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Study In Lithuania

Preferred study abroad destination in Northern Europe, study in Lithuania is an ideal country for every international student who wishes to study abroad. Known for Baroque architecture, Lithuania is a proud member of NATO & the European Union.

With a population of 3 Million people, Lithuania is a less congested place and an ideal destination if you wish to gain some experience professionally as well. So, if you are planning to study abroad. Lithuania is an ideal destination. For better understanding, this article will help you understand the reasons, benefits of studying in Lithuania. Also, we will provide the top Universities of Lithuania.

Reasons for Studying in Lithuania

US News ranked • 59th & 6th in GDP.
• Citizens of Lithuania are friendly, bilingual, and welcoming.
• IT is known for its historical architecture.
• They globally recognized it for excellent academic standards.
• I acknowledge it for its rich heritage and vibrant modern culture.
• The visa procedures of Lithuania are easy. Visa applicants enjoy a shorter waiting period.
• The tuition fees of Lithuania’s colleges and institutions are comparatively lower than other famous studies abroad destinations like the US & UK.
• It provides the fastest and cheapest internet connection in the European Union.
• As a student with a work permit, you are eligible to work for 20 hours per week.
• The universities of Lithuania offer several programs in the English Language.
• For skilled professionals, Lithuania offers vast job ad career opportunities.
• After completion of your education, you can stay and work in the country for 15 months.

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Benefits of Studying in Lithuania

• Students get access to many cost-saving benefits such as the Lithuanian Student identity Card (LSP), Erasmus Student Network Card (ESN) & International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
• You will see other European Countries. If you consider studying in Lithuania, you will experience a brand-new country with an incredible outlook, culture & customs.
• They internationally recognized Degrees provided by the universities and institutions of Lithuania.
• You get the opportunity to make lifelong friends with different cultures and backgrounds.
• It will help you in improvising your skills and personal development.
• You can get citizenship of Lithuania within 2 Years.

Top Universities of Lithuania

Listing down some of the Top universities of Lithuania which you can consider. These universities fall under the category of the World’s top higher education institutions in the QS University Rankings.

• Vilnius University
• International Business School
• Vytautas Magnus University
• University of Vilnius
• European Nations
• ISM University of Management and Economics

Requirements of Studying in Lithuania

Every country has its set of requirements and eligibility criteria. The selection criteria also depend on the chosen programs and university. There are a certain set of requirements that every Indian student needs to clear for studying in Lithuania.

• Complete and original Academic Documents
• Passport Photograph
• Complete duly filled and signed Application Form
• Validate Passport copy
• Updated Resume
• Bank statements with sufficient funds

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Documents for Visa Checklist

• Original Passport
• Electronic Application Form
• Passport Photograph
• Flight Ticket Reservation
• Valid Health Insurance
• Medication Letter from the University
• Financial Documents
• Registration Certificate from the University

Lithuania is Europe’s most skilled study abroad destination, which provides several benefits while studying and after completing education. Lithuania offers world-class education with flexible part-time jobs for every national and international student. Mentioned above are a few of the major reasons for choosing Lithuania for the completion of higher studies.

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