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All about Ladakh Bike Trip

Ladakh is one of the most unique and the highest rated travel destination India which is also known as the “The Land of High Passes”. For adventure enthusiasts all over the world it is a dream destination.

The Ladakh Bike Trip is probably at the top of the wish list for everyone. The route is filled with barren mountain slopes of the Great Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, snow-clad peaks, challenging roads, and other fascinating views which will compel you to stop for a picture on every turn.

The Manali-Leh highway is the more popular of the two because of the number of mountains, ranges and rivers along the way. The total gap between Manali to Leh is 490 kilometers.

The Rohtang pass lies on this route on the Pir Panjal range, connecting Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti. Sarchu is the amazing point from Manali to Leh, however, Keylong is the most wanted point on this highway while you travel from Manali to Leh, as Sarchu is at a considerably higher altitude.

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The best time to go on this expedition on a bike to Ladakh is during the months of June to September because in these months bikers enjoy the tourist places of Ladakh, as much as they explore their Lahaul & Spiti trip.

And other than the ride of a lifetime, the trail will provide you to the world of terrain, top most tourist spots and the alluring monasteries.

For all the beginner’s guide to exploring how you could have this heck of an experience and take the high road as you embark on your Ladakh Motorbike Expedition, in the land of high passes with all its hauntingly beautiful, snow-covered high peaks, rugged and difficult trail that will make sure you the best time and the memories remain forever.

Thus, Ladakh Bike Trip is considered to be the gateway for the travellers who wants the journey full of adventure.

Places to Visit During this Bike Trip:

Pangong Tso:

Pangong Tso is a most famous place where the main attraction is the Pangong Tso Lake, this real marvel set belongs to Ladakh where you should definitely go once in your lifetime and is located in the heart of Himalayas, the lake stretches at a distance of about 134 kilometres offering beautiful views in sync with the rustic mountains.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa:

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa or Namgyal Tsemo Monastery is located in the heart of Leh district. It is the belief of the people here that Ladakh’s King Tashi Namgyal constructed this monastery in 1430, which offers a home to the most stunning golden statue of Maitreya Buddha. So if you are travelling in the town of Leh, this is one of the most ideal places to visit nearby.

Zanskar Valley:

Hues of soothing blue and beautiful brown can only be seen at the popular Zanskar Valley which is surrounded by the massive snow-covered high peaks all around the valley. You can visit the dazzling Valley which will amaze you and forever live in your memories.

During the winter season, the river gets frozen giving trekkers a chance to do the preferred Chadar Trek where a lot of tourists walk over the frozen ice for days.

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Important things to carry:

1.  Chargers, power banks

2.  First Aid Kit (with prescribed meds for AMS)

3.  Rechargeable torches

4.  GPS with a charger

5.  Camera kit and gear

6.  Swiss army knife

Bike Gear:

1.  Helmet with protective visor
2.  Riding goggles
3.  Riding gloves
4.  Bandana/skull cap
5.  Riding jacket with thermal inners
6.  Sunscreen
7.  Lip balm & moisturizer
8.  Nylon rope & funnel
9.  Spare tyre & puncture repair kit

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Trip to Ladakh is utterly insane and crazy as it moves your soul. This place is a chance to explore an offbeat destination which you would love to visit again and again. The people there are loving and friendly. The unmatched beauty of the culture Ladakh makes it more adventurous. Words cannot describe the unique experience one can get  on this bike trip. This journey will definitely let you escape from the hectic city life.

So do not miss a chance to explore this destination with good spirit and enthusiasm. It is best to hunt for pleasure. The experience of this trip is simply speechless which will always remain in your memories. Thus, for all the nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts, this trek is definitely not to be missed.



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