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Plug in | How To Resolve WordPress Ping-ins Installation failure Issues

Installing a WordPress plug-in or add-on can sometimes be problematic. This may be, trying to install it directly from the WordPress plug-in store or by uploading it.


What are the results you may get during WordPress plug-in installation?

Which you may end up getting results in WordPress like “unable to install successfully”, plug in installation failure”, “plug-in installation time out” or “there are issues installing plug in”.


What are some of the problems resulting to failure of WordPress not being able to install a plug in?

1.  A plug-in taking much time to install.
2.  A Plug-in is a bit too large because of its files.
3.  Not compatible with the version of your WordPress.
4.  Plug-in time out during installation.
5.  Plug-in unable to install due to an unknown error.

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to move plug-ins into WordPress without doing any installation. (Note: I strongly believe this will work for any host you may be using. I also strongly advise you to backup your website, in case anything happens).

Click here for demo video on this tutorial



Steps on how to do this.

Steps 1.

Search for the WordPress plug-in you will to install in google, and download it. (It should be in .Zip format).

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Steps 2.

Go to your host

  1. Now go to your host admin section in your host website: For me is hostinger
  2. Log in to you cPanel.
  3. Locate and select the file manager.
  4. Click domains.
  5. Select the domain name (or the domain you want if it is more than one).
  6. Click the public_html folder.
  7. Click wp-content.
  8. Locate plug-ins.
  9. Now you will see all the list of plug-ins you already have in your site.
  10. Upload the plug-in you want to add, into the plug-in folder. It should be in .zip format.
  11. Now extract the plug-in (that you uploaded which is in .zip) to the same folder by right-clicking for more options and select extract. it may not be the same with your host cPanel. It could be different from the one used in the video.
  12. Locate the extracted plug-in folder and open.
  13. Select the folder inside, right-click for more options and click on move.
  14. Change the destination and select the plug-in folder.
  15. (Note: if you get an error when moving it, it is because the extracted folder has the same name as the one you are about to move to the same destination. So you have to rename them. That’s the folder in plug-in or the one you want to move).
  16. After the move it.
  17. Go back to your plug-in and delete the zip file and the extract empty folder.

If you want, you can rename the moved plug-in folder to it original name. And you are done.

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Step 3

  1. Go to your WordPress site admin panel,
  2. Plug-in and refresh.
  3. Now the plug-in is present and you can now activate it.


Note: You can also now delete it for your plug-in straight for your site admin panel as you would normally do to any other plug-in.




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