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Top Graphic Design Trends That Will Become The Revolution For Design Industry In 2021

We have identified the main graphic trends that are announced for this year 2021. What guide you to your next design!


• Pastel colors with reassuring softness
• Ever more minimalist logos
• The timeless typographies with Serif
• Towards data simplification
• Long live geometric shapes!
• Flat design icons and illustrations
• Posts with slide sets
• To non-filmed videos using text
• 3D to create the illusion
• Illustrations that look just like you
• Bright color gradients
• Visual design in your applications
• Minimalism for clear messages
• Branding more and more highlighted
• Ever more impactful typographies

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Pastel colors with reassuring softness

In the continuity of this year 2020, the colors with low saturation clearly take precedence over the more vivid colors. The 2021 trend thus goes to pastel colors which immediately give a reassuring feeling of security.Nothing could be more normal since pastel tones are ideal for translating naturalness (also always more trendy) and organic, well-being and health.
In a heavy pandemic context, we are not surprised to see the 2021 graphic trends tend towards a reassuring softness.

Ever more minimalist logos

For several years now, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of minimalist designs. In 2021, this trend is clearly taken to its climax, especially for logos which are becoming more and more simplified.

Here too the colors are attenuated and tend towards more neutrality and naturalness. In line with this movement, we can see the emergence of simple, hand-drawn logos. The whole being to pique the curiosity of the customer, while conferring a traditional and artisanal image to the company.

The timeless typographies with Serif

Very old since they originated in the 15th century, serif typefaces are still widely used in our modern graphic designs. And for good reason, they are among the great classics of design, because of their timeless elegance that inspires confidence.
They are perfect for playing the card of nostalgia in a visual. But they are mainly used for the branding of serious establishments which must inspire unbounded confidence. We therefore find them more particularly in the financial sector, insurance, health, etc. And among them, let us remember for this year 2021 the predominance of the Harriet typeface, which we should often encounter in future graphic designs.

Towards data simplification

The main function of Data Visualizations is to make statistical and quantified data, sometimes quite complex, more easily understood and assimilated by all.
In 2021, graphic designers and designers will therefore have to make this data more accessible, by focusing on producing simple and intelligible visualization modes.
The goal is ultimately to improve the efficiency of their communication, thanks to a graphic design first in the service of information, before being in the service of style.

Long live geometric shapes!

If the year 2019 was marked by the massive use of fluid and abstract shapes, the year 2020 marked the emergence of relatively rigid geometric shapes, and often hard edges.
A trend that should be confirmed in 2021 in all visuals produced by companies. Much easier to create and use, these geometric shapes also have the advantage of structuring, ordering, and bringing consistency to a graphic creation. They are ultimately much more legitimate than fluid shapes, for a more professional rendering.

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Flat design icons and illustrations

After an absence of five years, Flat design is back in our graphic designs, whether these are intended for a website, social networks, as well as infographics.
This renewed interest in Flat design seems quite logical in light of this year’s trends, which all tend towards more sobriety and simplicity.
In fact, flat icons are perfect for quickly and simply getting the message across the company. Even when they are taken out of context, provided without any indication, the viewer is perfectly able to grasp their meaning. A few flat design icons alone can tell a perfectly clear visual story.

Posts with slide sets

Another big trend of this year 2021, graphic creations intended for social networks will be composed of sets of slides or will not be. This publication format, particularly popular on LinkedIn and Instagram , makes it possible to communicate more information than with a single image.
An advantage that should not be deprived of, especially since the algorithms of these two social networks favor this type of post, to the detriment of images alone.
In fact, this type of publication generates more interactions since the Internet user must click to scroll the slide.

To non-filmed videos using text

As we have seen previously, the news of this year directly impacts the graphic trends of the following year. Due to the increase in the number of teleworkers, recording new videos may prove to be much more complicated, as the teams no longer have to live together physically. Likewise, a video filmed using a mask is not very communicative.

Did you know?
These videos will therefore have to be enriched with textual data and favor motion design in order to get their messages across. Here again, a simplification of the content is therefore required for greater clarity.

3D to create the illusion

Playing with optical illusions to surprise and disconcert, this is another idea to boost your graphic creations in 2021. And to play with depth and shapes, nothing better than 3-dimensional elements, their creations were now made easier thanks to ever more efficient tools.
This year, depth will be brought to the various graphic compositions, bringing them to life and sometimes giving the impression of being able to touch the elements.

Illustrations that look just like you

The illustrations are a card that you will be able to play in abundance. The idea is to free yourself from image banks and photomontages that anyone can imitate.
You will offer illustrations that do not correspond to you, and which will meet both wire red of your website that your printed documents punctuation.
You even notice that the illustrations are so present that they allow themselves to appear even in the photos. The mix of the two styles is so 2020, you will not be able to escape it!

Bright color gradients

Vibrant colors continue to be fashionable in 2021. Playing on a two-tone presentation, almost in gradation, of these allows to highlight the illustrations in flat design which have imposed themselves lately. It gives off a welcome dynamism and vitality.
This technique also allows you to stay on the same color palette, without risking the rainbow effect, but without monotony either. This facilitates the choice of tones.

You will also find more and more shades reminiscent of neon and fluorescent lights from the 80s to 90s.
An obvious trend while the old children of those times are the decision makers of now.

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Visual design in your applications

Work on the design of your mobile applications with the new trend of visual design. Flat Design was criticized from the start because it was too flat. If this lack of relief could have allowed a simpler and more stripped-down appearance, it turns out to be quite boring. With Visual Design, it’s over! we put volume in the interfaces.
Its advantages:
• Visual Design makes the user experience qualitative by offering an easy to understand and functional interface.
• It always takes a little time to adapt to something new, but once the adaptation is done, Visual Design increases the success rate of each task and therefore user engagement.

Minimalism for clear messages

In 2021, minimalism is essential! You will opt for more refined designs, where the main message appears clearly.
For two reasons:
• it is more readable on the small screens of smartphones where your users wear out their eyes;
• you will focus the attention faster.
Even landing pages are becoming minimalist to meet consumer desires.

Branding more and more highlighted

The fortune tellers will have their work cut out for them. They will no longer be able to offer their customers “a trip with a beautiful stranger”. Quite simply because the flagship trend of 2020 is indeed the personalization of the message.

The designs will be based more and more on the personality of the brand, the values that it wishes to put forward. This is really how everyone can differentiate themselves, more than by copying the same graphic recipes as their competitors.

Ever more impactful typographies

For 2021, you don’t have to worry about becoming myopic: you will be able to see, from a dinstance, the texts of posters, advertisements or websites. Because the trend of the year will be for bold and wide typographies, those that read regardless of your eye test result.
The difficulty will be to compose designs that revolve around these spellings. While playing, in other places, with ever more elaborate and personalized fonts.
The technical aspect will not be neglected either: motion design will be increasingly highlighted in the future of internet pages. This will allow you to tell a story where the landing pages will be minimalist and the illustrations will be simpler.



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