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Fix To VirtualBox Update Error When Installing Windows 11

After the official release of Windows 11 on the 05/10.2021. Some people may have this issue when installing the ISO on their working PC/laptop. This error message “What need your attention” which you can for the information, why you installation can continue.

Many people who installed VirtualBox on their pc/laptop are likely going to come across it. This problem is as a result of VirtualBox update.

Even when updated, you still keep get the same message.  In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to resolve this. it is not more than 3 to 5 minutes in order to fix this.

I will be also dropping a link to a demo YouTube video I made. Which you can click here to watch the video

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Step on how to resolve the issue


Step 1.

Start the installation process, till you get the “What need your attention”. Please  do not close the set-up.



Step 2.

  • Go to “File explorer”,
  • Click “My PC”,
  • Select the “disk” where windows is installed,
  • Find “Program file” and open,
  • Locate “oracle” and open,
  • And you will find the “VirtualBox folder”.


Step 3.

  • Select the VirtualBox folder and right click for more options.
  • Click on “Cut” to  move the folder to another directory. Note: if administrator permission is required, just click on continue to proceed.
  • Paste it in another directory/location, E.g.  like download or desktop.


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Step 4.

On the the setup screen with the error message. click on refresh 2 to 3 times.  it will display as show in the picture.


Now click on the ok and you will get the option to install.


Final Step.

Before installation, go and “Cut” the VirtualBox  from the directory you pasted it, and return/move it back to its original location which is “oracle”.   Now are good to go to continue the installation of windows 11.



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