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What Job Makes The Most Money | Earning Careers | Work Exclusive

Study best earning career and what job makes the most money. We all heard this phrase when we were kids. But, in reality, many people accumulate degrees without achieving a high salary.


What are the career choices that pay off?

To find out, discover without delay the 30 highest earning jobs in the world!

1.  Chairman of the Board of Directors: € 20,000 / month

It is the profession of the president of the board of directors of a company which comes at the top of this top 30 of the highest-paid professions in the world, with an average salary of 20,000 € monthly.

An amount which is explained by the heavy responsibilities and the availability of all the moments it requires. He chairs the board of directors, whose work he directs, and oversees the proper functioning of each organ of the company which elected him.


2. Liberal anesthesiologist: € 13,900 / month

The second-highest-paid profession in the world is that of a liberal anaesthetist. This healthcare professional has the heavy responsibility of establishing the anaesthesia protocol for each patient, according to their physical characteristics and their state of health.

He directly engages his responsibility. When he practices as a liberal, he has his own office and often works with clinics or hospitals.

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3. Head of management: € 11,000 / month

With an average of € 11,000 per month, the job of head of management comes third in our ranking. This senior manager has legal and financial responsibility for the establishment of the company he manages. He administers the life of this entity, in collaboration with the board of directors when it exists.

4. Specialized surgeon: € 10,000 / month

Unsurprisingly, the profession of a specialized surgeon is also one of the highest-paid professions in the world, since it provides a remuneration of 10,000 € monthly on average.

Specialist in the functioning of the human body, this health professional is responsible for intervening inside the organism. A job that requires long studies and makes those who exercise it a heavy responsibility.

5. Imaging specialist doctor: € 10,000 / month

Another profession in the medical field that pays off: that of imaging doctor. These are imaging specialists who are responsible for carrying out various examinations such as x-rays, scanners, ultrasounds or MRIs. They interpret the results before linking with the other professionals in the care chain.

6. Broker: € 9,500 / month

As the sixth-highest paid job in the world, a broker is one of the profitable career choices. The broker is a kind of business provider or intermediary whose role is to link a financial institution and potential investors. He is responsible for placing orders for them and can also manage their portfolio.

7. Ophthalmologist: € 9,100 / month

Despite a vocations crisis in France, the profession of an ophthalmologist is one of the highest money earner professions in the world with an average remuneration estimated at more than € 9,000 per month. This specialist of the ocular system treats all pathologies linked to the vision and can be brought to carry out surgeries.

8. Liberal cardiologist: € 8,500 / month

Medical specialities occupy a prominent place in our ranking. Proof of this is the profession of liberal cardiologist who wins eighth place. Increasingly in demand, these heart specialists treat cardiovascular diseases which require precise and rigorous monitoring.

9. Data scientist: € 8,140 / month

Data and its management have become a major issue for companies. It is for this reason that data scientists are among the highest money earner professions in the world. These scientists of a new kind are capable of analyzing and interpreting masses of data. The goal is to help the companies that exploit this white gold to sell evermore.

10. Marketing Director: € 7,800 / month

Another key position for the company: the marketing director. It is he who is responsible for defining and applying the commercial strategy of the company for which he works. He must be able to develop profitable strategies and to unite a united and efficient team around his projects.

11. Liberal dentist: € 7,700 / month

Back in the medical field for the eleventh place in our ranking with the profession of a liberal dentist. If he already earns a good living with consultations and routine care, such as scaling or caries treatment, it is undoubtedly the crowns and dentures that bring them the most.

12. Legal Director: € 7,600 / month

The legal director is one of the essential positions of any large company. Its role is to inform management and provide them with the necessary advice so that the company’s action is always legal. He also coordinates the activities of the various legal professionals who work for or with his company.

13. CFO: 7,500 € / month

Guarantor of the purse strings and good budget control, the CFO also figures prominently in the list of the highest money earning jobs in the world. It is on his shoulders that rests both the profitability of the company, but also its good internal financial management.

