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What Do We Know About 5G Network

What Do We Know About The Upcoming Of 5G Network Today?

Today, I will be talking about 5G, the question is what do you know about 5G. Well you all know what is new, is what has been improved. But the question remains, what if the advantages and disadvantages.  What if the disadvantages is more than the advantage, is it worth it?


What is 5G network?

5G or fifth generation network is the next generation cellular network, which is here to improve human communication. The 5G network will impact in all our aspects of life.

Making devices more smarter. This range for educational aspects, health, Medical facility, security, military, agriculture and so on. Devices becomes more smarter and faster like smartphone, laptops, camera, home appliances etc.

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Which countries have 5G network?

5G network is now available in US, Europe, China and along side many other counties. On like in Africa, they are still gradually adapting to5G network at a low level.

5G is the next evolution of communication and soon will widely spread the many counties around the globe. Many device like phones and laptops have the 5G clip supports in order the use the 5G network. As 5G mask instalment are increasing tremendously.


What are the advantages of 5G to 3G and 4G network?

We’ve had a lot of speculation about how it is going to increase the speed of your download. It reduces time on uploading and downloading and how you connect with the world.

Professionals and medical experts who had also spoken about the 5G concept also said that despite the improvement 5G will bring to communication Revolution. Its range and enhance to communication and internet.

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What are the disadvantages of 5G network?

5G is not only for communication, but it also has to do with everything from your home to your car to your phone.

Professionals also describe it as a military communication which indicates that it’s going to be almost control everything in the world and if hackers get access to any military equipment.

They can use it to cause a crisis or cause a Revolution. The major Focus experts are talking about the issue of radiation which 5G.

It’s going to cause the human body affection, it may take place with time, but on the long run, it will show up like a cigarette everybody knows.

The effects it has on your human’s body when smoking a cigarette, Kwon, it affects the body. If you don’t stop smoking it, when it comes to cigarette everybody has a choice but when it comes to 5G in particular.

Nobody has any choice because you having a 5G smartphone or not, you are still going to get exposed to the radiation of the 5G network.

Since there are going to be cell towels close the to our houses which have all these 5G networks to effectively supply communications to everything device.

But sometimes we got to ask ourselves, if we want to have something that is going to be an affect to us or the world, then what good is that technology to us?

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Is it worth using?

The effect of radiation which you are not aware of can takes years for it to develops since you maybe probably as a result of the radiation have cancer or other radiation diseases. This should be looked into properly.

Please, let us know what you think about the revolution of 5g network in the comments below.


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