will find more information on these links.

School itself is more oriented to the construction trades, construction and housing. For example, foreman in public works, team leader, foreman, drawing construction, etc.

Finally, know that in the end, it doesn’t matter what manual trade you choose. As soon as you have learned your job well, you will be able to start your own business. And there even if it represents a lot of work, you will feel the breath of freedom with income that an employee cannot hope for. Well-paid glass craftsman, Crafts in glass for example, it pays!

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The 8 more intellectual traditional trades

These are trades that pay well. They are practised in offices or in any case in white-collar. These areas must be approached by thinking twice. And we must always think about dematerialization, to make sure not to choose a profession that will have disappeared in a few years. And yes, it happens more and more often.

Among the rather well-paid jobs, accountants and bank employees, for example, should soon disappear. However, here are some that still have a future.

1.  Commercial and Technical Sales Staff

It is part of the timeless trades and not relocatable, because we always need someone to present a product. For the years to come, we are not going to buy our car on the Internet and a company will always need a salesperson to help it make its choice in raw materials.

If there are short training courses, it is however recommended to have a commercial streak which cannot be learned. Being a commercial is a well-paid job, look a landline and commissions on sales. A good salesperson will never have trouble finding a job.

On the contrary, companies will wrest it out. The salary can be considered for those who have talent and pugnacity. Know that you can study your BTS remotely, or another diploma to become a commercial. This is what ESE CAD offers you, which prepares you for the following:

BTS/CAP: BTS MUC (Management of Commercial Units),

BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations)

CAP ECMS (Multi-Specialty Commercial Employee) as well as the following trades: salesperson, store advisor, an employee of large surfaces, etc. You can go here to see all the training that you can follow with ESE CAD.

2.  Network Marketing

Sector very little known in France and very disparaged because often confused with pyramid selling, network marketing or MLM is the source of many large fortunes in the United States. No need for diplomas, the first essential condition is to choose your company scrupulously.

The gains are unlimited, but there is a huge amount of substantive work that can be long and discouraging. We cannot succeed by selling only, but it is the leverage due to the team. Which the networker must create and maintain himself  that triggers huge gains.

For those who have a taste for others only. Network marketing is not a business, but rather a team effort. It is a well-paid profession for the future because it is a very good alternative to the labour market. Which is struggling in certain sectors for which the MLM ensures succession.

It is also a well-paid job that is constantly recruiting by definition because it works on team development. I tell you a lot more about MLM in this article.

3.  Traders

This is a job that can look like a penal colony or paradise depending on the sector you choose. Certain businesses are open seven days a week, fifteen hours a day and generate insignificant margins for little or no vacation. To flee, these are the small tobacconists, florists.

On the other hand, businesses like opticians are good niches. We have been fitting children since very young and with the ageing of the population, the market continues to grow. I don’t know about you, but I have the impression that there are more and more opticians in my neighbourhood.

Even if you can now shop online, there is no substitute for measurements and adjustments in a store. An employee at an optician will earn a salary higher than the average. But if you aim to earn more money, nothing prevents you from starting your own business after a little experience.  With a good location, the opticians’ shops are very profitable.

Another good vein is the dog grooming shops. There, you are sure that we will not relocate your shop! Pets are legion in France and grooming remains a professional matter for those who want a properly clipped and shaved dog. Their pet lovers are ready to spend a lot of money on them. Short training and very pleasant job for those who love animals.

In addition, you can train at a distance, at your own pace and from your sofa. It takes place at IFSA, a distance school specializing in trades around animals: animal health assistant, breeder, canine educator, groomer, pet sitter, etc.

Beware of businesses following fashion trends! Vaping shops are the best example. Many have rushed for the opportunity, but almost as many have filed for bankruptcy since.

In addition, this kind of product still has legislation like the sword of Damocles. Politicians anxious to leave their names in history – lay down laws prohibiting anything and everything without worrying about the consequences on employment. Vaping prohibited in public places = massive bankruptcy filings, CQFD.

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4.  Insurance Agent, Wealth Management and Tax Exemption

The insurer not only sells insurance but also deals with wealth management. Already as an employee, you will greatly exceed the average salary but, if you buy a portfolio, it can be the jackpot. The headquarters of large companies train their agents in a few months (with very intense internships).

Wealth management is not intended as is often believed only to wealthy individuals. The middle classes also need investments and tax exemption. If you excel in this area, by making the wealth of your customers grow. You will gain both their trust and hot recommendations that will make yours grow.