14. Director of Human Resources: € 7,400 / month

The director of human resources, HRD for friends, is responsible for recruiting and managing staff. It has the double responsibility of ensuring that the choice of new arrivals is judicious and of retaining the employees already present. Responsibilities that amply justify his € 7,400 monthly income, on average.

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15. Line pilot: € 7,300 / month

A prestigious job if ever there was one, the airline pilot still makes many children dream. It is a complex trade to learn, because it is very technical, which requires excellent physical condition, a great sense of responsibility and the acceptance of a share of risk. Note that the salary varies significantly depending on the airline.

16. Sales managers: € 7,250 / month

The sales manager plays a particularly important role in the business. He is responsible for one or more sectors for which he must ensure the proper development and ensure profitability. He is in close contact with the Marketing Director and manages a dedicated team.

17. Director of operations: € 7,100 / month

The job of an operations manager is complex because it brings together many tasks. This senior manager’s mission is to act as an interphase between the different divisions of the company, to validate their work and to coordinate their action to achieve the objectives set.

18. Computer engineer: € 7,000 / month

New technologies offer great career opportunities. As proof, the computer engineer ranks among the highest paid jobs in the world. This profession encompasses several specialities. A computer engineer is responsible for managing a company’s fleet of machines and ensuring the maintenance of its network.

19. Astrophysicist: € 6,900 / month

High-flying scientist, astrophysicist flirts with the stars. Its role is to observe the stars and the evolution of the Universe to successfully unravel some of its secrets. It contributes, in particular, to the development of the space conquest.

20. General practitioner: € 6,830 / month

In the twentieth position of our top 30 of the highest-paid professions in the world, we find a well known professional: the general practitioner. He is the first point of contact for any patient, who relieves every day ills and coordinates the treatment process when a case requires the intervention of a specialist colleague.

21. Welders diver: € 6,800 / month

Sometimes nicknamed “frogmen”, these extreme divers operate in an aquatic environment at depths where the pressure has nothing in common with that which is exerted on dry land. Mainly employed in the naval industry, this very specialized trade involves a significant share of risk.

22. Purchasing Director: € 6,400 / month

The purchasing manager is responsible for ensuring the supply of the company at the best price and anticipating its needs. A key position in the logistics chain, it is the interface between the company’s management and its various suppliers. He must make sure to get the best service at the best price.

23. Finance consultant: € 6,250 / month

The finance consultant is a versatile professional who usually works in an independent firm. Specialist in investments and financial optimization, he advises his clients to enable them to make the best investments on online job opportunity according to their strategy.

24. Aeronautical engineer: € 6,150 / month

Aeronautics is a cutting-edge sector that requires rare skills. Reasons why an aeronautical engineer is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. Its task is to design equipment for planes, have them manufactured and test them to ensure total reliability.

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25. Avocado: € 6,100 / month

An intermediary that has become essential in a world of rampant legal proceedings, the role of the lawyer is to advise and assist his client. If he is injured, he helps him find the best possible solution and obtain justice. If he is accused, he helps him to have his innocence recognized or to reduce his conviction. A lawyer can be a general practitioner or specialize in a specific field.

26. Mathematician: € 6,000 / month

We approach the last 5 places in this ranking of the 30 highest paid professions in the world with a little known profession: that of a mathematician. This scientist makes mathematics his main activity, either as a researcher or as a teacher. Mathematicians are essential in many fields, such as industry, medical research, meteorology, biology or new technologies.

27. Actuary: € 5,580 / month

Another little-known, but well-paid profession: that of the actuary. Behind this funny name, there is simply an insurance technician. His role is to assess the risks of claims covered by his company and to carry out the studies necessary to fix the rates and the specific conditions of the various contracts offered to customers.

28. Independent pharmacist: € 5,000 / month

The professional who has his pharmacy is called an independent pharmacist. In addition to the current exercise of his profession, this true entrepreneur manages his team of pharmacists and preparers and manages all the aspects necessary for the functioning of his company. Purchasing, accounting or marketing, this job requires versatility and skills in a wide variety of fields. Difficulties offset by attractive remuneration, to say the least.

