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Toolkit: Even Beginners Edit Videos Like a Pro

Did you know that there is a service that allows you to edit videos online? In recent years, the demand for video has increased. There are many occasions where videos are needed for business purposes, such as advertising, family memories, and weddings.

Along with that, YouTuber and video creators are also increasing. However, even if you want to start editing videos, do you have the following problems?


Have no idea what tools to use?

First of all, people tend to get used to video editing with a simple service. Therefore, this article will introduce some services or tools that allow you to edit videos online. With these short reviews, you can learn each tool’s pros and cons.

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5 services that allow you to edit videos online

First of all, you will learn 5 services that can edit videos online. No download is required for any service, and even beginners can easily use it.

There are many free services, and you can proceed with editing work according to the template, so even beginners can easily get started.


FlexClip Video Maker: can be edited according to the template

FlexClip is attractive to be able to edit videos according to the template. Templates are prepared for each category, such as business, private, and SNS.

There are plenty of animations and photo materials, and you can easily create stylish videos just by applying them to the template.

The restrictions on the free version are that the video length is up to 1 minute, the download resolution is 480p.

The paid version has more scale and storage capacity and no intro.

The work procedure is easy to understand, so it is recommended for those who want to learn the editing work procedure.

Online Video Cutter: an easy and completed editing tool

You can only do simple editing such as cutting and trimming, but it is convenient to experience video editing first.

You can save videos to both local drives and upload up to 500MB for the free version. If you want to enjoy more fantasy features, then the premium subscription is $33 per month.

Anyway, it is easy to use, so it is recommended for those who lightly touch the video editing.


kizoa: A service for individual videos with abundant templates

An attractive online video editing service with abundant templates. You can easily create stylish videos just by inserting photos and video materials. Many of the templates are for private use, which is useful for making weddings and family memories.

There are three restrictions in the free version:

Video length up to 1 minute

Storage capacity 1GB

Kizoa watermark

The paid version has more scale and storage capacity, and you can get a commercial license. Since it is a purchase-out type, you can receive the service for an unlimited period once you purchase it.

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WeVideo: a user-friendly video editing service

WeVideo is an online video editing service provided by Google. It can be used for free, and you can use the Google Chrome extensions.

The feature of WeVideo is that it can be saved in Google Drive so that multiple people can work together. It will come in handy when you work on video editing as a team. The free version allows you to perform basic operations such as cutting, inserting BGM.

However, restrictions such as the maximum length of the video are 5 minutes, and the watermark of WeVideo is included. If you are interested, use the paid version with more features.

The operation method is easy to understand, and even beginners can fully use it. You can create a wide range of videos such as YouTube, SNS, and signage.


Clipchamp Create: For beginners to advanced users

It is a service with more than 7 million users in 100 countries around the world. It is a free-to-play service, but it has full-fledged functions.

In addition to abundant templates, it also has functions other than video editing, such as a webcam recorder and a compressor. It can be used not only for individual use but also for corporate advertisements and presentations.

It meets all your video needs, so it’s recommended for anyone who wants to make videos at work or in private.


Benefits of editing videos online

There are various types of online video editing services, but let’s sort out the advantages here. The advantages of editing videos online are the following three points.


A PC with low specifications is okay.

The first advantage is that there is no problem even if the personal computer specifications are low.

A high-spec computer is required to master the video editing software. However, for beginners, using expensive editing software on a high-spec PC feels like a high hurdle. If you are online, you can easily edit videos without worrying about the specifications of your computer.

It’s a good idea to work online until you get used to video editing and then switch to a high-spec computer as your skills improve.


Does not overwhelm the capacity of the personal computer

The second advantage is that online does not overwhelm the capacity of your computer. Video editing software and the produced videos have a large capacity, which greatly reduces the capacity of the personal computer. Saving too many videos will slow down your computer’s performance.

Also, you could no worry about the capacity with an online service because the created video is saved online.

Also, even if you save it locally, the capacity of the video will be smaller than that of full-scale editing software.


Simple and easy to use for people with video editing experience

The third advantage is that the operation is simple and easy to use, even for beginners. Video editing software has a complicated screen display, and you often don’t know what to do until you get used to it.

However, the point of online services is that it is easy to understand which operation to perform intuitively, and even beginners can easily work. Also, it is a nice specification for beginners that templates are prepared. You can apply videos and images, so it would help get you started with video editing.

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Disadvantages of editing videos online

On the other hand, online video editors have two disadvantages.


Internet environment is essential.

Since editing work is done online, an internet environment is, of course, essential. You can’t even work in a place without an internet environment.

In addition, the work may not proceed as if it were a place with weak radio waves, which may be annoying.

When using an online video editing service, try to work in a place with a good internet environment.


The functions that can be used with the free version are limited.

As mentioned in the service introduction, the functions that can be used with the free version are limited.



So, if you want to make a promotion videos for your projects, then you can try these very easy-to-use editors to do finish your projects.



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