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Key Benefits Of Portable Exhibition Stand

Trade shows are an important event for many companies across various industries. Regardless of the size of your business, trade shows represent a perfect way to put your products or services into promotion. It helps you to reach the targeted audience and you can meet, share knowledge, and have an edge over your competitors.

This is also an opportunity where you can display your latest work, company progress, and the improvements you have brought in. The best way you can showcase your product or services at an event is with the help of portable exhibition stands. They help in offering a different element to your approach and the offered conveniences are more than what you would generally expect.

However, before you confuse portable with compromising in quality then that is not the case. To all those big or small companies, they have to make a series of decisions before attending a trade show or exhibition at various venues. Apart from seeking to get the best design on their stands, there is another crucial thing they need to work on.

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It is about the decision of the layout of the stand itself which should be capable enough in gaining an audience to your booth with clear access. The layout you need to decide on pretty much depends on the allocated you have at that venue. For example, the most common ones that are used many times would be the row stand or wall stand.

It has its accessibility from the hall aisle, has three walls, and is surrounded by neighboring stands from the other three sides. Apart from this, if the space allocated to you falls at the end of a row then your best bet would be to simply go for it, where it will be open on two sides along with having two walls.

With that said, recent times have seen the emergence of a new trend that is very interesting and seeking the attention of many. This is the use of open exhibition stand design and that too used by the ones who are looking forward to providing a greater impact on the audience.

Although in the past, these open design stands have faced heavy criticism since they were pretty difficult to manage around and also there is no or lack of wall space, ever since then they have gained popularity! Want to know how? Let’s look at some of the key benefits they provide:

1. They are an affordable option:

Budget is an important factor for many small and medium-sized companies who are still trying to find a way in making their impact. For them, they must make the best use of the limited budget they have, and here this exhibition stall price helps them with it.

These stands help you to get more done in less and have more money in your savings since you won’t be spending on its installation and dismantlement. Further, you will not have any issues with their transportation as they are easy to carry around.

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2. They offer versatility:

Don’t be disappointed with the small size of these display stands. They have a lot of versatility in offering since they are durable, cost-effective, and provide enough flexibility to convey the message your brand wants to the audience. It offers to build the brand reputation with vibrant design and effectiveness.

3. Reasonable pricing:

You would spend a lot less here compared to the custom exhibits. It can cost you a fortune to arrange a large custom trade show exhibit for any event and the price can notch up even higher for the design and configuration you need. On the other hand, these portable trade show display stands won’t be heavy on your pocket and allow a real cost-effective deal.

4. Easy transportation:

The cost of transportation depends heavily on various factors. Out of all, the most notable factor here is the size of the exhibit. With this, you will be spending too much money on its transportation with any courier services. Whereas the portable displays can be shipped at a low price or even kept in your vehicle.

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5. The perfect option for small scale:

If the event isn’t hosting a large audience then this will be a perfect option to go with instead of a large exhibit. Large space for a small audience makes it difficult even for the employees to pay attention to individual employees. Portable stands offer the right solution here with their compact size.

6. Lightweight:

Using such display stands also provides you a lighter weight option compared to the custom exhibits. They allow you flexibility where you can adapt your display the moment you take a shift from one show to another effectively. The installation doesn’t consume much hence you can focus on other important tasks as well that are needed to be done before commencing the show.



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