29. Software developer: € 4,380 / month

In the penultimate position, with an average of € 4,380 in monthly income, we find the profession of a software developer. This specialist masters one or more programming languages ​​which he will use to write the code for the software that is ordered from him, according to the specifications of his customers. The salary reported here is that of a salaried developer, it can be more important for a freelance.

30. Mobile application developer: € 4,300 / month

Every profession of a mobile application developer, they take the very last place in this ranking of the highest-paid professions in the world, with an average salary of € 4,300 per month. The daily life of this profession is much the same as that of software developer, with the difference that it is a question here of designing mobile applications. With the boom in the use of smartphones, this profession has a bright future ahead of it!

This ranking of the 30 highest paid professions in the world shows that the professions where we earn the most money are:

Those who respond to an important need,
For those who require a significant personal investment,
Those who ask to take great responsibilities,
Even who call on rare skills.

If you want to earn more money, you can take inspiration from these criteria. Furthermore, if you do not work in one of these professions, finding an activity that meets a need, investing in what you do, entering a position of responsibility or becoming an undisputed specialist in your field will help you earn better your life. Follow these tips in everything you do and you will never miss a thing!

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The 25 highest paid jobs in the world
Highest Paid Jobs in the World If some professions make you dream by their glamour, others attract great hopes of fortune.

So let’s find out which are the 25 highest paid jobs in the world.


Medicine has always been a branch from which good wages emerge.

However, relatively large disparities remain between the different types of doctors. The general practitioner or family doctor is the least well supplied financially while specialists often get better profits.

The prize nonetheless goes to specialist surgeons who have one of the highest paid jobs in the world, whether in France, Quebec or even the United States.

All disciplines combined, doctors earn an average of € 196,576 per year.

Pharmacy manager

The pharmacy manager has a multitude of functions, which no doubt explains his more than comfortable income.

In addition to the pharmaceutical aspect itself, he is also a client advisor. Among his assignments are also stock management, personnel management and of course accounting and administrative papers.

For all these functions, a pharmacy manager receives an average of € 121,385 per year.

Software architect

The software architect is a professional responsible for creating architectural models in one or more computer components. His job is therefore to verify the solidity and the intelligent design of the software structure.

He also participates in the supervision and development of technical supports.

For all these functions, the software architect receives an average of € 121,213 per year.

Software development manager

The software development manager is also called a software development project manager. It is he who is responsible for carrying out computer software creation projects.

Apart from the technical aspect, this multitasking professional must also manage the customer aspect, but also demonstrate a great capacity for management and listening. He follows the project from its negotiation with the client until complete completion.

For this long-term work, the software development manager receives an annual salary of around € 114,629.

Finance director

The director of finance has an essential place with the CEO. It is indeed the guarantor of sound and efficient financial management for the company.

In general, the job of director of finance revolves around treasury management, financial analyzes and the economic strategies to be implemented.

Concretely, the financial director is responsible for the company’s economic balance.

CFOs have a heavy task. This is notably rewarded with an average salary of € 141,448 per year. It is therefore one of the highest paid jobs in the world.

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Solutions Architect

The mission of the solutions architect is to advise companies on their information system transformation projects.

Concretely, the solutions architect determines the technical feasibility of a project and its risks. He supports the commercial teams in the drafting of the project, analysis of the global solution, designs the way for director and pilot the development team.

At the crossroads of many professions, the solutions architect can envisage an average salary of € 112,583 per year.


The profession of lawyer experiences significant disparities in terms of salaries. Indeed, the profession includes many specializations which are not all remunerative.

Among the best known legal specialties are family lawyers, business lawyers and of course lawyers specializing in criminal law. They are the ones who generally receive the highest wages.

In general, lawyers, all specialties combined, can expect an income of € 111,565 per year.

Analysis manager

The analysis manager has the heavy task of planning and coordinating the different phases of a process by distributing the tasks within one or more teams. Its mission is to enforce deadlines, quality and costs.

His position is essential within a company, because the products must be in balance with the needs of consumers. The analysis manager is therefore responsible for minimizing the risk of product failure.

For his work, the analysis manager can expect to receive an average of € 107,201 per year.

