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DRY SKIN LOOKS DULL AND TIRED, AND MAKEUP TAKES ON A CRACKED APPEARANCE. FIND OUT HOW TO FIGHT DRY SKIN Have you barely applied your treatment when you feel your skin cracking? Is your skin dull and looking tired? Find out how to personalize your daily skincare rituals to fight dry skin and restore a silky, radiant and vibrant complexion.


Be sure to choose the product used to cleanse your face. Some soaps have such a powerful detergent action that they can dry out your skin. For this, prefer creamy products which cleanse impurities without being aggressive and which also leave your skin silky.
The Chronos cleansing cream has the texture of a cream, it cleans the skin while moisturizing for six hours. It contains a surfactant called Cupuaçu betaine, an active ingredient from Brazilian biodiversity that has the same potential as conventional cleansers, but works with the gentleness of natural ingredients.


Toning your skin after cleansing it well should be an essential part or step in your beauty ritual. Especially if you have rather dry skin. Chronos moisturizing tonic lotion incorporates Cell Detox technology which eliminates cellular toxins and prepares your skin for cosmetic care. In addition, it soothes and also stimulates hydration of the epidermis for 12 hours.

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Moisturizers create a barrier on the epidermis that limits the evaporation of water and capture ingredients in the environment that immediately increase hydration. In addition, a good moisturizer should strengthen the skin barrier so that the skin retains its natural hydration. This step is crucial in the daily skincare routine for anyone who feels dry skin.
If you are concerned about the first signs of aging, we recommend that you use anti-aging day and night creams appropriate for your age.


Dry skin does not require the same cell regeneration as combination and oily skin. But, once a week, it is important to carry out a light exfoliation to rid the dry skin of dead cells and to promote the absorption of the active agents of your care. When the weather is very dry, you can space this process out and do a fortnightly exfoliation.
Chronos microdermabrasion exfoliating cream has a double exfoliation action. A physical process, which removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, and a chemical process that stimulates cell activity by entering the pores. This combination guarantees you an intense and effective exfoliation that homogenizes your complexion, reduces fine lines, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents the formation of blackheads. This treatment will leave your skin silky, radiant and uniform from the first application.


Failure to remove makeup before bed can further damage dry skin. In order not to attack or dry out your skin when you remove your makeup, choose a product suited to your needs. The cleansing Biphase Chronos is ideal for cleansing your skin and does not need to be rinsed, it also has a soothing effect. It is quite suitable for heavier make-up, for example water-resistant cosmetics, without harming your skin.

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The area around the eyes is much more sensitive to dryness, because the skin is thinner making it more delicate. However, dry skin is more likely to present fine lines and wrinkles. Let yourself be tempted by the hydrating and anti-aging treatments dedicated to this area of the face, such as the smoothing eye serum which immediately firms the eyelids and, if you continue the treatment, reduces the depth of expression lines.


If your skin type is fairly dry, your lips will tend to dry out quickly, especially when the weather itself is dry and temperatures are low. In this case, treat yourself to a moisturizing lip stick, you can apply it at night before sleeping to optimize the hydrating benefits.


In addition to appropriate skincare rituals, it is also important to develop other habits that help take care of your dry skin and keep your skin well hydrated. Here are the main ones:
Drink Enough Water Each person has different needs, but the average is two liters per day according to skin specialist.
Avoid washing your face with hot water or with an exfoliating mitt.
Do not expose yourself to too much sun and apply sun protection with each exposure.
Keep moisturizing makeup removing wipes in your bag. As soon as you feel that your skin is getting dry, gently cleanse your skin and then reapply your moisturizer, sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer.



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