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Android 11 – What’s New And Improved

It’s been out for several months now, Android 11 is out. It has some fantastic new features with it. This latest Google Mobile OS update will soon be getting next to you if it doesn’t. Pixel phones will be the first to get an upgrade to Android 11 – and the latest OS will be shipped on Pixel 5 as soon as the mobile phone arrives this month. But other smartphones are up to speed up the upgrade process, to make Android 11 faster rather than later. The top Android app development company will play a pivotal role in pushing the update to exist Android devices.


Release Date: Android 11

Android 11 comes on June 10 after a beta three months, with Android 11’s highest beta release on June 10. As you might guess, Google phones would immediately be able to reach the update, including the recently launched pixel 4a. 


The Pixels are not the only Android 11 devices to get immediately. The update “runs on select Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme tablets,” according to Google’s blog post, announcing the availability of Android 11. Those devices are saved a long wait for Android 11, in other words.

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As with other top Android phones and even the top Android app development company, that’s essential. Google says it expects more telephone companies to announce the update in the “future months,” but based on our experience with Android updates, this could extend to early 2021. You will need to review the Android 11 upgrade plan for your specific phone with your manufacturer or carrier. 


To find out if your supporting phone will upgrade the app, go to the Settings section and then pick System and Advanced and then System Update. If your phone’s current or ready to get Android 11, you will be able to see.


New Features and Updates in Android 11


Improved conversation notifications

Messages from any text service that Google is building in the messages app on Android or third-party messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger are now displayed at the top of the shade below Fast Settings on their own sites. Google claims you should take such actions from this part, you can open your chat as a blister, set up a conversation shut down, or make a reminder on your phone’s home screen.


Conversation bubbles

Other conversational updates in Android 11 include a bigger focus on chat bubbles — which continue to conversate in a convenient container from everywhere you go on your phone. This is a multitasking tool that Google can use to maintain conversations without switching from the software to a messaging app at the moment.

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Screen recording capabilities

Google wanted to add Android screen capturing until it could only scale the feature down. However, Android 11 delivers this capacity, matching iPhone owners’ features. You will also grab the audio from the microphone and the sound on your computer while you film. An Android app development company can integrate the advanced screen recording capabilities in your existing Android app.


One-time permission capabilities

Android 11 continues to adjust permissions, adding an alternative called “Only this time,” which gives applications momentary access to items like position monitoring, the microphone, and the camera. In this case, the authorization expires when you finish using the program. It’s a granularity standard that is still enjoyed by iOS users, so it’s good to see that Android.


Enhanced power menu

The latest update of Google’s OS is now equipped with a Device Controls menu that appears when you click on the power button on your Android device for a long time. You can view payment card options, smart home system control, and other settings from this menu. (The number of Android phones using Android 11 is not clear, though.) This function is supported in the end.

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Improved media widget

In order to facilitate the rapid transition from headphones on to a speaker, Android 11 redefines media controllers. Android Auto Enhancements: Now that you drive a compliant car with Android 11, Android Autoruns wirelessly (Google’s website contains a list of compatible cars and stereos.) This makes it easier to control telephone functions such as instructions, media, and text playback (presumably using a voice assistant so your eyes can stay on the road.)


App recommendations

This is for Pixel owners only, but Android 11 allows you to access applications that are often used with a home-screen line. The recommended applications would change depending on how you use your devices, deleting more commonly used apps that are unfavourable. You can turn this option on and off with the settings. An Android app development company can integrate the app recommendations functionality on any device.


Quicker system updates

Google added Google Play app upgrade modules to speed up protection and privacy upgrades for Android 11 users. You can now submit these fixes to Google Play, so you won’t need to wait for a complete update. An Android app development company can help you in pushing out quicker app updates to stay in line with the latest Android updates.


New emoji options

In July, we looked at how Android 11 is going to introduce some of the 117 new Unicode Consortium-approved emojis. It looks as if Google is working on reshaping some of its animal emoji, and we expect finished versions in Android 11. An Android app development company can integrate enhanced emoji options in your existing app.

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New screens support

This update is intended more for developers, but for end-users. You may have seen a number of screens on Android devices, from foldable screens to panels with front camera cut-outs. Android 11 adds tools that allow app manufacturers to optimize their display apps.


DND & Notification enhancements

As it comes to refinements you will be able to choose applications and contacts that are allowed to cause alerts if you choose a Do Not Remove feature in Android 11.


5G support

Google now operates 5G broadband networks so Google can ensure its operating system benefits fully from the higher bandwidth and reduced latency promised by 5G. A 5G wireless service can be tested by a Dynamic Metering API in Android 11 and your handset can obtain higher quality images and videos, as well. Another 5G API makes downstream and upstream bandwidth applications faster. Google added the ability for applications in the second developer preview to identify the type of 5G network in which a telephone is connected so that the phone output can be changed accordingly.

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Screenshot enhancements

Another iOS-like move is that snapshots in Android 11 appear instead of a message in the lower right-hand corner of the phone. In addition to choosing text, Android 11’s recent menu also adds buttons to take and share screenshots. An Android app development company has the capability to add screenshot enhancements to any Android app.



It is interesting to note that a recent update in Android 12 is a new Home, a secret option flag that changes the appearance of the Settings page dramatically. Simply put, it renders a page with Settings similar to Samsung with one interface, with big headers and menu items on the page. 


The first Android 12 public beta will be released in May, with a stable version after August. We have plenty to share in Android 12 and in the next few months when the phone gets Android 12. For now, smartphone makers are focused on updating Android 11 from the gates.


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