IT manager

The IT manager must have the skills of both a technician and a manager.

In fact, the IT manager develops the management and coordination of a company’s IT department (s). It defines budgets and manages human and material resources. For this, he must also be an excellent technician since he must master the IT environment of the company while being able to make it evolve at the rate of new technologies.

The IT manager can expect to receive an average salary of € 107,124 per year.

Tax administrator

The function of tax administrator is very often confused with that of tax auditors. However, if the 2 functions are interdependent, they are indeed different things.

The tax administrator is the person who plans and administers the accounts in order to reduce the tax burden on businesses or individuals. It therefore allows the company to comply with tax obligations precisely so as not to have problems with the tax inspector.

For this work, the tax administrator can expect to receive an average salary of € 106,510 per year.


The pharmacist dispenses the products prescribed by the doctors. He takes care to detect any incompatibilities. Its role, however, is broader with a mission of advice and medical prevention. It is also empowered to make specific preparations.

For their work, the pharmacist receives an average salary of € 106,295 per year.

Product manager

The product manager is part of a team under the responsibility of a marketing director: he is responsible for the development of a product or range of products. He therefore follows the project from its conception to its commercialization. He must also adapt the product or the range of products to market developments.

For his central role, the product manager receives an average salary of € 105,612 per year.

Physician assistant

The physician assistant is a medical professional who practices his profession in collaboration or under the indirect supervision of a seasoned doctor. He can therefore practice conventional medical procedures.

The profession of physician assistant is relatively little known, but essential, especially in hospital structures. However, he can also practice with a liberal doctor.

In general, the doctor’s assistant receives a salary of € 102,751 on average per year.


Supply chain manager

The supply chain manager is responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating the flow of goods stocks within the company. To do this, it relies on sales forecasts.

The supply chain manager receives an average salary of € 98,824 per year.

Data scientists

The profession of data scientist is relatively new. It is a hybrid function between programmers and data analysts. It is therefore a digital profession which has for heart the extraction of knowledge from internal and external data.

The data scientist earns an average salary of € 97,675 per year, making it one of the highest paid jobs.

IT security engineer

The IT security engineer is responsible for ensuring the availability of the IT system and data protection.

Concretely, it provides protection against viruses, intrusions and handling errors. It is also he who is called in emergency response in the event of a computer failure.

The IT security engineer receives an average of € 95,189 per year.

Quality control manager

The quality control manager is responsible for defining and implementing quality control techniques to verify the conformity of products and services.

For his central role, the quality control manager can hope to earn around € 93,886 per year on average.

Hardware engineer

The hardware engineer is the guarantor of the good functioning of the hardware of a company. He manages internal networks and participates in troubleshooting and repairing IT tools.

The hardware engineer receives an average salary of € 97,720 per year.

Marketing director

The marketing director defines the company’s commercial policy. He works in close collaboration with the financial and technical directors.

For this work, the marketing director receives an average salary of € 92,850 per year.

Database administrator

The database administrator is responsible for the proper functioning of the database servers. It is as much at the relational level as at the decision-making level.

The database administrator can expect to receive an average salary of € 90,094 per year.

Software designer

As the trade name perfectly says, the software designer designs software. He can either work alone and be the sole guarantor of development or share responsibility with a team.

The software designer receives an average salary of € 89,748 per year.

Human resources manager

The human resources manager is the reference person for personnel management. He is responsible for hiring new employees as well as for good working relationships within the company.

The human resources manager receives an average salary of € 89,357 per year.

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Software engineer

Software engineering is in charge of software programming and integration. It is also the guarantor of its maintenance in operational condition.

The software engineer earns an average of € 80,345 per year.

Business development manager

The business development manager is responsible for the good growth of a business. He works in close collaboration with the various general managers.

The business development manager can expect to earn an average salary of € 88,174 per year.

Sales Engineer

The commercial engineer has both a technical cap and a commercial cap. He is the link between technical managers, financial managers and customers.

The commercial engineer, sometimes also called a management engineer, can expect an average salary of € 84,261 per year.




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