Wealth management is a profession that pays very special. First, because you don’t need any financial investment. And also because you can practice it as an employee or on your own as a simple auto-entrepreneur, (at the start, because after having exceeded a certain threshold. You will have to create your company).

This is one of the professions without a degree in the most spectacular performance. The companies or the agents themselves in their account can you train.

Considering that tax exemption is for people paying from € 3,000 in taxes, the potential for customers is unlimited. The ” defisc ” is a way to “make” money quickly and well. The wealth management is more often work overtime but the gains are excessive.

5.  Real Estate Professions

This is another well-paid job that is not likely to be outsourced. Everyone needs to find accommodation, buy, sell, rent, build. As with tax exemption, some companies take care of training and nothing prevents you from setting up your own account.

The real estate market, even if it sometimes experiences short lows is constantly expanding and commissions are very high. Again, you can train from a distance.

At the École Chez Soi as the name suggests, you can learn to distance trades of real estate: property management, real estate negotiator, property manager. You can even prepare you to PI (BTS Real Estate Professions). All this from your home.

6.  The Coaches

There are coaches for everything and anything. There is bound to be abuse in this sector because anyone can declare themselves a coach. It is, however, an axis to develop but only if you have real knowledge and skills that will bring something to your client. It can be personal development, nutrition, sport, marketing, business coaching.

I myself have often been suggested that I should become a blogging coach, why not one day. In any case, it is a job that pays well if we do it well.

You have to have fibre. We do not choose it for the primary purpose of bringing in money but rather out of a passion for the transmission of knowledge.

On the other hand, if you have this talent of being able to guide others, you will quickly have a loyal clientele ready to pay dearly if the results are there. And this satisfied clientele will gladly advertise you.

To train, you can obviously go through online trainers, who have their own coaching program on their blog. You can also go to school online.

7.  Teaching

I am not talking here of the teachers of the traditional school but of teaching for adults. With the improvement of Internet connections, the majority of people now have access to videos. This made the training of all kinds flourish. Some are somewhat similar to the coaching discussed in the previous paragraph.

We are now in an era where everyone can train at any time in their lives. It can be for personal development training to learn to draw or dance. For practical reasons – DIY tutorials for example, or to retrain professionally or learn new skills.

Everyone can create their own training and sell it on Udemy type platforms, or broadcast it live during MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Training takes time to develop and create, but if its content brings real added value. It will be successful and the gains can become very interesting. Perhaps a financial investment in advertising and marketing is necessary at the start. But if the product is good, word of mouth does the rest and sales can multiply endlessly.

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8.  “Local” Graphic Designer

We no longer swear by the Internet, but there are still people who do not have the time or the taste to go online to make their advertising material. Retailers and small businesses are very large consumers of window lettering, vehicle wrapping, signs, printed matter, etc.

They need a local graphic designer, whom they can come to see and who conscientiously takes care of all their communication. It is a well paid, simple job which requires little investment, which can be done by self-taught (taking the time to learn well) and which pays quickly. As long as you have good human contact.

At Lines et Formations, you can, for example, train yourself remotely in the profession of a graphic designer. All these professions that we have just seen are accessible to all on the condition of being seriously trained. They can quickly earn a very honest living.

Train for a well-paid job

Lines and Formations, a site for distance learning in graphic design.

The well-paid digital professions: The digital is the sector more dynamic when earnings are unlimited and also where space is unlimited. The difficulty is to find its place there.

On the one hand, there are trades in the digital world and the Internet which find their equivalent in trades in the real world:

  • Architects and building trades who design and build sites.
  • The craftsmen who repair and maintain the sites.
  • Merchants of e-shops.
  • Advertisers (we can’t say that there is a lack of advertising on the Internet!).
  • Influencers who use their image to sell a product, such as George Clooney for coffee .
  • Entrepreneurs who recruit people to run their business.

Then there are the new trades that appear as technological developments and new legislation put in place.

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Many of these jobs will require no qualifications to speak but continuous training is needed as this sector is changing rapidly.


Let’s take a closer look at the 15 highest paid digital jobs.

1.  The SEO Manager

The importance of natural referencing (SEO) is crucial for a site. You can have the most beautiful shop in the world if it is at the bottom of a dead-end and nobody ever passes by, then nobody will ever enter it either.

