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Ultimate Guideline on How to Start a Clothing Brand

Before creating a clothing brand, it is common for you to have any questions in your head. In fact, the first one is the title of this article: how to start a clothing brand?

Then more will come: how to create a name for a clothing brand?, Or how you can start a clothing business on Instagram?

Do not worry. Asking questions is very good, especially when you have entrepreneurial ideas that awaken the spirit to learn, for example, what a business model is, and motivate you to generate new income.

“If you are afraid to ask, you risk not learning,” as said by an unknown author. And this post has proposed to answer each question related to creating a clothing brand to provide you with the necessary resources to expand your business.

But not only that! In addition to giving you the best guidelines so that you know how to start a clothing brand, you will find the best tools and resources to manage your company successfully at the end of this note.

In addition to giving you the best guidelines so that you know how to start a clothing brand, you will find the best tools and resources to manage your company successfully at the end of this note.

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Discover the target audience of your clothing brand

If you want to create a clothing brand that sells, lasts, and stays in people’s minds, start by defining the target audience for your clothing line. To find out, you must answer these questions:

  • Who is your clothing brand aimed at? Or for whom are you going to create these products?

  • What needs do my clients have?

  • What interests them?

  • What do your customers do?

  • How old are they?

Before focusing on clothing design or how to make clothes, think about your ideal client. So when it comes time to advertise for your clothing store, it will be easier to sell.

So that you can more accurately identify the characteristics of your target audience before creating a clothing brand, it is ideal that you define their most important attributes. Therefore, this buyer personal template will help you portray your ideal client through key questions.

Once you have defined the profile of your client, create a clothing brand that is for him. How to do it? Answer the following:

  • What are the characteristics of your clothing brand?

  • What are the benefits of your clothing brand?

  • How do you imagine your clothing brand?

  • What differentiates your clothing brand from the others?

  • Why should they buy your clothing brand?

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What are clothing companies doing?

One of the things you should do before creating a clothing brand is to explore what clothing companies or other clothing brands you know today are doing.

In other words, do a competitor analysis. And the best way to do it today is to go to Google and the most used social networks.

Next, you will learn the steps you should follow to perform an analysis of clothing brands.

Go to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram and see what the message that these clothing brands transmit is: how they describe themselves, what is their story, what is their communication style, what their images say, what hashtags they use, what is their color palette, etc.

Go to Google and search for the keywords of your clothing brand. See who appears in the first results. For example: if your clothing brand is aimed at young women who like vintage style, the key terms could be the following: vintage clothing for women, vintage clothing brand, vintage clothing for girls, etc.

If these clothing brands have a web page, identify what keywords appear on their site. You can use different SEO tools to position your brand in Google this 2021.

If you wonder what a keyword is and why it is important to my business? This post is dedicated to finding keywords for free and explaining them to you in-depth.

Test your clothing brand

This point is critical. When you already know how to design clothes, and you have some garments from your clothing brand ready to start selling online from scratch, look for people who meet the profile of your ideal client and present your product to them. In this way, you will check the following points:

  • If they like the clothes or if it really is what they are looking for.

  • If they would buy the products of your clothing brand.

  • If they have proposals to improve your clothing brand.

Ask your acquaintances to be completely honest about your clothing brand, and, in this way, you can make the most favorable decisions for your venture.

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What is the brand identity?

Before creating the name or logo of our clothing brand, it is important to be clear about what brand identity is, especially since the term is often confused with branding.

But before knowing what brand identity is, let’s start by defining brand branding. You could say that branding is intangible; In other words, it is all that your customers can see -or feel- when they think of your brand. Therefore, a company must carry out a series of actions to achieve this objective and that the public manages to fall in love with your clothing brand, in this case.

Brand identity is one of these actions that make up branding. Therefore, if branding is intangible, brand identity also called visual identity, is everything tangible.

Visual identity is the style that a brand has. It includes all the signs and elements by which it is identified. It is made up of much more than a logo since it includes the different materials we use, the color palette, and the typography style.

If transferring the concept specifically to a clothing brand, the brand identity would be, for example, the colors that you will use in the logo, the material and packaging design of your garments, the labels that these could have, the material of some merchandising, among others.

Now that you have learned what brand identity is and you are more clear about these important concepts, we will help you create a name and logo for your clothing brand in the following points.

How to create a name for a clothing brand?

Naming is one of the most creative and fun parts of starting a clothing brand and one of the most important and decisive. Therefore, you must do it well.

The name is usually the first contact you have with a product or service, and that first impression can be definitive in a positive or negative sense.

Tips for creating the name of your clothing brand

  • Make sure it has these characteristics:

  • clear, short, and descriptive.

  • It should be easy to remember.

  • Easy to pronounce.

Find an attractive name that connects with your target audience. Although not all brand names necessarily make sense, that makes sense—for example, Google, Yahoo, or Spotify.

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How to create a free logo for a clothing brand?

The logo of a brand is part of the branding of a brand, that is, of its visual identity. To create the logo for your clothing brand, it is ideal that you contact a designer. But if you are looking to create a free logo, There are some pages to create logos that can help you.

DesignEvo, one of the most practical online logo makers, can use it to create your free logo with no watermark. DesignEvo has over 10,000 logo templates with different themes, so you can easily find a clothing logo template to customize. So, if you are going to start your clothing logo design, just try DesignEvo without registration and download your logo for free.


And that’s it, what did you think? Hope you have a clearer idea of starting a clothing brand: wings and good wind in your endeavor.

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