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Step By Step Guide For Shaving Your Head for the First Time

Guide For Shaving Your Head

Here I have mentioned some easy steps to shave your head and you can also apply the same process for having your body too. Now, let’s check step by step guide for shaving your head for the first time.

Shaving Head is A New Trend

The shaving head is a new trend in 2021. Being bald is a fashion statement. So many youngsters try a beard look with the bald head. So many electric razors and shavers help them to get the desired look. But so many of you want to do it but it’s your first time. Don’t worry; here I am to help you out.

In this process, an electric shaver for men will help you to do it safely as well as help you to achieve a proper look.

7 Steps to Shave Your Skull Using Skull Shaver

Step 1: Reduce Your Hair Length

Use an electric shaver to reduce your hair length. If your hair is very long, you may have to use high-quality scissors, and then use electrical scissors to operate the most efficiently. After using hair scissors, let the hair 1/4 inches.


Step 2: Take a Bath before Shaving

Men who bathed to open the pores and soften stumps and shave already knew some techniques for shaving their hair, but they might not get used to people who shave their hair for the first time. Very helpful to open skin pores and lubricate areas with warm water.

You can achieve your look in many more different ways. The easiest and comfortable way is to take a hot shower any time. Wash clothes, and then soak in warm water. Rub the cloth in your head for a few minutes before shaving.

Step 3: Use a Traditional Shaving or Gel Cream

There are many ways to lubricate the scalp but don’t ignore this shaving technique. You can use a traditional shaving or gel cream, but you can also use baby oil, sunflower oil, or other cooking oil. Oil has a transparency advantage, so you can understand your situation. Usually reduces razor burns.

Step 4: Shave It in the Same Direction

Another important technique for shaving your head always uses grains to shave your head, that is, to shave your hair in a way that plants your hair. Don’t shave in the opposite direction, because this will scratch yourself, especially when you try to do it. Use a soft stroke. Be careful not to press hard.

Step 5: Place Your Hand in Your Head to Check

Certain head parts will have a clear stump. But how do you see stumps? Place your hand in your head to check where you need to shave for average results. The yell is expected to remain in the denting area or bullpen.

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Step 6: Wash Your Head with Cold Water

When you are satisfied, you should wash your head with cold water. This will help you to close the pores and also help you to avoid burning sensations.

Step 7: Do Pat Dry with Soft Cloth

Dry your head carefully. Don’t scrub, but dry pat with a soft cloth. Apply moisturizer to calm the skin. Please don’t use any product with alcohol or other strict items. If not, it will irritate the skin. Products such as aftershave often irritate fine skin areas that you first touch. Always follow all these processes with the best electric shaver for face and body. So, you can find a trouble-free look for you.



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