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Freebeat | How To Get Free Musical Styles For Beats

Are you a new beginner who is personate of going into music or a beginner who wants to be able to create his or her own sound/beats. This Music maker jam and Music maker tutorial is going to give you a head start and also apps to start up with.

I will be talking about two apps which you can install for the windows store to create freestyle and freebeat. This apps are “Music maker” and “Music maker jam”. This are great app for a beginner to start up with.

Individual this two music apps are different from each other. Music makeris more of an advance app that Music make jam. This is because It has many resources to work with when creating sound and beats. And Music maker Jam is more like easy going. 

I know you may be wondering why talking about both apps, instead of talking about the more advanced one. 

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This is because there are some resources that music maker jam came provide us which are really useful in Music maker. This resource are the free musical styles.

Well, before I continue. I want you to know that it is not by the instruments you have. But what you are about to do with them.

You should also know that both apps comes with a store, where you are able to purchase instruments and come with  free few ones by browsing through their stores.


How To Get Free Instruments To Work With In Soundpool

  1.  Install both apps from the windows store.
  2. Open Music maker and browse through, Select the one that are free or you don’t have to pay for which show $0.0. and install them. You should have few musical styles to work with.
  3. Now open the music maker jam, click on all new musical styles. Normally There are three free musical sort, which enables you to pick three of your choice from all the musical styles and download/install them.  But the good thing is that dur times like Valentines day, Halloween and Christmas, You can get some instruments or musical style for free.
  4. After getting/installing the free musical styles available in both apps.
  5. Now when you open music maker. You will see musical styles from music maker jam listed in the soundpool in music maker. This is because Music maker has the ability to discover other musical styles available on your pc.
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musical Freebeat | How To Get Free Musical Styles For Beats

Now you have more musical styles to work with. Also edit, cut and so on in music maker.

Note that. You may fine a little different between the musical styles of Music maker and music maker jam. This is because for each instrument in musical style of music maker gives you the ability to select the type of pitch you intend to us. And some of music maker jam musical styles leak this, as they are like predefined.



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