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How to Get Rid of a Nose Piercing Infection

One of the most traditional facial piercings is nose piercing. They’re mostly simple to keep sterile, but any piercing may become contaminated. Infected nasal piercings, fortunately, are simple to handle. If you suspect an infection, you may try some at-home remedies, but you will need medical attention.

Nose piercing is one of the things that most women try. Women try nose piercing as a trend or fashion. After surgery, you’ll want to take precautions to avoid reinfection and keep your nose clean.

Infected Piercing Appearance

It is relatively easy to identify that when your piercing is infected. An infected piercing may appear in the following ways.

● Red Bumps
● Redness
● Swelling
● Discharge like yellow or green pus
● Pain or tenderness
● Itching and burning

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Causes of Nose Piercing Bumps

Following are the main causes of nose piercing bumps.

Tissue Injury — if the piercing is knocked or pulled too soon.
Infection — if the piercing is performed in unsanitary conditions or is not held.
Keloid — which is a kind of raised scar
Granuloma — which is inflamed tissue that usually occurs as a raised reddish spot on the nose
Allergic reaction — to the jewelry stuck fluid causing a lump or bump.

Reasons for the bumps

Here we mention some reasons for the piercing bump.

● Unhealthy piercing techniques
● Your hands might be not clean while you touch your piercing
● Clean your piercing with wrong and low-quality products
● May be jewelry to cause an allergic reaction

Different Ways to Cure and Get Rid of Nose Piercing Infections

Treat Your Piercing at Home

You can see the doctor if you suspect you have an infection. An infection will quickly become dangerous if left untreated. While there are some remedies, you can also try at home, if you suspect an infection, it’s safest to get medical help.

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If there is swelling, apply a warm compress. By draining the fluid, a warm compress will help to ease swelling. A compress can be made by wetting a clean rag in warm water and then draping it over the affected region. Also check NRR. Apply gentle pressure to the spot when keeping the rag in place.


When the piercing is infected, wash it three to four times a day. After washing your face, clean the piercing area with soap and warm water. After that, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the dry zone.

Remove Dirt

Remove any dried skin or dirt from the surrounding environment. Once you’ve cleaned the spot, check for any dry skin or discharge around the piercing. It’s safer to do this when the skin is already wet, as this reduces the risk of skin damage or tears around the piercing. Using a clean towel, gently brush away any dried bits of dirt.

Keep Piercing in Nose

If the piercing is infected, keep it in your nose. Since nose piercings close so easily, the infection cannot drain. Keeping the piercing would cause inflammation and discharge to drain from the piercing, stopping an abscess from forming.

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When Look-up for Medical Help

If you have odd or irregular signs, see a doctor. It’s safer to see a doctor straight away if you think your nasal piercing is tainted. However, there are moments when seeking emergency help right away is completely necessary to avoid any complications. If you have any of the indications mentioned above, contact your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic right away.

To cure the infection, take an antibiotic. Since bacterial infections are the most common side effect of nose piercings, doctors would almost certainly recommend an antibiotic. Minor infections may be treated with a cream, but a more severe infection may require oral medications.


Piercings are an excellent way to adorn the body with jewelry. They will show a great deal of personality as well as cultural customs. However, like any other treatment, piercings may have a number of negative consequences, including bruising, injuries, and headaches.



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