SEO is the art of giving visibility to a site by all means, except financial. A good SEO can change the future of a site and can claim very large returns. You have to be passionate and follow H24 the evolution of search engines in general and Google in particular – which are constantly changing their rules.

2.  The SEA Manager

It is the paid counterpart of the SEO manager. Every business needs paid advertising and the strategic choices have become extremely complex with the proliferation of available channels.

The SEA manager must, therefore, use the budgets made available to him wisely. Big stress constantly because the results must be up to the sums involved.

3.  The Community Manager

This very new profession is linked to the explosion of social networks. The Internet is a whole and a site is inseparable from social networks, which are always more numerous and always more influential. You have to feed all these media with content and build a company’s reputation from the ground up.

The community manager is a great conductor who must always be aware of everything. It is essential for an entrepreneur who must be able to devote himself to his professional activity and delegate this part.

You can train yourself remotely in the profession of Community Manager, for example at ESE CAD. A distance school specializing in training for web and business trades.


You can start at any time of the year and in your life. And you will quickly learn the basics of a profession that has a bright future (and that changes regularly).

4.  The web designer: UI designer and UX designer

Anyone can now tinker with their open-source tools on the web. But creating a tailor-made site with suitable programming requires both technical knowledge and a certain artistic taste.

The UI designer and the UX designer complement each other to create the interface of the site and make it fluid, pleasant and interesting to visit. These are trades that pay well for talented designers who do not count their hours.

As with the job of Community Manager, you can train yourself remotely and become a Web Designer. This is the case at ESE CAD, but also in the Line and Training school. In both cases, distance training, with qualified professionals, and opportunities for the future.

5.  The Big Data Architect

For those who love data, this is a job that will give them complete satisfaction! The tools available on the Internet allow you to measure everything, all the time. It is, therefore, necessary to collect colossal masses of data and organize them to store them. The big data engineer must master computer science and statistics, and must have a taste for another.

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6.  The Data Analyst

The data classified by the big data engineer must then be analysed. The data analyst is responsible for drawing the finest conclusions to adopt a sound business strategy. A well-paid job because of a position with very heavy responsibilities.

7.  The Network Engineer

Communication channels are multiplying. The network engineer must optimize its operation for the consistency of the company. It is also a position of very high responsibility in large companies. This is why the salary is adjusted accordingly.

8.  The Application Developer

New applications are created every day, but the market is endless. You have to find the right niche, be creative and extremely sharp in coding. But whoever pulls out of the game can win the jackpot.

If you plan to develop applications, alone or in collaboration, you must have faith in yourself and not be afraid of experiencing several failures before you succeed.

9.  Influencers

There are only big American stars left to unite followers behind them. Social networks and especially Instagram have seen the birth of a new generation of influencers who are not celebrities but who are called micro-influencers.

They have fewer fans but who are much more committed than those of the big stars. If they prove their ability to influence and motivate the potential customers of a business, they can live very comfortably. You can read my article on this subject full of tips for making money with Instagram.

10.  The E-commerce Director

He manages all sales, from site management to logistics and delivery, including supply. Indispensable position in a large company, it must be present on all fronts. And he is paid accordingly.

11.  E-commerce

E-shops are flourishing on the web, but there’s no point in getting started if you don’t have an innovative idea to stand out. Many believe that it is enough to fill a site with products and wait for customers, but the reality is quite different.

You have to find a niche that is not saturated and approach it in an original way to get out of the game. There are always niches to earn a lot of money in this sector but there will probably be advertising investment in do and, whatever happens, many daily hours of work.

I, therefore advise you to think carefully about your project before you start, under penalty of losing your money and your illusions as a bonus.

12.  The Web Designer

The web designer is everywhere! Employee or self-employed, we need him all the time, for sites, social networks, for models of banners, advertisements, for animations.

Again, open-source tools have their limits. A small site administrator can tinker with his visuals, but as soon as the business grows, the use of a professional graphic designer is essential. If you have talent, you can claim very good fees.

Attention, web designer and web graphic designer is not the same thing. The web designer participates in the ergonomics of websites, while the web designer sets up visual supports to promote a product or a service: logos, banners.

You are lucky! You can train yourself remotely for the job of web graphic designer, for example in the Lines and Training school, but also at ESE CAD. These are recognized schools, with practical training that quickly prepare you for this job. And the students are very satisfied with it.

