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Quick Growing Privacy Trees for Your Yard

Imagine having a yard that is full of lush green along with colorful flowers that make the beauty mesmerizing to the eyes. However, this beauty can be quickly interrupted by the big brown fence that looks out of place and makes things look bland.

Since you want to spend time with nature and enjoy the peace it has in the offering, the best way to gain some privacy in your yard is by planting some beautiful privacy trees. By planting such trees, you would remain in a total win-win case.

On one hand, you have the much-needed privacy you wanted so badly whereas your yard will have a fresher, green landscape that looks amazing whether you see it from inside or outside. The cherry on the cake here is the speed at which they grow, in no time you will be enjoying quite a retreat.

Are you ready to dive into the knowledge of this? Let’s find out more about the trees and shrubs that you can include to have more secured parameters around your space quickly.

What plants would be suitable to have the ideal privacy screens?

The first option that comes to our mind when we talk about privacy with the tree is the evergreens. But since they are most common, we won’t be relying on the already option in most of the cases.

There are plenty of other plants or shrubs that serve as a better candidate and with the consultation of arborist Sydney; you can choose the best for you. The best approach with planting is to mix things up. This is because one plant is often attacked by a pest or disease but the surrounding ones won’t take any damage and act as a screen to reduce the spread of it amongst other similar trees.

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Another thing to note! Although choosing quick-growing trees is excellent to provide instant privacy, they don’t work well under several flaws. Such quick-growing trees and shrubs usually possess weaker wood that can easily be broken down or the chances are high of it getting attacked by insects and diseases.

One more thing you need to ensure with them is regular pruning with correct methods to help them shape up and develop a strong structure. You can get in touch with tree professionals in case your ideal choice is a slow-growing tree but works well for the privacy fences. But if you are still willing to go with the fast-growing ones, choose such trees or shrubs that are accumulated as per the soil type, soil quality, and weather zone in your area to thrive in the long run.

Fast-growing shrubs for privacy:

  1. North privet (zones 4-8): this is a dark-colored shrub with a pyramid shape, glossy leaves and the growth rate is three feet in a year.
  2. Forsythia (zones 5-8): A shrub that blooms early and also has a bright yellow flower with a growth rate of two feet in a year.
  3. Glossy Abelia (zones 6-9): a rounded shrub with white spring flowers and purple falling leaves. It has two feet a year growth rate.
  4. Nellie R. Stevens Holly (zones 6-9): this shrub is tall, evergreen, and has vibrant green leaves with three feet a year growth rate.

Fast-growing tree for privacy:

  1. Eastern white pine (zones 3-7): this tree is tall; evergreen has a greenish-blue needle which shows the increase in height as much as three feet and more each year. 
  2. Hybrid poplar (zones 3-9): this tree is great for shade and has silvery-green leaves with a whopping eight feet per year growth rate.
  3. Silver maple (zones 3-9): this is also a large shade tree has shimmery silver leaves and the growth rate of wood here is two feet a year. 
  4. Green giant arborvitae (zones 5-7): an evergreen tree having rich green needles in pyramid-shaped that grows three feet a year.
  5. Dawn redwood (zones 5-8): this shade tree doesn’t require quick maintenance and if you have a large landscape then this would be ideal. The growth here is two feet a year.
  6. Leyland cypress (zones 6-10): an evergreen tree with a slender look that has a growth rate of four feet a year.
  7. Areca palm (zones 10-11): this is a tropical palm with two feet a year of growth and a maximum height of 35 feet.

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Which shrub provides the fastest growth?

The answer is north privet which has been mentioned in the list above, this shrub can grow three feet a year.

Which tree provides the fastest growth for privacy?

Here the hybrid poplar will take all the votes. This tree has an upward growth rate of five feet a year. Coming second closely on the list are Leyland cypress, green giant arborvitae, and silver maple since all of them have a growth rate of two-three feet in height each year.



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