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 Your Guide to Trekking the Frozen River in Zanskar

Zanskar has stayed one of India’s most puzzling locales for quite a while. During top winters the Zanskar locale in Ladakh freezes strong causing it to appear to be a Chadar (a rug of ice).

The flawlessly frozen sheet of ice has welcomed explorers and adventurers from all over the world over the past numerous years making Chadar Frozen River Trek one of India’s generally renowned and overwhelming and enchanting journeys (If you’re taking a gander at traveling to Chadar, remember to look at our agenda).

The temperatures in the locale during the trip can plunge to freezing degrees and you should take additional consideration of guaranteeing that you’re in great shape and solid and steady to take the negative temperatures. 

All You Need to Know About Chadar Trek 

Outdoors during chadar journey 

To assist you with equiping yourself for the trip in the most ideal way, here’s your A – Z direct on the Chadar journey. From the correct activities to guarantee actual wellness to pressing right and more reasonable tips on preparing for your journey, this guide has everything. 

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The Best Season to Trek to Chadar 

The Zanskar stream totally freezes toward the beginning of January and stays frozen for a decent two months from that point. The best and ideal opportunity to do the Chadar trek is from mid of January to early February. Guarantee that you continue to get normal reports on the climate conditions in the locale. 


Who Can Trek to Chadar? 

Chadar is called India’s most troublesome trip on purpose. From journeying in temperatures that go beneath – 30°C to outdoors in the path without essential solaces, covering more than 10 Km consistently in testing conditions, and taking a chance with the perils of strolling over ice, Chadar requires a decent degree of actual wellness as well as an incredible degree of mental readiness. 

Adventurers with a decent degree of wellness and who’ve done Himalayan trips before can take up the Chadar journey. 


Wellness Level Required for the Chadar Trek

Qualification for Chadar journey 

Chadar is known to test your psychological strength, the journey certainly puts mind over issue. Envision this – The journey doesn’t include any sort of climbs and plunges like other Himalayan trips.

You will stroll on a frozen waterway for around 5-6 hours consistently for 5 days. You will be needed to convey a rucksack of around 10 kgs. A moderate degree of wellness is very acceptable to finish the Chadar Trek effortlessly. 

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Getting Fit for the Frozen River Trek 

The main thing you should do is assess your present wellness level. When you do this you will have a smart thought of the measure of exertion you need to place in to get fit for the trip. 

To plan for the Chadar journey, you should guarantee that you work out your body as well as your brain also. Here’s a fast 8-week system of curated practices that we’ve worked to help you arrive at the best wellness level for Chadar journey: 


1.  Step Climbing 

  • Days: Mon, Thurs 
  • Schedule: 5 min – (2.5 min continuously*2 sets) with a 1 min break between each set 
  • How might this assistance – Pushing your body against gravity is an incredible cardiovascular movement. Step climbing reinforces the muscles around your knees and helps fabricate perseverance. 

2.  Push-Ups 

  • Days: Mon, Thurs 
  • Schedule: 5*2 Set (10) – (1 min rest between each set) 
  • How might this assistance – Push-ups help you assemble a more grounded chest area while reinforcing your center. This activity helps when you need to rise while conveying a knapsack. 


3.  Squats 

  • Days: Mon, Thurs 
  • Schedule: 5*2 Set (10) – (1 min rest between each set) 
  • How might this assistance – Squats are the best type of utilitarian wellness. They advance equilibrium and security and fortify legs, thighs, hips, rump, and hamstrings. 


4.  Crunches 

  • Days: Tues, Fri 
  • Schedule: 5*2 Set (10) – (1 min rest between each set) 
  • How might this assistance – Crunches work on your abs to develop your center fortitude. This activity will help you keep your equilibrium on lopsided surfaces. 
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5.  Stretch Running 

  • Days: Tues, Fri 
  • Schedule: 15 min – (substitute 60 secs of consistent running 90 secs lively walk) 
  • How might this assistance – Running is an incredible cardiovascular exercise, it is additionally a high-impact movement that utilizes more oxygen. This exercise helps makes your lungs more grounded. 


6.  Burpees 

  • Days: Tues, Fri 
  • Schedule: 5*2 Set (10)- (1 min rest between each set) 
  • How might this assistance – Burpees is an incredible full-body strength preparing exercise and a definitive illustration of useful wellness which helps abs, hamstrings, chest, glutes, and arms. 

7.  Rest 

  • Days: Wed, Sat, Sun 
  • How might this assistance – Rest is a fundamental piece of your wellness routine which should not be missed. Exaggerating can make a superfluous physical issue your body.


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