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13.  Web Editor

Nature abhors a vacuum and the Internet is the same. All these sites that are created every day must be fed with content to gain visibility and notoriety. The administrators of these sites have no time or no desire to write this content. They have enough to do: define their marketing strategy, find new products, partnerships, develop advertising campaigns. This is why they delegate this work to web editors.

A good copywriter can quickly find their place as a freelancer on one of the many platforms that offer these services or by being hired by a large company that needs someone full time. A good feather is expensive!

I recommend this excellent training to become a Web Writer, prepared by Patrice from the blog Famille Nomade Digitale, which you will find on this link.

14.  A job that pays well and has just appeared: The Data Protection Officer – the DPO

The legislation is becoming more complex every day. Each new data leak scandal makes people a little more paranoid. The latest law to date, the GDPR has made the post of DPO, which oversees data protection, compulsory.

We, therefore, see the flowering of new positions in large companies and DPOs on their own, overwhelmed by the demands of small companies on the net.

Given the stakes and the colossal fine in the event of default, this brand new position should soon be one of the highest-paid jobs on the Internet.

15.  The Technical Director

For large companies only, but this is a job that pays well! The technical director oversees the entire development cycle of a product or service. He must be everywhere at the same time and know everything about everything. He works on the strategy upstream, on the construction during and on the after-sales service.

A crazy job but at an attractive salary.

well-paid digital profession
SEO, community management, web design, etc. The digital professions are numerous and they pay well!

These are just the main well-paid digital trades. There are many positions that revolve around, just as exciting and often very well paid. The IT and Internet professions have two undeniable advantages: they are open to self-educated people and hierarchical progression is open to everyone and knows no limits.

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The well-paid jobs you don’t think of

There are trades that are little known, that have a bad reputation or that are a little scary, but which are nevertheless well-paid trades. Here is an example of each:

A little-known profession: responsible for compliance

We are drowning in standards and inventing new ones every day. In addition, we are not the only ones because Brussels does the same on its side. The particularity of France consists of integrating the Brussels directives by making them even more complex, unlike other countries such as Germany which tends to simplify them.

It is a nightmare for companies that fear sanctions. To get rid of this ongoing threat, they prefer to hire someone – or hire an outside consultant – to make sure they meet the standards.

You have to be particularly rigorous to do this job. You also need to be able to read administrative language so convoluted that you might think it is a foreign language. But, with enormous responsibility, pay accordingly.

A busy profession – Personal services

The social and personal assistance professions (caregiver, paramedic, life support, childcare worker, educator, babysitting at home, a carer for the elderly, etc.) are psychologically very demanding professions but exciting.

We can find ourselves rubbing shoulders with complicated situations, people in great dependence, young people left to their own devices.

If you love humans, then this is for you.

And in addition, you can train yourself remotely, thanks to the Minerve course, dedicated to all health, social and early childhood professions and which allows you to study from home and for example obtain a CAP Early childhood or an auxiliary life diploma.

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A profession with a negative reputation – Home services (or stewardship)

I’m not talking about doing everyday shopping or cleaning. I am talking about larger-scale services for people who have the means. You have to know how to get the money where it is.

Property management, personal shopping which consists of buying for the client, management of domestic animals, which are sometimes very numerous, etc.

Among the wealthy, those who live in large properties, large apartments or mansions need reliable men and women. They will delegate certain tasks to them which they can play very well.

Maintaining a property requires fairly eclectic knowledge. You must be able to maintain green spaces, more or less sophisticated with orchards, greenhouses or rose gardens, but also masonry, natural stone, basins and fountains.

In certain large residences, it can be a question of managing the maintenance and the renovation of works of art, furniture and tapestries.

If you get the trust of a wealthy owner and make his property a little paradise, there is no doubt that you will be paid handsomely. These people are much more numerous than you can imagine, you have to fight the countryside to find them.

The advantage of this highly paid job is that you will live in a heavenly environment!

A well-paid job that no one wants to do – Funeral directors

Death is often scary and above all, the dead are scary!

And so, this is a well-paid job that no one wants to do.

Too bad because the funeral director has trouble recruiting people who agree to be a funeral advisor … This means talking very (too much!) Often to people in misfortune, without risking falling into depression yourself.

They also have difficulty hiring thanatopractors to embalm, makeup and arrange the dead. To do this, you have to have a firm heart. And the directors of funeral directors fear the profiles which risk cultivating a somewhat morbid fascination with the place of the dead.

In this area, wages are quickly spectacular if you do not fear ghosts.




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