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BMW X6 – Blackest Car In The World

BMW X6 2020 WORLD BLACKEST CAR IN THE WORLD%name BMW X6   Blackest Car In The World

BMW will show a bmw x6 2020 at the Frankfurt auto show in September that has been painted in the blackest paint we’ve ever seen.

The bmw x6 vantablack car recently unveiled the ‘blackest’ SUV in the world which has been painted in “Vantablack paint” which is non-reflective colour and can make an object appear two-dimensional.

(Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) is taking place, and one of the most highly anticipated reveals of the convention is going to be BWM’s Vantablack X6, the darkest car in the world.

Each strand is 5,000 times thinner than a human hair, at length of 14-50 micrometres and diameter of 20 nanometres.

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Each square centimetre of the one-off  X6 contains around 1 billion nanotubes, which absorbs light rather than reflecting it and effectively converts it to heat.

BMW has in fact had the pigment adapted from its purest form to be able to reflect one per cent of light, just so that the car would have some dimension—though we’re not sure if one per cent makes much of a difference.

If you thought the 2020 BMW X6’s design was bold, you clearly haven’t seen it painted in the blackest black exterior color: Vantablack. BMW is gearing up to show the Vantablack X6 at the Frankfurt auto show next month, and we’re curious to see what it looks like in person.

YouTube user Phoebe Heess beat us to the punch and posted the video below, but we wish it were longer.



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