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Get Paid Apps Or Games Free In Windows Store And Games Website

How can I get free paid premium apps for free?

Have you be wondering if it is possible to get free paid apps or games at zero cost and totally free or with a great discount at a low cost?. Well, the answer is yes. There are ways to track and get apps free for Microsoft windows store, play store and games website.

Well you are at the right place.  Today, I will be showing you third party apps the can provide you with free paid apps or games that have a discount on their prices from Windows Store And Games Website.


How do you unlock and Get premium paid apps and games:

  1.  Myappfree

  2.  9zen store

  3.  Deals games.

  4.  Epic games

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1.  Myappfree

Myappfree is a third party app help you discover an app that is free daily and provide you with a free paid apps each day in the windows store and google play store.

Many people use this method to own many premium applications from windows store each day and have them added to their Microsoft or Google account.

With this app or method, You can own premium apps totally for free. The app is also as well available for windows and Android users.

Click here to download from windows store

Click here to download from google play


2.  9Zen Store

9zen store is a third party app too. The app is designed like a store itself. 9zen store let you discover apps that are free and apps that are on discount. Here you can get a lot of premium apps for free.

These apps include:

  • Newly released paid or published apps.
  • Apps that are free for a limited time.
  • Apps on discount
  • Apps that are on discount for a limited time.

Note: Due to Microsoft policy and restrictions. This free or discount apps can no longer be open up straight from windows store. Like before when you click the “Open in store” in 9zen store.

This is because instead of the Windows store opening up the free or discounted apps page. It displays “We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found”.

So it is advisable to open the free or discounted app in 9zen store and copy the name of the app. Then go to windows store and paste on the search bar to install or own the application.


How to get 9zen store.

9zen store can be installed from Windows store, by typing the name in the search bar.


If you don’t yet have and windows 8 or 10 pc or planning to get one. You can own or get all the premium free apps through 9zen store for free. And have them added to your account by going to there websites.

How to do this.

Step 1

  • You need access to a windows 8 or 10 pc.
  • Install 9zen store in the pc.
  • Go to Microsoft website to create an account.
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Step 2.

  1. Open 9zen store and click the dollar sign.
  2. Click on any free or discount app you want to add to your account.
  3. when apps opened. copy the name of the app.
  4. down below at the bottom, click the three dots for options and select the “open in browser” option.
  5. it will open up Microsoft store on your browser.
  6. login into your account.
  7. Paste the app name in the search bar to search for the app.
  8. select the app to open and click on “Get” and you now own that app and it is now added to your account.


3.  Deals games.

Deals games is another windows app that focuses just on the game. Being free paid games and also best games deals. deals games put together the best deals for many game websites presenting you with latest deals, free games and discount.

How to get the app.

Go to windows store and search for Deals games app or CLICK HERE and install it.

Open the app and go through their listed games deal.

select the game you want to open the games pages.

and click the “Go to deal” to open the game website store.

Create an account with the game website and get the game for free or at the best discount.


4.  Epic games

Epic game is a website for games shopping. They have thousands of game in store which are always at a discount. The most interesting thing about epic game is that, they always do free get away of games, Most of the time.

This game includes, high demanded games, which can normal be one or two. The interesting part is that that, this premium game are available for a particular period of time. Which give you more time to grab them.

When you own the game, they are added to you account.

How to get/download paid premium games for free on epic games

  1.   Go to Epic games website.
  2.   Create an account with them.
  3.   Scroll down to where it says  free games.
  4.   Click on the game available for free to open up the game page.
  5.   Click the get bottom to pops up the place order form.
  6.   Place your order and a receipt will be sent to you registered email address.



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Get Paid Apps Or Games Free In Windows Store And Games Website

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