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Aliexpress [Deals, 99% Off, discounts, Group buy]

Aliexpress is one of the best online shopping site when it comes to deals, 99% Off, discounts, Group. buy today I want to be sharing with you how you can get item or product at AliExpress for 99% off or discount.

AliExpress have so many ways of discounting product. This discount can be awarded to you either by being a new user, AliExpress coupons, store coupon, or from super deals.

All these are ways that you can get discounts on products from AliExpress. But today all I want to be talking about is a feature you guys may not know in AliExpress. This feature is called group buy.

Group buy is a feature which is in AliExpress app. This feature enables individual to come together to buy a product at 99% off, four items the listed here and they love.

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How do aliexpress group buy works

Aliexpress Group buy is where you find variety of items listed. Which require some certain amount of people or individuals to join, so they can to purchase that item almost for free or the amount discounted due to the price of the item. This discount at distance you can never find in super Deals.


When on group section, all you have to do is order join a group if there is an existing group or create a new one. Which item has a number of people that  join together to make up a group, in order to purchase that item at the current discounted price.

The amount of individual is 3 to 6 depending on the item. It is always display at the front of the item the number of people required to make a group.

Note: Any item that already has a group, we display the amount of people remaining in order for the job to be completed. So which you might decide to join depending on the number of group been created for the item.

Each group has a limited number of time for it to COMPLETE. To make a group in order to PURCHASE THAT ITEM And after the period of time, the group closed.

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If you find an item that you like and you did not find any group created yet for it, you have the option to create a group yourself so that other people will join you that are also interested in the item. You can also share the link to the group you created.

If you don’t have account yet,  you can create an account with the by CLICKING HERE so that you can get a great discount and coupon.

I will also create a WhatsApp group, so that if you find any items that you are interested in. You can please share the link to the item group to this WhatsApp group. Giving other interested persons the opportunity to join your group, in order for you all to purchase the item at the discounted price. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATSAPP.

When you sign off in the AliExpress app, you can locate group buy, below the search Product Search box among the menu icons. You can also find it by going to your profile, and look at the share and save more.

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