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5 Delicious Options for the Best Street Food in Udaipur

Best Street Food in Udaipur

With so much to offer your tummy, when you book a trip to Udaipur sightseeing tour package is a must for any foodie in the country who won’t spend more than fifty dollars for a plate full of bliss! Foodies, get ready for the best culinary trip to Udaipur filled with spices and sweetness. Head to these local places for the best street food in Udaipur.

  1. Dabeli
  2. Paani Puri
  3. Pav Bhaji
  4. Sandwiches And Maggi
  5. Kulhad Coffee & Hari Mirch Chai Shot

Food in Udaipur


Besides the Rajasthani restaurants in Udaipur, one will also find a variety of Mumbai street food in the same alleys, containing delicious specialties. From delicious Dabeli to Vada Pav, you can have almost every type of Mumbai dish in Shanker Ji Stand in Panchwati, one of the best spots to eat delicious street food in the city. They serve these fresh steaming Pavs with fried vegetables, spices, “sev” and lots of love, all for INR 20 / -. Also, try their Aloo Vada

  • Address: Shankar’s, Hitawala Complex 2nd, 1/A, Saheli Marg, opposite Soni Hospital, Panchwati
  • Price per Plate: INR 20 per piece
  • Opening Hours: 3 PM – 10 PM
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Paani Puri

No list of the best delicious street food in the city is complete without eating Paani Puri. Almost every Indian loves panipuri as street food. Filled with mashed potatoes, ‘Chholey Masala’, chili flakes, sour juices and served in crispy puff pug-try balls, each Pili Puri (or Gappa’s goal) served in Saanwariya is ecstasy! In fact, this place is known to serve the most famous street food in Udaipur which pleases visitors’ taste, makes them want more!

  • Address: Shop name- Saanwariya, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Near TRI office
  • Price per Plate:
  • Opening Hours:

Tip: Also try their crispy and cylindrical hot Aloo Tikki

Pav Bhaji

Among Udaipur’s best dishes, Pav Bhaji is yet another Mumbai street delight that has found its way into the back alleys of Rajasthan. Pandit Pav Bhaji is perhaps the best kiosk to enjoy a plate full of spicy bhaji with buttered pavers for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They serve the spookiest Pav Bhaji in town for nominal rates. Besides Pav Bhaji, this place also has other famous food in Udaipur like Desi Sandwich and Chowmein, but the huge crowd in front of the stand is usually reserved for Pav Bhaji.

  • Address: Pandit Pav Bhaji, near the main gate of Town Hall
  • Price per Plate: INR 150 for two
  • Opening Hours: 2-11 PM

Sandwiches and Maggi

While as simple as they may seem, Bajrang Bali Sandwich’s Sandwiches and Spicy Maggi in Udaipur will forever change your street food concepts. As well as being a famous place to hang out with your friends, this area is also known for serving some of the best street food in Udaipur that won’t disappoint! When you are looking for some great food from Udaipur to quench your hunger, you can always try these delicious Matar-Masala cheese sandwiches (60 INR / -) and Steamed Maggi topped with vegetables, spices, and lots of cheese (70 INR / -)!

  • Address: Bajrang Bali Sandwich, Main Road Panchwati, near RK Mall road
  • Price per Plate: NA
  • Opening Hours: 7-10 PM
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Unique Kulhad Coffee and the special Hari Mirch Chai Shot

Tired of Udaipur’s food? Want to try their delicious drinks afterward? Try the Kulhad sparkling coffee served at Vinod Fast Food or Krishna Ice Cream Parlor which is sure to wow your senses! Whipped with chocolate sauce and chocolate powder, and brimming with kulhad mud, this cafe is one of Udaipur’s most famous street foods, especially among young people.

If you’re more of a ‘chai person’ then you should have something at Chaifeteria, a modern tea stand in the city that serves 16 wonderful varieties of Chai with sandwiches, rolls, noodles and enjoy all these with free Wi-Fi! People gather to this spot in huge numbers to try their Hari Mirch Chai blast, Butter Cheese delicious Maggi, and Chocolate Nutella Bun Maska which is one of the best street food in Lake City.

  • Address: Kulhad Coffee – Vinod Fast Food, Fatehsagar Lake | Hari Mirch Chai Shot – Chaifeteria, Hitawala Complex – IInd, 1/A, Saheli Marg, Opposite Soni Hospital, Panchwati

We are sure we have given you foodies a very good reason to come to Udaipur. You will be delighted to discover the variety of flavors served in the nooks and crannies of Udaipur. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Udaipur right away and savor the best street food in Udaipur during your visit. Do you know of any other more famous Udaipur street food? Pop it in the comments below.


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