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How To Change Forgotten Windows Password – My Password

How do I log into my computer if I forgot my password?

This tutorial will enable you get a tempering access into your pc if you ever forget the Password, or want to reset password. I have once forget my password. It is for educational purposes.

Also  I am not responsible for the mis-used of the this tutorial either for personal reasons or to invade other privacy or without the permission of the owner.

How do you force a password to change on Windows 10?

Step 1

Turn on and off during booting 3 – 4 times. The show the “preparing automatic repair, – diagnosing your pc”.

You see “Automatic repair” menu.
Click “advanced ➡ troubleshoot ➡ advanced options ➡ command prompt”

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Type the following

C: In front of the > symbol and enter.

After the process,



d: Cd windows

d:\windows >cd system32

d:\windows\system32>ren utilman.exe utilman.old

d:\windows \system32>copy copy.exe utilman.exe

You will see a text saying”1 file(s) copied”

Then type


Go back and click on “continue to windows 10.

Your system will reboot.


How do you force a password to change on Windows 10?

Step 2

Now on the lock screen, click “ease of access” icon close to the power icon on the lock screen. “Administration command prompt” will show up.

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Type the following

c:\>net user
c:\> net user administration *

type password for user: (new password)
re-type the password to confirm: (re-type new password)

the command completed successfully.

Type the following


Now login with the new password. Hope this tutorial was useful.


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