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Cloud token 2.0

Cloud token the most transparent platforms. This cloud token wallet launched was March 2019 and officially launched on May 14, 2019, in Bangkok. The core function of this wallet is Jarvis trading robot which gives you profit-sharing rewards.

The wallet accepts the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, BCH, Dogecoin, TUSDT and USDT once add fund to cloud token and join Jarvis you get up to 5%-12% rewards.


ronald aai chief architect cloudtoken 300x300 Cloud token 2.0

Who is the CEO of cloud token?

The CEO of cloud token Ronald Aai, previously worked for the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, for 10yrs he focused on mobile phone technology for companies like Samsung, Huawei being predominantly based out of Hong Kong, Korea, China and Denmark.

The cloud token founded by WSBA, Singapore’s fourth-generation public blockchain technology team. The CEO is Ronald Aai was a serial entrepreneur for 25yrs.


cloud 1 300x168 Cloud token 2.0

Newly lunch cloud 2.0

In 05-10-2019 cloud 2.0 was lunch. Cloud 2.0 smart mobile wallet can store different cryptocurrency. To achieve one-stop storage management for multiple currencies.


Atomic Swap

Inside the cloud token all of cloud token DAPP’s digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other supported digital currencies, Can be seamlessly exchanged with CTOs to a certain extent.

Users can trade digital assets or implement digital assets faster and easier without having to make complex pending orders.

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What is OTC?

OTC in cloud token refers to transactions conducted by market trading entities. On the basis of bilateral credit through independent bilateral investigations and bilateral liquidation.

The transaction is not traded within the trading platform but ends privately at a price above or below the trading platform price.


Cloud 2.0 technology

Cross-chain Protocol Plugin

The DAPP developers can use the Cloud 2.0 smart contract protocol that supports multi-chain assets. In order to improve the system iteration efficiency, Cloud 2.0 adopts a plug-in organizational structure.

On this basis, we have added a cross-chain plug-in to help users to be based on Cloud 2.0. The process to improve the Cloud 2.0 user experience and convenience.

They designed a decentralized wallet that supports multiple blockchain assets, meaning that users can use Cloud Token through a multi-chain chain wallet with off-chain assets such as BTC and ETH.

Cross-chain Consensus Mechanism

The cross-chain validator manages multi-signal hosting accounts by maintaining the security of multi-signal managed wallets. Ensuring that out-of-chain assets are fully aligned with the wallet on the chain.


What are cloud 2.0 advantages?

cloud 3 e1623363193954 Cloud token 2.0

Cloud 2.0 JARVIS Expert Advisors Futures Option Arbitrage System

Futures option arbitrage means according to the band trend of BTC, ETH and other currencies. The leverage is 10 times to 100 times, and the two-way transaction can make profits.

With 10 to 100 times leverage, the benefits far exceed the spot trading market.

All arbitrage systems have an accuracy rate of 99.9% and the error is almost zero. The system writes the proceeds into the program and automatically enters the Cloud 2.0 JARVIS intelligent.

Trading system to generate dividends and promote rewards.


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