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Huawei’s Chief Executive Has Proposed Selling Its Current 5G

Huawei’s chief executive has proposed selling its current 5G

Perhaps the explanation is that Huawei recognises that it is unlikely to be able to bypass. The efforts the Trump administration is putting into minimising its scope to operate in North America. Western Europe and Australasia,” said Prof Steve Tsang from University College London’s Soas China Institute. Huawei has repeatedly denied claims that it would help the Chinese government spy.

It’s also difficult to see how an American company, would be able to reassure the Trump administration that it’s absolutely top-notch American technology.

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And if they can’t do that, why would they want to spend tens of billions of US dollars on something that will quickly become out-of-date.
It would include ongoing access to the firm’s existing 5G patents, licences, code, technical blueprints and production engineering knowledge.

But while American firms including Cisco, Dell EMC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Have developed 5G-related technologies, the US lacks an infrastructure-equipment specialist of its own.

One consequence of this is that Huawei faces having to launch an Android smartphone later this month that will not offer Google apps such as YouTube or the Play Store.

A deal would also help ensure Huawei gets its 5G technologies widely adopted.


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