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How To Create And Use Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a sub-list of address book. And also address book can have more than one mailing list. Any contact in an address book that has a valid email address can be used in a mailing list. A mailing list is used to send an email message simultaneously to a contact group.

Create a mailing list

  1. Open the Address Book.
  2. Choose File > New > Mailing List….
  3. Enter a valid name for the mailing list.
  4. At this point you have two options:
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Option 1:

  1. Manually enter your contacts’ email addresses.
  2. Enter one email address per line.
     Remember that you can’t sort email addresses in this window. They will appear in the order in which you entered them.
  3. Click the button Accept at the end.


Option 2:

    1. Do not enter an email address using this window.
    2. Close the window by clicking the button Accept.
    3. Select the address book with the contacts you want to add to the mailing list.
    4. Select to highlight contacts.
      • To select multiple contacts: Press and hold the key Ctrl and left-click on the contacts.
      • To select a contact block: Select the first contact, press and hold the Shift and select the last contact.
    5. Left-click and hold it over the highlighted contacts so you can drag them.
    6. Drag the contacts to the left and hover over the mailing list.
    7. Release the mouse button to move contacts to the mailing list.
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If the contacts are not in the associated address book, they will be added to the associated address book.
The image below is an example of a new mailing list called ‘Test’. It’s a mailing list in the personal address book.

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Write a message using a mailing list

There are two methods that produce different results.

Through the address book

On the mail toolbar, look for the ‘Addresses’ button.

  1. Click the Addresses button to open it.
  2. Select the mailing list.
  3. Click the Compose button.

This will open a new “Redact” window, and each existing contact in the mailing list will appear in a separate “To” field. This allows you to remove a specific contact if desired.
You may also need to manually select the button Bcc for each email address, as your contacts may not want to leave their email addresses visible.
Enter the subject, compose the message and click the button Send.

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Via the window “Redact”

On the mail toolbar, locate ‘Redact’.

  1. Click the Compose button.
     This will open a new “Redact” window, and on the left side of the window the ‘Contacts Side Panel’ should appear.
    • If you don’t see the contacts side panel, you need to enable it.
      • Click the View button > Contacts side panel or use the F9 to enable/disable it.
  2. Select the address book that contains the mailing list.
  3. Select the mailing list.
  4. Click the button Add to Bcc or another option.

2014 12 04 09 32 18 e94af0 How To Create And Use Mailing Lists

This will add the mailing list with your name on it. You won’t be able to see the individual contacts in that list. This method saves you from having to change, for example, from the “To” field to the “CCO” field, but you can’t edit any names.
Enter the subject, compose the message and click the button Send.

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How to add two contacts to the address book that use the same email address

In your address book, you have two people with the same email address.
a) Sam Paul has the address: sam@domain.
b) Liza Paul has the address: liza@domain.

These two people are perfectly stored in an address book, but to add them to a mailing list, conventional methods are invalid. Here are the steps below:

In the address book, select one of the two people and edit their contact address. In the example, I entered the letter “A” at the beginning.

Liza Paul has the address liza@domain.

Now move them both to the mailing list. Because the addresses are not the same, they will be added to the mailing list. Once there, select the mailing list and double-click on Sofia Fernandez to edit her email address by removing the initial letter “A”. Click the button Accept at the end.

You should now have two people sharing the same email address in the mailing list, and if you go back to the address book entries, you’ll find them correctly.

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