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Trick On How To Download Or Watch Episodes Faster On o2tvseries

What is o2tvseries?

O2tvseries is a website that provides you with a lot of series films or movies. Which you can either watch at your comfortable time or download as well total for free.

The site is constantly updating with both new and latest series and episodes. Which makes it one of the best site on the web to get all different types of movie series. Free and at no cost.


What makes it difficult when try to watch or download an episode?

We all what is free always come with some difficulty. Which are pop-up, display, redirection to other site, and pages to pass though. Before finally getting to the Human verification page aka “Captcha page”. Which is the last step before you could download.

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How can you access o2tvseries?

O2tvseries can be accessed in two different ways, with what ever device you are using. Where ever you are, as long as you got internet connection.

1.  On smartphones, you can get o2tvseries app from the google play store for android users. And for ios users, please check in app store if it is also available there.

2.  You can just use any browser to visit the website O2tvseries. On your pc, laptop, mobile and tv.


Trick To Download Or Watch Episodes Faster on O2tvseries.

This trick is not only going to save you from the following listed below but also save your time.

  • Pop-up.
  • Display distraction.
  • Redirection to other site.
  • Pages to pass though.
  • Going back to select a different episode and repeating the process again and again. etc


How does the trick works?

  • This trick only work when the you visit the website with a browser. Whether if you are accessing it with a phone, PC, laptop or tv.
  • It is also important to know that the series must be updated at the same time on the page. Take a look at the example below.



Step 1. Basic procedure.

  1. Go to the website, select the movie, series or season. Like you would normally do.
  2. Now, select the episode you want to watch or download.
  3. Then, select from the quality you want (Mp4 format, HD Mp4 format and 3gp format).
  4. Continue to you get to the Human verification page aka “Captcha page”.
  5. Verify to download or watch.

Note: To avoid going back and repeating the process, as to download or watch the next episode. Follow step 2.

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Step 2. Bypass.

Now, after download or watching the episode you selected.

1.  Click on the back button, to go back to the Human verification page aka “Captcha page”.

2.  Edit the url or address. which will look like this e.g.

3.  Now change the last number to download next episode.  e.g.

Note: For 108501

  • That 1085 is what identify both the season and episode.
  • Why 01 is what identify the quality. (01 → Mp4 format, 02 → HD Mp4 format and 03 → 3gp format).

4.  If episode 1 was in the this address, Which is the Mp4 of the episode 1.

4a.  Skip “02 → HD Mp4 format and 03 → 3gp format”

4b.  And download the next episode 2 at 04. Which means your address will look like the

4c.  Now, click “enter” to load the page.

4d.  Do the human verification to to download or watch the next episode


  • (Another example

If episode 1 was in the this address, Which is the “HD Mp4” of the episode 1.

  • Skip “03 → 3gp format and 04 → Mp4 format” (Note: 04 now is the Mp4 format of episode 2).
  • And download the next episode 2  “HD Mp4” format at 05. Which means your address will look like the And click to load the page.
  • do the human verification to download or watch the next episode.)


Please Note: that which ever number that indicates the episode at the end. You always have to skip two number of format ahead, and replace with the third number format.

Also don’t add another digit to the numbers. E.g.  1085012, will not work.

Just keep counting on.  E.g.

108501,  for Ep 1  Mp4.

108504,  for Ep 2  Mp4.

108507,  for Ep 3  Mp4.

108510,  for Ep 4  Mp4.

108513,  for Ep 5  Mp4.


That is all you need to do. Video demo is also available  on YouTube.


To know how to continue downloading after limitation. Or when the hit the “Too many downloads already try again later, or in two hours times”.  Contact us  and indicate in your message “Download limitation bypass request”.


If this was useful to you. Help us by donating 🙂 Bitcoin: bc1qff0c2x72jv2ksspqaknn7ut4yjhkqjfk9d7yku, PayPal.



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