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How To Earn Up to A 1000 Microsoft Reward Points Daily

Today I want to be giving a tip or trick on how you can earn up to 1,000 Microsoft reward point daily. I believe you all know what is Microsoft reward program. For those who don’t know what is Microsoft reward points or Microsoft points.


ms reward 169x300 How To Earn Up to A 1000 Microsoft Reward Points DailyWhat is the Microsoft reward program?

Microsoft reward program is a program where you earn rewards points for searching the web with Bing, by completing some daily tasks Microsoft offer to earn more points. Reward points can also be earned by making purchases in the windows store.

Microsoft Edge browser is one of the ways to earn more points both on your pc and mobile phone. This Microsoft points can also be earned through windows search on your pc.

Microsoft has also integrated reward points to Windows 10. This means I can earn points just by using the Windows search bar to search for Web.

Reward Points can also be earned on Xbox

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How to redeem Microsoft reward points.

This Points can be redeemed for Microsoft Sweepstake entries for a chance to win surface laptops and so on. You can all so redeem for gift cards, skype credit, Xbox live and more.

Where can you find points earned in your Microsoft account?

These points will be added to your Microsoft account. Reward points can be found when you login into your Microsoft account. also, by clicking the reward option. also visible in your browser when you are using Microsoft edge and signed into your account. Click the Microsoft reward point to Get more information.

Microsoft Rewards points earned can be seen in the top, in the settings area and search bar area in Windows 10

You can also install the Microsoft reward extension for the windows store in other to access see your points set a goal and also daily tasks. I find it useful.

How to earn more reward points or up to a 1000 point daily

To earn more points. you will need a VPN, to switch location. This does not have any effect on your account. It just to trick the system to earn a point from another location and have them added to your Microsoft account.

Earn more point depend on the time you are will to make switching from one location to another upon task completion. Some country (Example USA) allows you to earn more point, this is simply because there is a simpler task and also come with high reward point up to 50 or more.

And most of the task is similar to other, only regional difference.

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How to fix language problem due to country

If you have problems understand the page display language due to country. It is best recommended that you install the Microsoft translation extension for the Edge browser from the windows store. To automatically translate any display language to your preferred language.

When you are using an edge browser on an android phone. It does not require any extension. It will automatically pop up a notification if you wish to translate the page to your preferred language.

Note. You earn this point when using Microsoft Edge browser, PC or mobile because it is connected to an account.


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