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How To Start Up A Cooking Gas Business

Gas business can be a lucrative business. It is very easy to start. Whether you want to start big or small, you can make a budget that fits in always. So we’ve prepared a YouTube video tutorial for free, which will educate you better and show you the materials and tools required to get another to start the business.

So in the tutorials, we discussed how you can start a gas business, tools required, safety measures and all other information you need to know regarding the business.

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We also created a Gas business group on WhatsApp where you can ask questions regarding the business for more clarifications.

So here I will be writing each of the topics recovered relating to the gas business, and their youtube link will be also included here. For you to go on watch for more understanding and for you to also see the tools life and how to use them.

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Here is what you need to know to start your Gas business.

1.  How to start up a cooking gas business | Requirement | Uses and safety

2.  How to get the right tools for your gas business.

3.  How to make use of Spina and range | How to start a gas business.

4.   How to fix up the filling components | How to start a gas business.

5.  How to remove pressure or air from a gas cylinder.

6.  How to transfer Gas from one cylinder to another | Between two cylinders.


Tips for you as a gas distributor

1. Customer and complaint.

As gas distributor, You Face some challenges each day. The most common challenge is the challenge of customers complaining that the gas they bought from you did not spend the period of time they normally used it for.

They may not understand even when you try to tell them, you don’t produce gas. You only buy gas, or maybe you try to explain to them that it is as a result of their usage.

Now as you distribute all you have to do is check the cylinder for leakage. Put some air in the cylinder. Pour water all around it, most areas where it is welded or rusty. Now slowly look at the area where you put the water, to see if there is air trying to escape by forming bubbles.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter if a cylinder is new or old either way, they can both have leakage which cause wastage of gas. Without the user noticing it or any smell of leakage of gas.

(if a cylinder has just a little single leakage at a spot, and leaks throughout the whole day. The gas in the cylinder is as good as finished)

This is very important for you to do in this case, because some people believe you did not sell them the complete product of what they purchased. Or you cheated them.

They will also try to use this to damage your business reputation.


2.  Fake agent/agency.

Sometimes some people or groups of people come to your shop and try to impose or pretend that they are part of some agency which you know nothing about. This agency they may pretend to come from includes maybe a fire service department agency, security and safety department, gas shop inspection department, etc.

Some of these agencies may or may not actually even exist. When they pretend to come from these agencies and so As they may wear the agency uniform and I’d. And they are fake or imposters.

Their primary aim is to try and extort money from you.

What to do?

1. Try and verify their authenticity to see if they are really from the agency they claim they are from.

2. To call your fellow gas distributor you know to confirm if such an agency exists.

3. Contact a member of your Association if you belong to one.

4, Ask for their office address.

5, Never let any of them carry anything from your shop claiming you should come to the office to claim it, as they might just be thieves.

6. Never try to settle if you are not sure they are from the real agency and it’s best advisable you visit their office.

7. And if you discover they are fake agents and Imposter, let me know you will be calling the police, and you may also try and raise an alarm, and you will see them go away.

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3. Filling of an unsafe cylinder.

An unsafe cylinder is a cylinder that is very old and can even getting rusty. Filling this type of types of cylinder can be unsafe and dangerous.
At this point, it doesn’t have to do with whether the cylinder has leakage or not. As there is a possibility that it may explode.

This is a result of the cylinder being weak and not also strong anymore.
Gas has a lot of pressure, and this can probably cause the cylinder to explode during refining.

Please when anyone brings any cylinder to your shop for refilling.
if you observe the cylinder is old and unsafe. Just tell the person that you can’t refill the cylinder.

Filling stations also do this when a cylinder is brought for refilling and it’s unsafe, they do not refill it. They ask the person to get a new cylinder.

Note: Always ensure your safety and the safety of others come first.

These are what you encounter as a gas seller on a daily basis.


4.  Quantity purchase not completed after-sales

When you lose some kg before you finish selling a 50kg cylinder. Try buying gas from another gas plant and see the difference as different plant buy gas from different deport.



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How to start up a gas business

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