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Solution To Modern Cloud Hosting

Skysilk is a cloud hosting service, present you with a complete Modern VPS environment suitable for projects hosting solutions for the businesses, system administrator, gamers, freelancer, etc. With its fast VPS hosting.


What is cloud hosting?

Cloud is a Clojure server that runs on standard out as well as your local network interface could work on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. But can be easily adapted to run on any OS by simply running cloud server host.


What is VPS?

VPS is short for virtual private server in the cloud or just like the cloud is your own computer that is hosted at a provider you own the machine. A provider might have tens or hundreds of different VPS providers all over the world.

That provide different types of servers and packages so you are able to customize the server for your specific needs. As long as you are using the provided packages, your internet connection is free.

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Is it trust?

Due to its reliability and security, It has been trusted by giant companies like Intel, AMD, the Linux foundation dell, CSA cloud security alliance and cloud native computing foundation.

They provide with your whole cloud-ready, on your local hard disk with well encrypted remote access to all your VPS from anywhere in the world.

With skysilk you get all the advantages of a high quality dedicated virtual machine server and virtual server solution, great secure which includes Two-Factor Auth access to your cloud.


Can I choose what packages I want to use?

Skysilk offers three different plans you chose from. the include the basic, standard, and premium. There are packages that will not be included with the other packages. With this, it is easy to decide which plan is totally best for your project.

Skysilk cloud hosting offers many platforms starting from running compute, cloud hosting, Collaborate, CMS, CRM, and Database & E-Commerce. And has the ability to cloud control from the configuration.


Is it affordable?

Skysilk plans are very much affordable. With great outstanding price which not so could hosting services provide. Its price range starts from $2 /month for the basic, $5/month for the standard and $10/month for the premium.

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Does skysilk Reward Users?

Skysilk rewards you with points. 100 points are equivalent to $1. When you sign up through our referral link. and purchase a plan. You get $25. 

And they also have referrals link with you can share with friends after purchasing a plan. Points earned can be redeemed through gift cards and visa cards.

If this information was helpful to you, in order to choose a good and affordable cloud hosting service. Please support us by using our referral link to Sign up.



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