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US University Ranking 2021

The full list includes a thousand schools located in 80 different countries. For the analysis, the organization took into account 5,500 universities with factors such as academic reputation and employees. The proportion of students with teachers, international students, among others.

Institutions by 2021 and U.S. universities positioning themselves in the top spots. Out of the top 10 worlds, US schools held five positions and the rest of the other institutions in the UK and one in Switzerland.


These are the best universities to pursue a career in the United States in 2021

10.  Columbia University

The campus located in Manhattan, New York is one of the most recognized and selective institutions in the Ivy League. Admits only 5.8 of those applying. It placed 19th globally and 10th in the United States.

Columbia University is currently keeping classes at a distance, because of the coronavirus pandemic and is expected to continue like this for the next quarter. However, that will not affect the visa status of foreign students.

Annual tuition fee: $61,788.

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9.  Cornell University 

Another New York State University managed to stand out, in ninth place in the United States and 18th internationally. It is located in Ithaca and is referred to as a liberal institution. In addition, it was one of the first universities to offer a journalism degree.

Annual tuition fee:$58,586.

8.  Yale University

The prestigious Ivy League college in Connecticut also ranks 18th in the world. Yale is the third oldest university in the United States, and offers a great educational offering in its 14 faculties.

Annual tuition fee:$57,700

7.  University of Pennsylvania

Located in Philadelphia, the Ivy League-affiliated institution peaked at number 16 internationally. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin, one of the most important characters in American history and stands out for its research program.

Annual tuition fee: $53,000.166.

6.  Princeton University

The institution’s imposing campus is located in the state of New Jersey. But has fewer than 10,000 students among its community, so it’s hard to be admitted. In addition, it also has one of the most prestigious research programs. And that places it in the twelfth best university in the world.

Annual tuition fee: $53,890. 

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5.  University of Chicago

Based in the city of Chicago, this school is the ninth best internationally for its research program and reputation. For excellence in careers such as Medicine, Business and Public Policy Studies.

Annual tuition fee: $57,642. 

4.  Caltech 

The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena ranks fourth in universities worldwide. His outstanding research in Science and Engineering makes him one of the most recognized schools. As well as its high-tech facilities with NASA laboratories and a network of observatories.

Annual tuition fee: $54,570. 

3.  Harvard University

The fame of this Massachusetts-based institution is not in vain, and QS recognizes it as the third best in the world. In addition, it is the oldest university in the United States with 10 faculties, an institute of advanced studies, five museums and the largest system of academic libraries in the world.

Annual tuition fee: $47,730.

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2.  Stanford University

Located near the city of San Francisco. Stanford is the leading provider of silicon valley business professionals such as Google and Yahoo. It has 18 research institutes and seven schools, within one of the largest campuses in the country.

Annual tuition fee: $17,619.

1.  MIT 

For the ninth year in a row, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the best university in the United States and the world. Its Cambridge facilities house more than 11,000 students from five faculties and their research develop significant advances in medicine, poverty, artificial intelligence, climate change, among others.

Annual tuition fee: $53,790.



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